Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Crafty Currency Swap!


It's a bit grey and yucky here today and I am sooooo looking forward to the Christmas holidays, spending time together, and no alarm clock...bliss!
I thought this would be a good day to launch (that sounds a bit up market doesn't it!) the Crafty Currency Swap!

I've not hosted a swap before, so apologise beforehand for any mistakes I may (will) make!!

If you want to join in, here's how it will work:

Leave me a comment on what you would like to offer and what you would like to receive in return.

Although this is not about gaining financially, please be mindful about the value of what you are offering, and that it is balanced by what you would like to receive!

It could be something you've made or fabric/yarn or a craft book that you have, but no longer need.

Everything must be in good condition, even vintage items!

I cannot promise to match everyone up, but I will try!

State if you are only able to post in the UK or if you are willing to post Worldwide!

I will close entry to the swap on the 31st December 8.00pm GMT. I will then match up as many as I can, (may have to put appeals out if I can't match everyone!) I will then link up the partners.

It is then UP TO THE SWAP PARTNERS to communicate, discuss ideas, values etc and arrange postage etc.

I will try and match up partners by the 2nd week in January, with the view for the swap to take place mid February.

Please make sure I am able to email you, otherwise I won't be able to include you in the swap!

So here goes! I would like to offer:
OFFER: A patchwork cushion cover like the ones in the top photo, in a mix of vintage sheets. I would love to receive a little crochet garland with colourful flowers/hearts, perhaps a metre long. Post worldwide.
OFFER: A pack of vintage wallpaper, 10 sheets (approx. 21cms x 26cms), in a variety of patterns and colours. I would love to receive 2/3 balls of yarn, cotton mix, nice and colourful! (I'm new to this yarny stuff so don't know costs, but will adjust offer accordingly!). UK postage only.
OFFER: 2 FQ's of vintage sheet material, you can choose from Etsy shop (I will be listing fabric in the new year). I would love some bark cloth, feed sack or liberty material. UK postage only.

So what do you think folks? Anyone up for the Crafty Currency Swap? Something to look forward to after the festivities!
Welcome to all those who are now following Vintage Sheet Addict! I've been trying to reply by email to all your comments, but I'm behind already! I love reading your comments and really appreciate them, especially as I know how busy everyone is at the moment!
Thanks for your all the techno support you gave me after my last post, it's obviously just a change made for those of us that use iPads, heaven knows why, it was fine before!
Bye for now.....your homes are all looking LOVELY and festive! I'm loving a good old nosey around your Christmas displays!
Ada :) x














  1. This sounds like so much fun. I have a LOTS of beads ( I make jewelry) but I am not sure with my back and arm injuries I am going to be able to keep doing that. So I have a large bag of beads to offer (all sorts) and I love vintage custome jewlery, even if it is broken. Hope that is an even swap.

  2. Hi Ada, I'm going to have a little think about this, can we let you know over christmas? nice idea, Heather x

  3. what a brilliant idea!
    I've no idea what I've got to offer (stock cupboard too crammed full to even contemplate at this moment) or what I might want, but I shall give it some serious thought, and thankyou on all our behalfs for going to so much trouble

  4. I like the sound of this - I can offer a raggy doll - either a girl, pirate or those thinking far ahead an elf! Swap partner could choose colours :) Probably best just for the UK as postage prices are crazy now :(

  5. Does sound like fun...wish I could join but will have to pass this time. Sending you oodles of joy for a very blessed week.

  6. Hello lovely Ada
    I am happy to crochet some fingerless gloves for a woman and decorate with a flower or two. I think I'll keep mine to the UK too if that's OK? I'm happy to oblige with colour choices that the recipient might like. Thanks for organising, nice to have a little swapsie into dreary Jan/Feb xox Penelope

  7. Great idea Ada! Have a wonderful December xo

  8. What a lovely idea Ada! I'd be happy to offer a pack of my greeting cards or a pack of postcards from my Etsy shop in exchange for some vintage fabric or some A2 sized vintage wallpaper. Post to UK only as the cards are quite heavy!

  9. What a lovely idea! I'll get back to you once I've had a think about what I can offer up :-)

  10. I have a copy of Cath Kidston's 'Stitch' book which I'd be willing to swap. I'd love some vintage fabric or some cotton yarn in vibrant colours. Happy to post anywhere.

  11. Ada, this is such a genius idea! I need to go away and have a think about what I can make (and how it will take to make it!). xx

  12. What a lovely idea! In thinking about what I could trade in the swap, I decided I could do the following, if that would be acceptable.
    #1 a bundle of 5 FQ
    #2 a bundle of 5 FQ
    and maybe add in a little something extra
    e-mail me at
    I can ship world-wide!
    Thank you
    Patricia Reid

  13. What a fabulous idea! Sadly I don't have a thing to swap... I hope you find the things you are looking for! :)

  14. Ada, I left my e-mail address on your Etsy page.
    I also have fabric with vintage patterns I could use for a swap.
    Many thanks

  15. Hi Ada,

    I have three lovely books I would like to swap for different books (I havent already got!) or some lovely fabrics. However if anybody would like either of the books I am happy to see if they would like to offer anything in return. As long as it is something I can "make" with or get ideas from! They can all be found on amazon and are brand new and were recieved as gifts which I already had!

    #1 The Liberty Book - Home Sewing.

    #2 Kirsty's Vintage Home - Hardback

    #3 Cath Kidston - Make. Paperback

    Hopefully you can match me up!!! xxxxx

    1. oh and happy to post anywhere if the value is recipiatated in the value of the swap xxxx

  16. I could also make you a crochet garland, for some lovely fabric?

  17. Great idea, would love to join in
    Offers; a frilly knitted scarf, would love some fabric and/ or felt in return.

    A felt heart,
    would love some crochet cotton in return.

    Will post anywhere.


  18. I can offer 12 new zips 20cm long. I have lots of colours to choose from.

    I'm not sure what I would like in return, maybe fabric or dress pattern, or just see if anyone would actually like zips and see what they've got?

  19. Ok, I can offer up an A5 sized handmade notebook, covered in fabric and embellishments.
    In return, I'd love some vintage wallpaper or vintage fabrics!
    My contact details are on my blog page :-)

    Happy New Year Ada! xx

  20. Hello, I've never done this and would love to join in! I have a brand new copy of "Homemade gifts vintage style" by Sarah Moore that is going spare. I already have this, so would be happy to swap!

    Nice way to start the new year :) I like to keep to the UK too as its a Hardback copy and quite heavy x

  21. Hi Ada
    I've various metal circular needles and crochet hooks, and some 50"s upholstery material I'd be happy to swap for large flowery barkcloth or open to other things if people are interested... Cass x

  22. Hi Ada
    I'd love something knitted or crocheted as it's all beyond me! Fingerless gloves would be great for doing up shoeslaces on playground duty. In return I can offer something made from vintage children's fabric - a cushion or bag perhaps?


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