Friday, 23 January 2015

Positive Thinking January......


This week as been a very pleasant week, it started with a very relaxing and restorative weekend.....then just rolled into a calm, kind week!
Lots of.....sorting and stroking of yarn and fabric, and the inevitable crochet! My WIP is growing nicely. Time with Big Sis, always a positive thing!
I've got myself a blender so I'm hitting my 'vegan eating' goal firmly on the head. This week it's been Pistashio, Walnut and Parsley Pesto, tossed into wholemeal spaghetti, and the most delicious homemade hummus. I'm going to do a Fitness Feb, but more on that soon.
I've enjoyed being at home, it's been bitterly cold this week.....and yes, the heating has been on, a lot, unfortunately MS and freezing temperatures don't like each other!
The tulips have been replaced by a pot of tête-à-tête daffodils, reduced at my local supermarket....these will be popped in the garden after they've finished.
I'm hoping this weekend will be a good one too, time to be spent with my daughter, a cinema trip planned, a lovely lunch in our favourite Italian, and shopping. Time with my other Posh Sis, you can NEVER have too many sisters!
Hope your weekend is all you hope it will be and more!
Thanks for popping by,
Amanda :) xxx



Wednesday, 21 January 2015

A Very Kind Community...


This week has been a Good Week.....nothing out of the ordinary, nothing too special, but a good week. Time with friends, time with family, time alone....yes, it's been good.
It's a funny old malarkey this blogging business don't you think? I've said it before, but it really does feel like I'm just having a little chat with friends. So many of you pop by each day to have a peek in my world, and I often wonder why. But then I love peeking in on so many of your worlds, so I do understand.
I've had so much support since I started this blog. Something I never envisaged. This really is one wonderful creative community. And not just on my blog, I see it all the time, all over blogland. And isn't it wonderful......when there is so much sadness in this world, so many awful things's great that in our own community, people reach out to each other.
Just lately I've received some very lovely parcels, gifts from people who wanted to show me they cared. A pin cushion from my lovely friend Penny, yarn from Annette, and the most delicious Liberty bunting from Clare.
Annette and Clare don't know me, but wanted to show me they care. Wanted to show me they were thinking of me. Penny does know me, and still wanted me to know she cared!!! This just bowls me over, makes me feel hopeful.
You may not realise it, but by stopping by my blog, letting me know you've visited, you've really helped me get through a very difficult time. So thank you, THANK YOU.....I feel like I've emerged through, a slightly different person because of the path I've travelled, but I've emerged!
I'd love to hear your stories, what has being part of this community meant to you? How have you been affected by this community?
Thanks My Dears, for reading, and for your support....
Amanda :) xxx



Monday, 19 January 2015

Relax And Restore......


After the Stress Fest of last week, I was so ready for the weekend. To relax and restore. My weekend lived up to what I hoped.
Saturday was busy, but good busy, enjoyable busy.....visits from sisters, visits too haircut, always a good thing, and long overdue! A trip to Ikea, and a bag full of goodies.....I love their wrapping paper and ribbons!
Sunday involved.......sleeping in, slow breakfasts, crispy gardens, good food, keeping warm, watching films by candlelight......and lots, and lots of crochet.
So I'm ready for the week, facing it with a smile on my face, it's amazing what two days can do........
Have a great week everyone, thanks for reading,
Amanda :) xxx



Friday, 16 January 2015

Positive Thinking January


So here are my Positive Things for this week of January.......
Coffee, tea, seem to feature heavily.....time to sit and reflect, time to bake, time to crochet, time to blog and connect, time with friends, gifts from friends....and a bunch of tulips, gift to myself. It's been a very stressful week here, I can't share the details because they aren't mine to share. I've felt the impact of that stress on my body, and its sent my MS symptoms a bit awry.
So I've needed to hold on to those Positive Moments with both hands this week, as tight as tight can be.....and today I'm glad it's Friday, a chance to relax and spend time with my family. Time to heal.
I'm not too sure what we will be doing this weekend, we've deliberately kept it 'plan' free.....give us all time to rebalance. And if the weather lets us, there will definitely be time to breath in fresh air.
Whatever you are doing this weekend......enjoy!
Amanda :) xxx
I've popped a bloglovin button on my sidebar too......should anyone find it helpful! ;) xxx



Thursday, 15 January 2015

My Name Is Amanda.....And I'm A W.I.P Addict.....


I think there may be many more of you out there, nodding in agreement, you understand, maybe you too are a WIP addict?
This week I finally finished the blanket I've made for my daughter.
Then as I was about to crochet the last row, I started not one, but two other crochet projects!!! TWO!
There really is no hope......and do you know something? I REALLY DON'T CARE! ;)
So how about you? Are you a WIP addict too? I like to think of myself as a Creative Butterfly....fluttering from one colourful project to another. As opposed to someone who bores easily, or is easily distracted.....has no stamina!
Back tomorrow when I will be continuing my 'Positive Thinking January', which I'm taking part in over on Instagram. I've popped my IG tag on my sidebar, should you wish to have a look.....this was no mean feat believe me, even with instructions!
I've also downloaded the Pinterest app on my iPad.....and I've been pinning away like a pro! I'm abea1129 should anyone be remotely interested in what I've been pinning! ;)
Thanks for popping by, and thanks to anyone who lets me know you've popped's lovely to here from you!
Until tomorrow,
Amanda :) xxx
(Or Ada if you so wish!)



Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Wonderful Wednesday.......


Wonderful Wednesday......just sharing what makes today wonderful for me. A basket of yarn, and a crocheted blanket. What makes your day wonderful?
Have a lovely day,
Amanda :) xxx


Monday, 12 January 2015

This Weekend......


This weekend has been all about........
Getting out and about, we had a very cold, blustery walk at Newstead Abbey in Nottinghamshire. There will be more on this in the months to come as we've got ourselves an annual car park pass. I really enjoyed using my new camera too, not sure the family were that thrilled though!
A little bit of baking.....I'm not a very successful baker, very disorganised and messy, but I'm trying hard to improve.......and I'm enjoying the jam tarts!
Quiet moments to sit and crochet......only 6 more rows to go. And guess what, I'm already planning my next one!
I've been mulling over a few ideas of things I want to include on my blog. Something I'd like to do is review places I've been, shops I love, things I've purchased, books I've read. Properly review, good and bad bits....I love reading reviews before I go out and buy something, or visit somewhere. So what do you think, is this something you would like to read about?
My mobility has really been affected by MS. It's something I'm working through, and I'm grieving the long walks I used to be able to do. Over the spring and summer, I'd like to explore short walks, areas where someone's mobility is taken into consideration. Now I've no idea where I'll start with this one, but it important to me I can still get out and about.
Thank you for all your comments, I'm trying to reply to everyone in the comments, and will certainly try and answer any questions you may have. If you have anymore suggestions, please let me know!
Have a lovely week, I'll be back later.....who knows I might even have started a new blanket!
Amanda :) xxx