Friday, 12 February 2016


We've been enjoying some lovely Spring days here, blue skies and beautiful sunsets. The days are getting longer, and I've even managed a couple of days sat in the conservatory, bathed in the warm sunshine! Bliss.
Otto, just like Minnie, finds the best sunny spots to snooze in. Very canny aren't they, our pets ;)
We've got our half term break starting today, and then I've got Mr Landscape Man coming the week after, so I'm not sure when I will get chance to post over the next couple of I shall be taking a little bloggy holiday.
Hope all, is well in your part of the Blogland...when I pop back, I will hopefully have another garden update, although it might be a bit of a muddy, messy one!
Amanda :) xxx


Friday, 5 February 2016

In Situ...

Well, my latest blanket is in situ down in my studio...ready to keep my warm on colder days. I must day it's very soft and warm, I'm going to be very toasty down there. I've got my new project lined up, it was going to be another Sunbust blanket but I won't have enough wool, so I will have to think again.
The first week of February is zipping by. I'm slowly beginning to emerge from my bug induced hibernation, a little bit of time with friends has been enjoyed this week, and it will continue over the weekend too.
There's some good news on the garden plans too. After some discussion with Mr Landscape Man, we've come up with a bit of a plan, I've had to compromise a lot (used to that one!) but I will get my steps after all. We were hoping to get the lower part of our garden levelled and chipped, but it's just too expensive, so maybe that will get done another time.
Over the last week I've had a few slips down the hill, a combination of wet weather and little paws have made the bank pretty slippy. Luckily it's meant nothing more than a muddy backside, and a racing heart, but it's made me realise just how important those steps and path are. Well if I want to be avoiding accident and emergency that is!
Has anyone any tips on pet smells? Otto can be a bit stinky, he gets a bath every week or so, but I don't want to bath him too often as I'm sure it's not good for his coat and skin. Can anyone reccommend a natural way to control his doggy odour? Thank you!
Have a great weekend folks,
Amanda :) xxx




Monday, 1 February 2016

Hello February...

Hello February...
I don't know about you but January has just zipped by, far too quickly, someone seems to have pressed the fast forward button. I've really embraced January, we've done very little socialising, preferring to be at home, just the four of us. Usually I love being out and about, but the bug I got at the new year has slowed me down, even more than usual. So that's meant plenty of time to finish the blanket for my studio. I will take some more photos once the light levels are better.
I've been clawing back some more Me time too, time that has been taken by one little, very lively puppy. I'm now feeling less guilty about leaving him for short periods whilst I get on with my own pursuits...out with friends, or in my studio. I know it's good to leave him, and he needs to learn to be on his own, but I can't help being a big softy!
I'm no plans for February, I've got a Sunburst project I started an age ago. Maybe a little stitching. I'm not sure, I'm going to see where my creativity takes me. There will also be stuff to sort in the garden this month, Otto seems to enjoy chewing any new green shoot, so I think gardening with a puppy will be a challenge!
So, have you any plans for the month ahead? Anything you want to start...a new skill you want to learn, or one of those WIPs you really, really need to finish...after all we've all got lots of those!!!
Thank you for all the comments you leave, I really appreciate you spending the time to leave them, and I love reading them too.
Amanda :) xxx



Friday, 29 January 2016

My Garden In January

I'm joining in with Sarah who is going to record her garden throughout the year...she's calling her series 'Through The Garden Gate' which is lovely, but if you look at mine, well they hardly conjure up a beautiful garden feeling, do they! So my series with just be called My Garden In...
Sarah's garden is much prettier than my fact mine is in quite a state, this is going to be a 'warts and all' record of my garden through 2016, and there are rather a lot of warts!
There are some areas I just love, particularly the lower garden area, where the studio and raised beds are. It's a south westerly facing garden so we get the sun most of the day, and as you can see from the photos, it slopes down rather a lot too. It's not particularly overlooked, and even if it was, we are lucky that we have fab neighbours.
The top patio, that we had done several years ago now, wraps around the conservatory and kitchen. It gets lots of sun, but I've never made the most of this space, as you can see from the last few photos. Basically, it's become a dumping ground! Every spring I clean it up, but by January it looks like this again. I've taken these photos about an hour ago, the wind has blown stuff all over...nothing 'staged' here, yep a mess! The lovely bright orange shed is new, and it will be painted, then I might put it a right angles to the fence, stop the wind tunnel that blows down the side of the house and makes sitting out there, well rather blowy! I've got my eye on some lovely garden furniture for this area too, something comfy.
Sadly the quote for the garden path and steps was way above our budget, so I need to have a rethink there. We had a quote for everything that I really, really wanted, including a retaining railway sleeper wall...and a quote for the basics. Even the basic one was more than I had in mind. So more saving will be needed. And as they say, Rome wasn't built in a day!
My little green house looks very neglected too, shameful really. But she scrubs up well, and come April I'm hoping she will be stuffed full of plants ready to be planted out in those raised beds. My big greenhouse plans will also have to wait, as we really need the wall building first. The area I want it sighted slopes so will need to be levelled.
The spring colour I had in mind isn't really there, that's because I never got my act together to plant out bulbs, but there is some signs of life. Otto loves those signs of life and enjoys chewing little green shoots, we may fall out over this! The tennis balls all over the garden are his, no I've not taken up tennis. He runs after them, and will even bring them back to you, but he's not too keen on letting them go!
So that's it for now...and my list of garden plans for 2016...
1. Save, save, save...get those steps, and wall in 2017!
2. Fill the raised beds with lovely food to eat, and some flowers too.
3. Finally make best use of the top patio area...some protection from the wind and comfy seating.
4. The two top flowerbeds really need a revamp, some things have over grown, and some plants I really don't like, so perhaps it's time to remove them. This will require the help of the man of the house, and as he hates gardening, this may not get done!
So that's it for January. What are your garden plans for this year, I'd love to hear them, and if you post anything on your blog please let me know so I can have a peek...thank you.
Have a lovely weekend,
Amanda :) xxx
I tried to get a shot of her in the garden, but she wasn't having any of it, too cold and windy ;) xxx


Monday, 25 January 2016


Well all 100 of the main squares of my blanket are now complete...the second picture shows what yarn was left as I completed my last square, phew, more luck than judgement!
I've just a row of white to edge each square, I have however almost run out, so a couple more balls have been ordered. I must say, I was pleased when there was no postage charges. Once the white is done I can crochet them together. I will post some more pictures when it's finished.
Mr Landscape Man is coming out tomorrow, to look at putting some steps and a path down to my studio, I'm crossing my fingers that it's affordable, as it will make the garden much more accessible for me...where's Alan Titchmarsh when you need him! ;)
Hope you have a good week my lovelies, hopefully I will be back soon with a blanket to show, and a thumbs up with those steps!
Amanda :) xxx


Friday, 22 January 2016


Published the same post baffles me, give me crochet any day! ;)
Amanda :) xxx