Saturday, 23 July 2016

A Picture A Day...24

Beautiful Cosmos. I shared this image on Instagram earlier in the week, it's so beautiful, I had to share it on here too. I do love a bit of colour. Grown from seed, I have to say they are taller and stronger than any I've ever bought. This year I started a cutting patch, these have rather taken over. Next year I will plan my cutting patch better, maybe add another raised bed, a wider variety too. If you have a cutting patch, what do you grow?
Have a great Sunday,
Amanda :) xxx


A Picture A Day...23

My craft cupboard. I just love it's sunny, zingy yellow, and it's cheerful, patchy curtains. Always makes me smile :)
We've started our summer school holidays here, here's hoping for some sunny skies!
Amanda :) xxx


Thursday, 21 July 2016

A Picture A Day...22

Big skies. One of the reasons we bought this house, was the big skies. We moved from a terrace house, surrounded by other terrace houses, so tightly packed together, that you only ever caught a small glimpse of sky.
When I first walked into our garden, with its elevated position, and saw just how much sky there was, I instantly fell in love. One of my first MS episodes, involved loosing most of my sight. I recovered, but my sight can still be affected if I become ill, too hot, or even stressed. Since then I have never taken my sight for granted.
This image was taken a few nights ago, it took my breath away. It's lovely to be able to sit in my garden, watch the sun go down, and take in the beauty of nature. Let's hope we get a few more this summer!
Hope you have beautiful sunsets too,
Amanda :) xxx


Wednesday, 20 July 2016

A Picture A Day...21

Salad anyone? My very own salad bar, leaves picked fresh everyday.
Have a lovely day,
Amanda :) xxx


Tuesday, 19 July 2016

A Picture A Day...20

My Garden Studio. I feel very fortunate to have this space, I didn't use it very much over the winter, having Otto stopped that. It's better now, he's toilet trained, I can leave him on his own for short periods, and if he does join me in the studio he's starting to learn not to chew everything! Think we are some way off sewing in close proximity to him though, he'd have a field day with my sewing machine ;) I'm starting to use this space more and more again now.
So my crafty space:
1. Blue Rocking Chair. It does look nice, but has to be the most uncomfortable thing I've ever sat in, soon to be put on eBay!
2. Vintage Wallpaper. Picked up from various car boot, charity shops, but mainly eBay. I love this type of wallpaper, it's funky colours and patterns, all from the 1970s.
3. Tall Locker Bookcases. I got these from a 8A King Street, Southwell, Nottinghamshire. They pick up some really nice bits and bobs from vintage fairs, always worth a look. These are perfect for books, magazines, and fabric.
4. Wire Desk Shelves. These were from Ruby Rockcake. Brilliant, hold loads of stuff, mainly fabric and yarn. I've got a bit of a thing for 1970s bed sheets, I just love the colours and happy designs.
5. Desk. IKEA, cheap, functional, perfect size for crafting.
6. Vintage Machinst Chair. Another eBay bargain, needs renovating but at the moment it's covered with a blanket I made.
7. Suitcases. I picked these up from a car boot I think, only a pound or two. I've glued wallpaper on them...must have a look at what's inside!
8. Vintage Basket. Gifted from a friend.
9. Quilts. Made by me, probably unfinished ;)
10. Garland. Made for me by Clare at Selfsewn. Beautiful Liberty fabric hexies, love this.
11. Studio Sign. Made by another lovely friend.
Yes, I feel very blessed to have this space. I really appreciate that I have somewhere to stash all my stuff, somewhere to relax, and forget any stresses. It still feels like I'm on holiday when I'm sat down there.
Have a great Wednesday folks.
Amanda :) xxx


Monday, 18 July 2016

A Picture A Day...19

I did say I wanted a garden full of Verbena Bonariensis, and that's what I have ;) I took this photo last night whilst drinking rhubarb and ginger gin, sat on the garden with my friend, we laughed lots, and watched the sun go down. I'm rather enjoying our mini heatwave.
Amanda :) xxx


Sunday, 17 July 2016

A Picture A Day...18

Meet Minnie, our little rescue cat. She adopted us when she was tiny. She was living with someone who didn't really love her, or look after her, in the way she deserved. So like any sensible cat, she 'up sticks' and found a family who would give her best ham for treats.
We've had her seven years now, we think she must be around eight years old. We first met her as a tiny little bundle of black and white fur, she bounded onto our garden to play with the branches we were removing from an old tree. The girls loved her instantly, as did I, it's taken the man of the house a little while longer, but after having a very vocal dog, I think he's finally appreciating just how easy going she is!
She's mellowed as she's got older, everyone in the house bar me, is still a little frightened of her, she can be very feisty. Attacking feet was a favourite game of hers, and biting your fingers too, just when you thought it was safe to stroke. I think she's marvellous, I wish she wouldn't hunt baby birds, and bat butterflies, but apart from that, she's welcome to curl up next to me any day.
She's bemused by Otto. She's a bit naughty and likes to torment him, that usually involves sitting somewhere just out of reach (it's not hard, he's low to the ground!), and watching as he tries his best to 'play', he's desperate to be friends. After he's drove himself demented trying to get to her, she then casually, and slowly, walks away...silly Otto, will you never learn? I'm of the camp that cats are much more savvy than dogs.
Have a lovely day,
Amanda :) xxx