Thursday, 16 August 2012

Wonderful Whitby........and an Award!

Mr Bea is off this week so we took the opportunity to have a wonder up to the Wonderful Whitby.


It was a glorious day and I think the whole of Northern Britain was there! The parking was horrendous! It took us almost a hour to find a space, by then I was a very Grumpy Ada Bea! Anyway, having finally got a space we were all starving and headed, of course, for fish and chips!



The Magpie Cafe, has I think, the best fish and chips in England. I'm not really qualified to make that statement, as I haven't been to ALL the fish and chip shops in the land, but they are good! We sat by the quay and watched an assortment of boats go by, just lovely!



As many of you will know, Whitby is the home of Draculas' Abbey. So off we trekked up the cobbled streets, and many steps, to get to the top! I told the story of Dracula to Little Bea as we went up, I think I might of been a bit too dramatic, she looked rather scared as we approached the Abbey!



There's a great view of Whitby and surrounding coastline from the top, so we filled our lungs we Great Yorkshire Air, then the girls demanded a paddle, so back down the hill it was!

The streets are cobbled and very quaint, but no time for shopping, the girls after all wanted a paddle :(.......



But what's that I have spied?!......


Dotty About Vintage......I've got to go in there! Now my girls despair with me, any charity shop or vintage shop, well I'm like a child in a sweet shop! Just a little look.....I promise girls.......




Trudge, who owns the shop, was lovely, we talked, just a short while about all things vintage, and I came away with a great suitcase which I'm going to Custardify, more on that another day! ( Trudie does have a Facebook page and is hoping to sell online in the future!)

Back in the car and we headed off to Robin Hoods Bay.....MORE parking problems!



The rock pools are fantastic and we spent a few hours discovering all manner of weird and wonderful things!


We headed home across the the stunning Yorkshire Moors. Both my Grandparents came from Yorkshire, I love it there, it feels like its in my genes!

Now the Award bit....


This week I've also been given the Liebster Award from the lovely Alessandra at Homemade at my Place, thank you soooo much Alessandra!

The Award is given to Blogs that have less than 200 hundred followers, as a way, I believe, of raising its profile. Now as always this is the difficult bit! I need to pass it on......the Blogs I follow, I do so because I enjoy them, I appreciate each and everyone of them and all the comments you leave me on mine, so it's not easy to single out any of you really!

I will award to....

Bungalow Bliss

Muddle Puddle

The Happy Caravan

The Linen Cloud

The Crafty Nooke

Please check them out when you have a minute!


Welcome again to my new followers...and Thank You everyone for taking the time to leave me little I need to pack, we are off to visit family in Wales for a few days!


Ada :) x


  1. you know that you are more than welcome Ada!!!!
    Love your findings at the vintage shop (!!!!) and at Robin Hood's Bay!!!!
    Enjoy your holidays with your family,
    xxxx Alessandra

  2. Lovely photos of Whitby and Robin Hood's Bay. I love them both as I'm from East Yorkshire and spent many happy days out up there when I was little. I took my Hubbie and little boy there for a day last September when we were up in York for my 40th Birthday. Even though I hadn't been to either place for a good 15-20 years, they hadn't really changed at all. Just lovely. Fiona x

  3. Whitby looks gorgeous - so quaint and pretty, and what a wonderfully perfect shop to stumble across! I dream about finding vintage shops like that on my holidays. A lovely post.
    Best wishes,
    Paula x

  4. Great photos Ada, and I have to say I am DESOLATE not to be going to Whitby next week - my Molly Side are dancing there at the Festival and I would have been going to play fiddle for them but it clashes with my summer school this year, so I can't go. Still, at least I've seen the sights!

    Congrats on your award...ANOTHER ONE! There, said you could do it! Have a lovely week in Wales...another of my favourite places-to-be. Lx.

  5. Thanks so much for the award Ada, now I really need to get my act together and do another post. The seaside is so different near you than over here in Australia. Your scenery and architecture is so stunning and our light is bright hot. Rockpools look as wonderful the world over, we love fossicking in ours too. Cannot wait to see the custardified case. melx

  6. Looks like you had a fabulous time. That shop looks amazing! Congratulations on your award.
    Victoria xx

  7. What a great place.... somewhere we have never visited.
    The dotty shop had some good buys and looking at the price tags they were not ridiculously priced either. I too get that oh no look when I see shops and charity shops when we are out, but it would be rude not too visit them wouldn't it!
    Fish and chips my the sea, it's just one of our fav things to do. Looking forward to the custadify makeover, I'm on the hunt for a case too! Have a lovely weekend Heather xx

  8. Goodness you are busy travelling about! Visiting vintagy shops is something I really missed out on on our hols. Just didn't really go near any town centres. I will have to rectify this soon! Eleanor x

  9. oh my goodness I simply have to go to the sea! even for a day trip. just to sea some boats, beach and sea with a spot of sea side shopping, lovely!! Heather x

  10. Lovely photos, I haven't been here since I was a child and it reminded me that it is a beautiful spot.

  11. I love Whitby. We did much the same as you when we were there in April. The weather wasn't as good though! Nick x

  12. Congratulations on winning your award you deserve it,I love your blog.
    I have never been to Whitby but I have heard it is lovely. It does looks wonderful in your pictures, I'm not surprised you had problems parking everyone else wanted to be there too! What a gem of a shop you found too.
    Sarah x

  13. Love all your photos! Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for the birthday wishes you left for my grand baby!

  14. I loved your pics of Whitby and RH Bay... my favourite places :) I'm a Yorkshire girl and always get that happy feeling when I cross the Pennines. A day by the sea with fish and chips and a nice vintage shop sound perfect :) xxxxxxxx
    Well done on your award xx

  15. Lovely photos, full of bustle and activity. I must go to Whitby, it's been years, and it's so pretty. x

  16. Hi Ada and thank you so much for nominating me for an award, what a surprise....i shall have to put my thinking cap on now and pass the award on to some other lovely deserving bloggers......thanks again..
    Pixie xx

  17. Hi, I am Whitby born and breed and now live about 5 miles outside,next time you come to Whitby try Fuscos fish and chips they are my fav and are just loverly.Robin hoods bay is loverly too but you must visit Runswick bay it is smaller but full of lovely little cottages to spy and lovely beach.We used to live at the top of the bay and its very pretty no shops but so worth the visit.Well done on your award love Jill xx

  18. Am from Yorkshire too, though living in Norfolk. Spent many happy hols in Whitby and Robin Hood's Bay. Memories of carrying pushchairs (buggies as they are now called!) up all those flippin' steps in Whitby!! Lovely pictures. xCathy

  19. Whitby and Robin Hoods Bay are my two absolute favourite places. I just love them. I agree - The Magpie do the best Fish and Chips. I agree with Jill too - Runswick Bay is very lovely too!

  20. Two of my favourite places too, though I've not been to either in forever. Thanks for the trip down memory lane :D

  21. So beautiful there!! Nothing like that here in the states!! What a fun vintage shoppe!! Some pretty treasures!! Congrats on the award my friend! xo Heather

  22. Fish and chips in Whitby on a blue-sky day ... how wonderful!!

  23. What a great day, there's nothing quite like Fish & chips by the sea Yummmmmm
    Karen x

  24. Whitby is one of my favourite places and I'm about an hour away, shall have to visit next week now that lovely shop is open, Lucey x

  25. Helloo Ada,
    Congrats on your award!
    Aww I have a strong desire to visit Whitby,am gonna put on my 'To do list'.....
    I loVe individual shops and 'fish and chips', there is nothing better, me thinks!
    Have a happy week Ada!
    LoVe Maria x
    PS I have a ferrel unpredictable 'Tom' cat too, I remind him often, how lucky he is! hehe..(my post)

  26. Oooo you are making me kind of holiday-sick! Been too long since we were on that coastline, I love it there so much. Wondering now where you live??

  27. THank you for the fantastic tour! I wish I had been tagging along...I love fish and chips!

  28. Oh it all looks so wonderful.Trouble with all these lovely places is that everyone else wants to be there too!
    I can't pass a shop like that,no way.Those two cute little dogs would have been coming home with me.I haven't had fish and chips for so long.They taste so much better eaten straight out of the paper too don't they? :0)

  29. Oh Ada, thanks so much for the award .. you are too too kind ... I am in the middle of a crafting frenzy (I should really be cleaning my house but what the heck it can wait) but will forward on your kindness to other lovely bloggy peeps over the weekend ... once again ... thank you so so much ... Bee xxx

  30. Ada, my leibchen! I am honored to be chosen. Have been traveling the early part of this week and grandbaies over for the end of this week. And as the most beautiful summer ever, stretches on, I am motivated to dig up flower beds and move perennials. I will be back soon to pass on award.

  31. I have always fancied a trip to Whitby, ever since I read the Whitby Witches to my eldest years ago. Absolutely terrified they were, it was a children's book but I am very good at suspense!

  32. It looks like a lovely area to go and visit...the fish and chips sound delish!
    That vintage shop looks amazing..I would love to have a good peak at all the lovely items inside.
    Congrats on the blogging award :)
    Magie x

  33. I love travelling, thanks for sharing, almost like being there in person!

  34. Congrats on the award and thanks for your comment on my blog. Your holiday looked lovely, the weather looked nice and that shop looks amazing. I could spend a long time in there browsing. When I was at school I was in Whitby house, I have never been but always wondered what it was like so thanks for sharing this.

  35. Hi Ada,What a great place to visit,yummy fish and chips and a vintage shop sounds perfect.My daughters exactly the same with charity and vintage shops and will not go in :( Hope She changes her mind when Shes older :) Congratulations on the award,very well deserved,I love reading over here,right I'm off to check out the new blogs you featured :) Happy Sunday ,love juliexo

  36. Whitby looks lovely - I always think of jet and Victorian seaside holidays. The shop looks fantastic - just my sort of place!

    Pomona x

  37. We've just come back from Yorkshire and considered heading to Whitby & RH Bay but opted instead for inland stuff - perhaps next time we'll make it to the coast.

    Love the look of the Vintage shop - I'd have loved that :)

  38. Lovely post we are planning a trip to the coast this week and now i want to go to whitby,thankyou for such lovely pics ,will try and find that shop too xx

  39. Thanks everyone for your Wonderful comments and advice! It's great to find out some inside information on where to go, what to see!
    I live on the Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire boarder, it takes at least a couple of hours to get to the coast but we live in a great position, close to beautiful, stunning Peak District in Derbyshire, doesn't take long to get to Yorkshire too! We try and get out in the great outdoors at every opportunity and if I can't, I have a lovely garden to sit in! Ada :)

  40. Oh my gosh...I would love to take a trip here!! It looks so gorgeous!


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