Thursday, 18 October 2012

Little Houses.....Sometimes, Not Enough Room.....



We have an extra person living with us, her name is Autism. Most days she plays happily, occupying one room at a time. She's not too noisy, she likes things just so, she likes order and routine. She's quirky, she's funny, we love her SO much! She dances to her own tune, she's an individual.


She's very clever, picking up the tiniest snippets of information, things we have missed! She doesn't miss a trick, she might sometimes occupy her own space, but she ALWAYS knows when things have changed. She's not keen on change.

We are so glad she found her way to us, we love her, look after her. We explain why things might need to change, we reassure. We try not to loose our tempers, not always easy, but we try, so hard! We teach the interesting things in life, the little things you don't normally need to teach, the little things that come naturally to some, but not to others.
She's very good at hiding, most of the outside world don't see her. She's good at mimicking and copying, of keeping up appearances. She's quiet and doesn't like people to stare, so she makes herself as small as she possibly can. To the outside world, she disappears into the background.
Like I said, most of the time, she just occupies one room at a time. Then sometimes, she grows so huge, she engulfs every room, squashing everyone tight up against the wall, we struggle to breath.
On days like these, once I have calmed and reassured, I occupy my own space too. I loose myself, I sew, I paint, I create.

What do you do, when things overwhelm?


Ada :) x






  1. Oh Ada ... we all need to escape sometimes ... I really admire your strength in providing a safe, happy home for your little ones to grow despite the difficulties you experience sometimes ... love your little houses ... very cute ... Bee xx

  2. You genuinely are one of the reasons I do what I do. Parents like you make my job so much easier! Thank you for being so strong.

    My Dolly is doing a poem in drama at the moment and the end says "Now penguins aren't that funny and bluebells aren't that sad, but sometimes you feel really good, And sometimes you feel bad. Sometimes you feel sky-high happy, Sometimes lost and low. And why on earth you feel like that Sometime you just don't know!"

    I just thought it was endearing :) It's ok to feel all sorts of ways and knowing how to deal with the feelings- like crafting or reading or cleaning- makes us all the better for it! Hazel xxx

  3. Beautifully described and detailed ... hope you find a bit of space for yourself, Ada xx

  4. Lovely words, Ada. You are such a strong, reassuring person and I love how you personify. Everyone needs an escape sometimes. Love the houses.


  5. What a lovely post.

    Hope you get the space you need.

    P x

  6. well, as today in the afternoon, I just closed the door of my studio and I kept everyone out (even the cat!) for a long worked, because in the meantime I did very simple crochet just to distract my mind from who did me feel so angry and so bad...
    A big hug, xxxx Ale

  7. Very beautiful work.
    Do you sell what you make?

  8. What a beautifully written post x
    sew sew sew
    love jooles x

  9. Sounds like the perfect rememdy to me Ada, some quite time, sewing, knitting, crafting all perfect to keep one balanced as far as I am concerned. I often have to go for a long walk if I am overwhelmed, nature never lets me down. Take care xox Penelope

  10. Hi Ada, yes a little escape is sometimes needed. We have to look after ourselves as well. I think at the moment I try and keep things simple if I am over-whelmed. I also cut a lot of corners, some I wouldn't care to admit to! Basically we try to manage in the way that works for us, not necessarily in the way we are supposed to! I think this is more important. Congratulations on opening the shop. You have some sales which is fantastic! I wondered if you might consider a multi-coloured pack of say 10 colours? a sort of rainbow pack. When you have time. Take care now Heather x

  11. I love your words Ada - miss autism is lucky to have you to support her and to embrace her difference. As a teacher I have seen so many that don't. We all struggle and need time out sometimes - you use yours to create another kind of beauty. Awesome x

  12. Sounds like you have a wonderful attitude and miss autism is a very complex person so keeping as calm as you can is the best medicine......Its good to have time away from what life throws at us, I usually get the sewing basket out or I bake
    Thinking of you
    Thea x

  13. Such a lovely post Ada! Sometimes a little time to create is just what is needed! Beautiful houses! And what a blessing for sweet miss autism to have you! xo Heather

  14. Very special post.
    When things overwhelm, I like to be at home, surrounded by my things, and I love sorting through my textiles or painting some watercolours (usually a picture of some of my stuff).

  15. I'm like you - a bit of creativity soothes! I really admire how you wrote about this and am glad your girl has such strength and understanding behind her.

  16. Take care lovely one - finding our own space sometimes can be a good thing.

    Nina x

  17. Amazing post Ada. Very moving.

  18. So touched by your words and the care and understanding you have.
    Sarah x

  19. I can see how those little houses become a soothing escape, for just a little while. And they are so lovely.

  20. You described that so beautifully and simply, Ada. Those houses are delightful and I can see how retreating into a creative world can provide a sanctuary.

    When I feel overwhelmed I step back, make a cup of tea, write a list, do some crafting...all things where the process is as important as the finished result. Take care bloggy friend. xx

  21. What a beautiful expression of love. Sewing and creating are my ways of finding the space in my life. We didn't have Autism but we live with cystic fibrosis and an eating disorder for a while. I can empathize a little because the eating disorder left but did teach me a lot about communicating when things are going crazy!!
    Ada, we live with the cards that are dealt, it is the measure of the soul when we can be happy and loving despite the difficult cards.

  22. I really felt that, thank you for sharing :) I also find some crafting helps with calming the stress or a walk around the lovely park near us, though that means relying on someone to take me and then push me around, but still relaxing. xx

  23. thank you for sharing this blog with us, makes one think about life in general, Have read the other comments and agree whole heartedly with what was said. Re the poem Hazel posted lovely and so touching.
    When I am struggling I try and loose myself in stitching, calming and takes the mind off all the worries.

  24. Ada, what a fortunate little lady Miss Autism is to be with a family like yours. A well-spring of creativity is a god-send for you to draw upon when you need to do your own thing.

    I have so much admiration and respect (as well as love, obviously) for my younger son and daughter-in=law, as their middle child, our middle grandson, has Aspergers, and as he says, Nanny, my brain works just a bit differently from other peoples. They have worked SO hard to encourage out of him a sense of empathy and a sense of humour and self knowledge - no easy task as people who understand will agree. With autism the task is much much harder and I take my hat, boots and gloves off to you. Thanks for sharing this lovely post. Lx

  25. Your post is so beautifully written, and the pictures of the sweet papered houses are delightful. Crafting soothes the soul whatever is going on in our lives, and I'm so glad it helps you through, Ada.
    Helen x

  26. Ada, my two oldest daughters have type 1 diabetes and there were many days it seemed very overwhelming! In my world I have to remember to just stay in the moment. And once in a while it is okay to be angry and sad. Thinking of you :)

  27. Beautifully written, Ada.
    I find 'sorting' is a good soother ... maybe it's a metaphor for needing to sort my life, but a draw full of bits and bobs seems to soothe me, kinda weird, but we all do what gets us through to the next moment.

  28. Beautiful beautiful words Ada. I knew we were kindred spirits by the way, did you realize by my previous comments a few posts back? My quirky boy had to give instructions on how to do something for show and tell this week. He took my biscuit recipe, told them all the details, even the secret ingredient : Love. They are little sponges who take in every bit of goodness we send them, they just need our calmness too and sometimes that is so hard. Blogging is my happy place and meeting fellow creatives who walk in the same shoes is such a gift. mel x

  29. Btw your little houses are so wonderful, I am watching one on ebay that I can makeover myself for miss Liongirl's upcoming birthday and I'm hoping you list some more pink wallpaper packs as I am keen as mustard to order. mel x

  30. Beautifully written. Your love and strength shine through. I have a son who has epilepsy and so has a very difficult time controlling his temper and can become frighteningly aggressive. But when he is not, he is the most loving, gentle, kind child you could ever meet. And the so very sad bit is that he hates being the way he is and it makes him so low. He is only 8 years old and it makes me cry to see him like that.
    When I need to pull myself together if things are bad, I knit quietly on my chair beside the stove or call my mother and sometimes chat for hours to her. She always makes me feel better. She is one of those people in life that always exudes calm.
    Thank you for your beautiful words and I love your little house too.
    Rosie xx

  31. Such a beautiful, touching post Ada. The challenges life brings to some special people is sometimes heart wrenching. Look at these comments!! So many people with so much to deal with beyond our crafty blogs. I find it amazing. Inspiring. Comforting. I'm going through a harsh deterioration of someone I love very much, but am not quite ready to share this in a public space. Your bravery at giving us a mere glimpse of the days you work through is thought provoking. Your words are poetry.
    ps I started my blog to cope ... isn't it funny that you were my first follower. :) (long distance hugs to you, please pass the tissues)

  32. Your post is so touching. My 6 year old grandson has recently been diagnosed with high-functioning Autism and Aspergers Syndrome. As devastating as the news was, the entire family is so relieved that there's a formal diagnosis. My favorite de-stressing activities are blogging and knitting (which my husband calls Needle Therapy!) -- Jan

  33. That was a beautiful post. When overwhelmed, what do I do? The best therapy is indulging yourself in some crafty stuff I find. Or to take a brisk walk if possible. Or share a tear to release. It is okay that too. Autism or anything "different" we live with close can be a challenge at times. A greater challenge than anyone without wouldn't understand. It also gives us a greater depth and understanding of what life is about. A deeper love even as we don't take things for granted so easy... It is a blessing in its own way. Just the way you express yourself shows how much love and great work you do. Little Ms Autism is a very lucky girl living with you. She couldn't have a better home really. My son was born with a serious cleft palate, that is a challenge too. specially now when the surrounding is starting to get more harsh about his appearance. It is not easy to be different but to have a strong, patient, understanding and loving support from home makes all the difference in the world. YOU are doing great. We are doing great. And to change the subject completely - when will you add your ETSY to your blog. I WANT TO SEE IT! Right there in your column!!! Lots of love from me to you Ada. Lots of love. ♥♥♥

  34. Admire your courage ,love, faith n spirit. May you have the strength to be more n more creative n supportive! Love your little houses, they look so colorful n happy

  35. I hide in craftyland and blogland. I don't have anything as challanging as Autism to deal with but just handling three highspirited (naughty) Smalls is quite enough! I have to confess that I lose the plot quite regularly...

    Eleanor xx

  36. Hello There,
    I have just been searching through your website. I love them both! :D I have a feeling you may like my shop in return:
    I hope you enjoying looking around.
    Chloe xx

  37. I have no idea how you cope with Autism in the family and find time to craft an blog too! As others have said, crafting helps and when my girls were small and playing up I loved to leave them with hubby and take off in the car with the radio turned up loud and have a sing! Take care. xx

  38. Ah yes, that extra person whose name begins with A. My very best friend in the world has that same extra person living in her house, I know how tough it is. She knits to escape. I'm so grateful I can just knit for fun.

    I am sure the home you have built for your girl is just as beautiful as the ones you've made here. What wonderful things come from your escape days.

    Take care m'dear x

  39. This post was so beautifully written and I felt it expressed exactly how it feels when dealing with our special children. My son's difficulties seem to fill our house, our minds, our lives a lot of the time. It is difficult for all the family but so much more difficult for him. When he goes back to school on Monday mornings the feeling of relief is so great - and then I feel guilty for feeling like that! I enjoy the silence of mondays and try to restore some calmness and order to my home. I try to make time to create and craft during the week before he returns from school on Friday and fills the house again. We love him dearly and enjoy the moments when he is the boy he could have/should have been until the difficulties take over again.
    Love your little houses, I did some recently for my boys' rooms and papered them with bits of old maps. Favourite Lego figures are displayed in them now! Mrs RV x

  40. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Hello Anonymous, I'm glad you are happy with your life and hope your partner it too. I have removed your comment as it contained an email address. Personally I won't use that service as its not we're my belief 'sits'. Hope you find peace in your future :)

  41. Interesting comment above. You never know who might visit do you?

    I completely understand your need to lose yourself in crafty pursuits as a way of maintaining who you are not just a mum or a carer. Sometimes when life's overwhelming I shout and am horrible to be around, other times I withdraw, neither great for other people. Blogging is a darned good distraction though as I can carefully edit the realities of life when needed.


  42. Dear Ada
    What complex and wonderous beings we are. I have always thought that somewhere there is a little selection process going on and some children choose their parents.....the right parents at that. The right parents for the right child - parents who nurture and love no matter what...and vice versa.

    I hope that life is kind and gentle to you today Ada
    Best wishes

  43. Such a heart felt and beautifully expressed post Ada........
    Your strength is amazing and it's so good that you have your creative outlet to turn to when needed.
    When I feel overwhelmed a cuppa and a nice magazine help to distract me or I read some creative blogs.....Occupy my mind with something I enjoy creative or otherwise......

    Hope the overwhelming times are few and far between.....

    Claire x

  44. Thank you all sooooo much for your fantastic words of support, it has helped a great deal! :) x

  45. Just read this Ada - I am SO bad at keeping up with other people's blogs. My apologies. I had no idea... you are so strong and calm. That must be an amazing help. Your post says so much with so few words - and so beautifully too.


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