Monday, 10 September 2012

Make Hexies Whilst The Sun Shines......

Well the sun certainly shone in my part of the world this's been glorious! We have had a very, very lazy weekend! I made a half hearted attempt to rally the troops, for picnics and sunshine walks, but we couldn't be bothered!

So, having the desire to make Hexies, I sat in the garden to make these!

This is going to be my Long Winter Project....and it was started in the warmth of the sun!

My thoughts are to turn them into a blanket, and line it with a flannelette sheet I have, however being the fickle creature that I am, I could get bored and turn them into....cushions! Who knows!


Little piles of loveliness.....

I wanted to keep them there, to admire them, watch the piles grow, marvel at my progress, but every time I closed the drawer they fell over, so into the tub they went!


This morning I had a go at the great iPad tutorial Wendz, rustled up for me! I had tried to follow a couple of others but got in a 'pickle', this one was so easy to follow. Thanks Wendz, you're a STAR!


Ive not been very adventurous with this one, and I hate the elastic loop, but the next one will be adorned with all manner of wonders! I lined it with another sheet....

I think next time I will use a thinner padding too, maybe some fleece.

This Crafty Community is just GREAT! There is such a wealth of knowledge and skill, you are so good at sharing and inspiring each other, I feel really honoured to be part of it, Thank You!

I have so many ideas running around in my head, I dream vintage sheets, I dream vintage wallpapers! This week I really want to start on my Printers Trays and I REALLY NEED to make a rag doll....but if the sun continues to shine, I know where I will be......


I've took photos of all my wallpapers this weekend, I love them soooo much! People think I'm crazy, but I know you understand! Here's just one of them!


Thank you for visiting me, and thank you for leaving me your thoughts and encouragement!

Have a lovely week!

Ada :) x



  1. Hi Ada ... it's lovely to see you enjoying the sunshine ... the hexies look great, they would make a beautiful bedspread ... and that wallpaper is the business ... Bee xx

    PS ... lovely to see you joined the advent swap at Hookin with Laa Laa too ... I'm looking forward to it... xx

    1. Me too Bee! Just hope I'm paired up with someone who loves vintage sheets, otherwise I'm scuppered! Ada :)

    2. I know ... I can't wait to be paired up either ... a little bit of excitement goes along way here :) ... you vintage sheet goodness will be lovely for your partner whoever they made be ... xxx

  2. Lovely hexies, wish I had the patience to do these! Lovely cushions too, and hope the weather is kinder to you than to me at the moment!

    Have a lovely week,

    Claire xxx

  3. Oh those hexies are FAB! Like little sweeties - or iced gems. :)

    You know what I found with using vintage sheets for phone/ipad covers? They don't always iron well - you know, not creasing well - so the top edge can stick up a bit, which annoys me so much. I use thin (2mm) round elastic - a bit like those elastics for hairbands - you can order it in 1m lengths off eBay. Actually hairbands work well too, in a pinch. Or use thin ribbon - or cording.

    Anyway your cover turned out so well! Lovely sheeting. I have a king size sheet in that colour and pattern - it's gorgeous.

    1. Thanks Wendz, I've got a draw full of hair bobbles! Never thought of using those, and they are all pretty colours! Not bad for a first go, practice makes perfect, or so they say! Ada :)

  4. Gorgeous Hexies Ada, I've never had the patience to even attempt them - I'm very impressed! And oh yes, I understand...if you ever do open a little Etsy shop (and of course you should, if you want to...) I will definitely be treating myself to a few bits of your fabulous wallpaper! So glad you're enjoying all the fabulous craftiness and friendship that blogging can bring. Have a lovely week, Rachel xx

  5. Wow you have been busy, I have always thought hexies would be too fiddley to make. Love the wallpaper!

  6. That wallpaper is gorgeous, love it :) I'm jealous of your piles of hexies, I so need to get into gear and start making some... maybe I'll just enjoy your progress for now, they look lovely all laid out together. x

  7. Those hexies are looking amazing! So pretty.

  8. love your hexies!!! love your garden chair, too!! ;oD
    xxxx Ale

  9. You have the best range of fabrics, love the hexies. Cannot wait for your wallpaper packs to hit etsy or wherever you go, pop me on the list in advance please.

  10. I love these and the fabric is amazing!! Great wallpaper too...happy new week..and happy creating.

  11. oooo...loving that wallpaper in the last pic. Of course, I look at sheets and wallpaper and think, "wouldn't that make a lovely scrapbook paper?"

  12. sweet hexies! a lot of patience will be needed! They would make nice little decorations too. I like your seat in the sun, long may it last! Heather x

  13. Wow, you've been busy! Your hexies are gorgeous and I look forward to seeing whatever you decide to do with them. Enjoy the sunshine!

  14. Lovely hexies!! When I can stop crocheting I will make them too!
    groetjes, Gerda

  15. Those hexies are just so pretty, they would make such a lovely blanket or cushion cover, which ever you end up doing :)
    Beautiful wallpaper..I am looking forward to your etsy listings!
    Enjoy the sunshine while it is shining :)
    Magie x

  16. Love that wallpaper. Keep showing us glimpses of it,and be sure to say when you are starting your shop!

  17. Hi Ada,
    Just been catching up with your posties!!
    soo pleased your vintage fair went really well and you help to raise that great sum of money for charity!! Wow!
    Like every one else has said, "We love to see the wall paper and all your creations"......
    Good luck with etsy, I am sure you will do well here!!
    Thank you also for your kindness and thoughts over on mine, as they mean alot!
    love Maria x

  18. Such pretty hexes!! I love making them, too! Wishing you a beautiful week!! xo Heather

  19. Lovely Ada! Maybe you can finish your blanket on the first day of sunny spring! Xxx

  20. Oh my I love that wallpaper!

    ps the word verification is driving me mad, this is my is fourth try at this one!

  21. Hi Ada,
    How nice to sit in the sunshine and make those lovely hexies. It reminded me of a patchwork I made years ago! I keep looking at your material. I'm sure we had some sheets in the pink and blue design you are showing. Were most of your designs produced by one manufacture or were they just the fashion back in the 70's?
    Sarah x

  22. Your hexies are so pretty - the pattens and colours just work perfectly together. I know what you mean about how inspiring the blogging community is. Most days, I see something on a blog - a pattern, a recipe, someone's home - and think ooh, I'd like to take that idea and play with it... And your blog is just as inspiring as anyone's. In fact, it's gorgeous. xx

  23. They are absolutely pretty to look at Ada! I know exactly what you are talking about! I have been wanting to try my hand at making some hexies, but with all the projects running around my head and scattered around my house, I just don't think I can take that one on just yet! Next time you make something with an elastic closing you might want to try using one of those elastic hair colored bands (or black ones)! I have used them before in my projects and they work great! Love all the inspiration on your page!

  24. Love those hexies!! They will make such a beautiful quilt.

  25. The wallpaper is gorgeous and I look forward to seeing your patchwork grow... I lack patience when it comes to patchwork. It will be a beauty if it does manage to become a quilt x word verification is still on by the way...

  26. Thank you everyone for taking the time to leave me your thoughts!
    I'm going to be very busy with those hexies! It's going to take me years! I love how the colours look together, so pretty!
    I've tried to disable the word verification again, please could you let me know wether I have been successful!
    Thanks, Ada :) x

  27. I'm in vintage pattern love!

    I know how tricky those hexies can be - I abandoned mine a good four years ago - oopps! Yours does look fabulous though.

    Thank you for all your kind words recently,

    Nina x

  28. oh my those hexagons are so beautiful! you're inspiring me to get back on my sewing machine!

  29. Lovely hexies, lovely wallpaper, lovely chair!! All delicious and perfectly made. I had one or two that I need to make something out of....good idea Ada
    Sunny days
    Best wishes

  30. Ah are giving me hexie stitching withdrawal symptoms (again).... these are scrummy... LOVE the vintage floral fabrics. They will make the most amazing blanket. I am waaay to lazy (and scared) to make a big blanket myself so I'm looking forward to eventually swooning over yours! I'm looking to do some more paper piecing soon... maybe a Dresden? Oh the possibilities ;)

    Have fun!
    Louise xx


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