Friday, 28 September 2012

Not QUITE the Good Life.......


Growing up in the Seventies, I loved the TV sitcom, The Good Life. It was about a suburban couple, who gave up their conventional life, and attempted to live a self sufficient lifestyle. It was very funny, and set seeds in my young mind, about living a sustainable life.

Way back in March, I decided, this would 'Be The Year', I would finally grow vegetables for my family, picked fresh from the garden!

Things, however, didn't go quite to plan....the Slugs arrived! The pesky things ate EVERYTHING! They were the most well fed, healthy slugs ever! They have really enjoyed their time in the Bea 5 star hotel, so much so that they invited ALL their friends and family too......

And if that wasn't enough, the rains came, and what wasn't eaten by the slugs got washed away! Actually I am exaggerating a bit, (me, exaggerate!).

I have actually enjoyed growing my own veg, and my 2 beds will become 4 next year, here's just a little of what we've enjoyed...

These became....


Fresh potatoes, yum!

The sweetest peppers I've ever tasted!
Delicious mange tout....

The tomatoes didn't thrive, but I we had lots of lovely fresh salad, French beans, cabbages, strawberries and kale. Many of you grow lots of fruit and veg, very successfully. If you haven't tried it before, do, it's soooo satisfying, and if things don't quite work out there's always next year!!! I am however going to put a 'No Vacancies' sign up at the gate....just in case any slugs arrive!

Thank you for stopping by, and leaving your thoughts with me. You gave me good advice over my Hexie blanket, I'm going with the pink backing, and I'm going to attempt hand quilting! Yikes!

I've been busy painting more printers trays! Hopefully I will be able to show you them next week. Hope you all have a great weekend, I've got a lovely treat planned for tomorrow, more of that next week!

I will leave you with my favourite photo this week....
Ada :) x









  1. It hasn't been the best year for growing veggies, ours didn't amount to much at all this year, but as you said, there's always next year, and it's so rewarding :) x

  2. Our veggie patch is not brilliant this year but I still love it! Keep at it and you'll have even more successes. We now have to learn very quickly how to garden in a totally different climate. I'm up for the challenge though and am looking forward to growing greenhouse things without a greenhouse. Eleanor xx

  3. well done for what you have grown, actually not that bad! I love the goodlife, especially that christmas episode when they all have to wear newspaper hats and play games! My veggi patch is feeling pretty desolate this year, I must try harder to beat the slugs next year, I don't like using pellets and short of camping out next to the veggis I don't know what to do! Anyway enjoy, Heather x

  4. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. You have done really well with your veggies despite all the slugs. We tried to grow potatoes and peas this year and they were all water logged with all the rain. Better luck next year! Enjoy your weekend :O)x

  5. You did really well! The slugs have now attacked the one autumn pot I made by the front door and after the devastation they caused this summer, I'm proper fed up! Anyway, your wallpapers look amazing in the box. I see you share my ikea tray addiction x

  6. what a beautiful arrangement, the trays look wonderful, your garden photos are brilliant, we had slugs as well, crushed egg shell sprinkled around the plants or a dish of beer do help

  7. Sounds like your garden did really well considering it was your first year and all of the odd weather we've had, well done you!
    good idea, i may try the "No vacancies" sign too
    lOVE your decorated printers tray .... just gorgeous
    happy weekend
    love jooles x

  8. love this post Ada!!! I laughed a lot!! I think this is good, no? ;oD
    Your veggies are great (zucchini: yummy!!) and the tray is so nice!!
    Happy weekend, xxx Ale

  9. And what a favorite photo it is indeed: a lovely set up! :-)

    My husband is the master of the veggie patch and it is all wonderful to see it grow. The dog however loves it also and has managed several times to get over (or under) the fence. She loves to eat the tomatoes, the zucchini and the peas, straight from the plant!!!

  10. We had a good year too trying out the good life ... we just stick the veggies in and hope for the best ... we had strawberries, lots of herbs and salad, peas, onions, beetroot and cabbage this year ... still enjoying some of the lovely beetroot ... my favourite ... we have decided next year to try and be more organised to get maximum growth and variety ... thanks the grand plan anyway :) ... love the printers tray and the Ikea one ... Bee xx

    PS Not so many slugs ... used crushed eggshells and beer traps ... seemed to work ... have a lovely weekend ... xx

  11. I love the Good Life its my all time favourite programme :)

    We didn't grow much this year - tomatoes which actually did ok and chillis which were a success but the beans got eaten by wildlife as did the strawberries :(

  12. Lovely looking veggies Ada! I still love to watch the good life.
    Victoria xx

  13. I loved the Good Life, but this has actually been the worst year for our veggie patch, so you've done really well Ada, we let our chickens loose on ours weeks ago, so it's great that you're still harvesting produce. Just carry on doing what you're doing and hopefully next year won't be so bad. One of my favourite pastimes on cold Autumn and Winter days is looking through the seed catalogues and planning for next year xxx

  14. I remember that programme - I loved it. Especially Margo. I'm getting ready to plant up our vege garden, can't wait. It's amazing how many of us are going back to the "good old day's". Our grandparents had a good thing going I think xo

  15. We're hoping for a better growing season this year, it's time to start preparing for planting here in NZ. Putting beer in a container is good for attracting slugs they fall in and can't get out, works well, if you can stand all the drunken singing! I suggest earplugs :D

  16. I used to love that programme too! I especially loved Margot who really made me laugh!


  17. I am a hopeless gardener and, since out garden it tiny, focus on flowers for cutting rather than veg. But your bounty looks amazing - the slugs didn't eat everything I'm pleased to see!

    Love The Good Life - it still cracks me up now. I am definitely more of a Margot than a Barbara though. x

  18. Iv'e just found your lovely blog,I loved the good life,I too have an on going battle with pesky slugs,I totally relate to this post
    XX Manda XX

  19. Yep, we all remember the good life it seems. Boo to the slugs. And in Australia, mange touts are called snow peas........isnt that funny.
    We have larger pests here called possums, they strip all trees and flowers and veggies patches. and they are smart little b's too, there is a silent feud going on between us, as they are protected animals. So far they are winning but I have made it my mission to overcome. Maybe I could get them drunk like your slugs!

  20. Ada your little shadow box turned out beautiful.....and I'm impressed with your growing skills in the garden....

  21. Where do you find these sweet trays {shadow boxes} my friend...I would love one.I just love all the sweet colours you put on them
    Your garden joys are amazing...slugs are a major problem here too...but once our wet spring left the slugs seem to too.

    Hugs for a wonderful creative weekend.

  22. Hi Ada,
    Your produce from the garden looks wonderful. It certainly hasn't been a good year for growing vegetables. I have seen more slugs this year than ever before and they have grown so huge too from our plants!
    Let's hope next year they go elsewhere! At least we don't have kangaroos eating our plants, which as I was told last week can be quite a problem in Australia!
    Sarah x

  23. It has been a challenging year for veg growing, but it looks like you did well in the end. It seems everyone had different successes and failures. My tomatoes did really well, but the peppers still haven't turned colour! xx

  24. Veggies look great, well done. We were a bit late this year for growing veg after moving house, but hopefully next year we will start! We were lucky enough to have lots of fruit here already and the kids have loved picking their own rasberries and blackberries so Im sure they will love picking their own veggies too.
    Printers tray looks brilliant, so colourful. x

  25. The Good Life is one of those nostalgic cosy programmes that makes me want to curl up with a cup of tea when I watch it! Well done on growing your own veg, I understand from other growers that it's been a tricky year this year after all, with this odd weather. I've been inspired by Alys Fowler lately so may have a go next year. I fancy setting up a seed swap!

    Also a big thank you for your lovely comment on my blog and for becoming a follower - it made my day!

    Anna. x

  26. Thanks everyone for your comments! You've made me realise that actually we didn't do too bad! Over the winter I think I will get more organised and be ready for those slugs! I like the idea of putting out the beer for them, then popping in my ear plugs to drown out their drunken singing! Ada :) x

  27. Such yummy veggies Ada!! I look forward to growing my own soon!! Beautiful photo! xo Heather

  28. So clever Ada, to grow a bit of a bumper crop. My pot plant tomatoes were rubbish this year, not sure what happened. I too love to grow as much as I can in pots in our little courtyard garden. As for your printers trays, they are simply gorgeous I am sure Cath Kidston would eat your heart out for that idea :o) Have a fab week ahead xox Penelope

  29. Hello Ada
    So glad you found me and thank you for your sweet comments, and now I have found you!
    Thea x

  30. Hi ~ have just discovered your blog, don't know why it took me so long, but I am loving your love of all things vintage and 70's ~ just wanted to wave 'hello'!

  31. This year I lost nearly all my veg and fruit because of the rain and the fact I have soooo many slugs (I just can't use pellets) But I did get one apple (yes one!) I also loveeee the Good life, one of the very best x

  32. I think you did fine with your garden. Your veggies looked really, really good. We didn't get tomatoes this year either and the Hubs sort of overdid the beans. He wanted to grow his own dried beans for our soup bean mix and we have them coming out of our ears, or rather out of his. I swore off helping with shelling them caused so much pain in my hands. I love the last photo. What a pretty, pretty arrangement. And the painted and papered print tray.....what a wonderful idea.


  33. There is something very satisfying about surveying a dinner table and knowing you have grown the food (or at least some of the food) that is on it.


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