Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Crafty Spaces




After the fiasco, sorry, opportunity to learn, of yesterday I thought I had just better get on with it, back on the horse and all that!

Thought I would share with you my Crafty Space. I am a bit of a nosey parker and LOVE having a good old look at other peoples crafty spaces, do you?

I almost hyperventilate at delicious rows of buttons, fabric and ribbons! My crafty friends get me, the non crafty friends just think I am bonkers!

Our home isn't a big one, just the standard 1920s semi, I love it and it suits our family just fine. We don't have room for the luxury of a craft room, my youngest sleeps in the smallest room, when she was 3 years old, she asked me why I made her sleep in the cupboard, you get the picture! Anyway, no room for a craft room, but I do have a whole wall to myself and the 20 inches in front of it!

The cream cupboard in the corner has to be shared with 50 barbies and all there paraphernalia, but I don't mind. The lovely little blue Formica table was an eBay find, can you love a table? Well I do! And the shelves were so disgusting when I brought them home from the charity shop, my daughter almost left home!

What would finish it off now would be a lovely swirly chair, an old one of course, that I can cover with floral fabric! One day it will find its way into our home.

I am, of course, tempted to hire a silent helicopter, and go and airlift Janes (Teawagon Tales), shed out of her garden, do you think she will mind? ;)

My sewing machine Clarice, has her own story to tell, she will do that on another day!

I have just realised, I have created my very own Russian Roulette game, who knows when I press the publish button, where this post will end up!

Ada :)




  1. Oh - what a lovely craft space - I am working on finding my own corner in our home for my crafty supplies - anything would be better than bags and piles here, there and everywhere ! Bee x

    PS thanks for your lovely comment on my cupcakes!

  2. I love the white cupboard. Just the kind of cupboard I dream about in my dream sewing room! You have a very happy space for stitching!

  3. What a lovely space - I don't have a craft room either, just a lot of cupboard space taken up by fabric and a corner of the dining table taken over for sewing when I get the chance. I have the same table as you - and yes I love it! but mine is living in the shed until I have somewhere to put it - boo!

    I'm hoping that once my toddler is at preschool I'll be able to get my business up and running enough to justify taking over a corner of our living room, or - oh magical dream - hiring a small studio space somewhere so that I can move loads of my 'junk' into it and 'go to work' every day! Until then my poor long suffering partner has to put up with my crafty clutter lurking in every corner of our tiny house. x

  4. Hi Ada

    Your space is suspiciously tidy! Did you tidy it specially? I do have a room that is pretty much my own unless hubby is working from home. It is 6ft x 5ft and has a space between the furniture and piles of papers just big enough to slip into the chair at the sewing machine/laptop table. Having more than one person in there at a time really isn't possible. Even to bring a cuppa to the person working is a logistical excercise! It does have a wonderful view of the river and town beyoind though.

  5. It's so pretty, I love the blue, and that lovely cupboard. You don't need much space just a table and a place to store your stash. My house is very small at night I sprawl over the whole of our tiny front room using my sewing machine on the floor. It's not good for my back. However I am lucky that we have a big garden and a handy husband who is making me a big shed to work in. Trouble is he started it two years ago and I am still on the lounge floor, not literally of course. Can't wait to hear the sewing machine story it looks very retro x x.

  6. P.s I did giggle at the thought of you air lifting janes shed.

  7. Oh my goodness your crafty space is fabulous.....I love your cream cupboard!

  8. What a lovely crafty space, it must be a great area to be creative.
    Sarah x

  9. Thanks everyone for your comments, I LOVE my space, it usually is tidy unless I am working on something, then there's stuff everywhere! Because it's a communal area I feel I have to be fairly tidy. As the girls have got older I have been able to claim a bit more space for myself and I also think its important that they realise I'm not just Mum but have my own interests too! I would love a little shed but fear I would never be out of it so my family would never see me! Ada :)

  10. Your craft space is so pretty, and cheery! Love the blue table and white hutch!! Happy creating! xo Heather

  11. What a pretty room, Ada. And look at it this way - you don't have a room of your own so you are limited to what you kepp in it, and are therefore very tidy! You have seen my Room of Shame and Shleves of Doom that is my sewing room. Admitedly the pics were taken just before a craft fair, but I have to be honest and say it is not much tidier even now.

    Oh yes, there are a few summer houses etc that I secretly covet, and would that our garden was big enough I would be removing them plank by plank!

  12. What a lovely craft space, I love the colours.

    I misread about the cream cupboard and thought you shared it with 50 babies!

  13. I love your crafting space, Ada. So beautiful! The colours are charming!
    Thank you for sharing your studio.

    Ciao Bella
    Sensible Sarah

  14. ooooh Ada your space is adorable i love the colour and that cupboard is adorable and the table and fabrics ,im swooning xxxx

  15. Hi Ada. It's nice to 'meet' you. Thank you for your comment on my blog. Yes, let's face our fears together! Your craft space is beautiful! Lynda xx

  16. Hello Ada, nice to me you. I love your crafty corner and all your lovely material! It's mind boggling all the things we have to learn on here isn't it? your doing really well! x

  17. Hi ladies, thanks for your wonderful comments! You are all so supportive! It's good to know you are there to encourage me on this new venture. I am hoping to do a lovely give away for all those who have been with me in the early days but just need to sort out my email address first so watch this space! Ada :)

  18. Hey Ada what a lovely, crafting space.....just makes you want to plug in the machine and create something wonderful. Love that cupboard and that radio is just tooo cute.....
    Lots of beautiful colours, patterns and things to look at, you've certainly made it a nice spot to work in.

    Your daughters comment about sleeping in a cupboard....what a giggle!!

    Claire :}

  19. Such a pretty space to work in. I only have a few boxes for storage and the end of the sofa so I am quite envious. If I need to do anything bigger I have to use the dining table and potentially deprive the rest of the family of somewhere to sit and eat!

    Looks to me like your post ended up exactly where it was supposed to. Good for you for persevering :D

  20. I don't have a craft room either... I keep dropping hints about getting a summer house! Our whole lounge is really my craft room; my husband doesn't complain. I suspect this is because he has a bike room upstairs.... yes you read correctly, a whole room dedicated to his time trial bike. I must have been in a very good mood when I agreed to that! Your space looks lovely; I love the table too. x

  21. What a delightful space. And your writing style is quite charming, too. Can we see a close-up of all those vintage wall-paper rolls?

  22. I love that you've named your sewing machine - what a fabulous idea! And your craft space is too lovely and very inspiring. xx

  23. Hi Ada-
    I think I found you through Heather at Vintage Grey! :)
    Your blog is darling. The picture of your mother's hands is the sweetest thing ever, and so were your words! I have a similar picture of my late grandmother's hands. She always wore the same shade of pretty pink nail polish, and she was a doll.
    Anyway, do you happend to know how to get the smell of MOTH BALLS out of vintage sheets? I just had to toss out a huge stack of them because of this. And they looked just like your beautiful picture in this post, all in shades of blue! It was a shame.
    I'm now following you!
    Erica :)


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