Monday, 18 May 2015



My garden is my sanctuary. My Mum was the same, regardless of what life threw at her, she escaped into her garden, lost herself in her thoughts, gained strength to live another day.
I can't ever imagine not being able to garden, last year, so much of my time involved sitting with my Mum, I rarely got out there. This year, I've time to potter. I feel close to her whilst I'm out there, our shared love of gardening is our connection. A connection to my past, the memory of her planting flowers, pulling up weeds. A connection with one inspirational woman.
We're making lots of changes to our garden this year. It's scary. It's expensive. I'm having to put a lot of trust that things will work out well. I'm having to put a lot of trust in my body, that it will keep allowing me to garden. That's scary. We've a hill in our garden, some days it feels like a mountain to climb. I want to be always able to go up and down that hill.
The changes are very exciting. My little plot will become a nurturing, creative space, a place where I can build up my strength, physically, as well as emotionally. That's the plan, that's the hope. But it's scary. The idea of never being able to garden...very scary.
So once again, I have to rely on Hope. It's a good thing that Hope, it's what keeps me going...
Have a lovely week everyone,
Amanda :) xxx



Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Just Lately...


I've said goodbye to my vintage sheet chairs, they will now be making someone else very happy. Feels good.
I've been entertaining friends...simple food, lovely conversation, delicious wine. Feel blessed.
Had a sneaky hour in the local with my hubbie and some friends. Very indulgent.
Bought myself a new book...which I will share soon. It's beautiful.
Spent lots of time planning my new garden, getting an idea of the costs, and what will be involved. Very excited.
Had a go at lasagne gardening. Delicious veg?
What have you been up to just lately, I'd love to here!
Amanda :) xxx


Wednesday, 6 May 2015

One More Blanket...


Bargain yarn.
What to make?
Another blanket?
Attic 24 Granny Stripe.
Sixteen weeks.
Many hours.
Lots (and lots) of ends to sew in.
Growing each week.
Getting very heavy.
Finished today.
Birthday gift for Big Sis.
She loved it.
So did I.
I'm so, so glad, that I learnt to crochet.
Amanda :) xxx
Moving on...



Tuesday, 5 May 2015

An Extra Day...

An Extra Day.
Food...Italian style.
New chairs...yay!
Goodbye old chairs?
Picking flowers.
Pinterest discoveries.
Blue skies.
More lazy.
A walk by the lake.
More flowers.
Veg bed building.
Missing cushioned chairs.
Loved it.
Four more days, then we can do it all again!
Hope, if you had an Extra Day, you enjoyed it too...
Amanda :) xxx
(There was a bit of rain too...)