Saturday, 15 December 2012

I've Started.......So I'll Finish!


I think the owl mittens Kelly sent me must have contained a little sprinkle of Yarn Magic! I've been determined to get my head around crochet, I've been bitten by the bug!
The picture above is some little flowers I've had a go at. There's a tutorial over on Eleanor's blog. Some, sorry, lots of improvement needed, but I've I'll finish!
In the summer I brought this little suitcase packed full of this goodness.....
All for £3.50.....bargain, and perfect for practising my new....addiction?!
Some things i have tried this week went very wrong!
Oh dear! That went very wrong! I WILL make one of Jane's lovely Christmas garlands.....but it might have to be next year now!
You see, I can't actually 'see' the stitches at the moment, I'm not really sure where the hook should go, so when the instructions say, 'third chain along' I can't really see where the third chain is.....I'm 'ad libbing' crochet, not the best way, but my way, at the moment anyway!
I thought I was doing very well here, until I realised I hadn't counted the right number of stitches!
I'm finding it very difficult to remember how many stitches I've done! My family are getting really irritated with me counting out loud to myself, so I'm going to have to find a way of counting the stitches.
I was going to write them down, but how do I do this? I'm sat there, hook and yarn (I love that word, have I told you?) in hand, iPad (for You Tube support) and book balanced on knee, I'm not sure how I would manage pencil and notebook too!
I'm also very anti-social at the moment, refusing to talk to anyone in case I lose count......please tell me this will pass, I don't want to be anti-social!
And as for the tension, there's lots of that, but not in how I'm holding the yarn!
This is my latest try, I'm happy with this, for now anyway!
I've followed a tutorial on Lucy's blog, which has been really useful!
So there you have it, the beginnings of a new addiction for me, any tips would be gratefully received! Oh, and when does your hand stop cramping up?!
It been really frosty here this week, those mittens from Kelly are coming in very useful!
I woke up this morning to very sad news. Those poor, poor children and families caught up in the awful carnage in Newton Connecticut. My heart goes out to that Community, words cannot express the devastation. They are in my heart and thoughts.
Ada :) x


  1. Ada,
    Big well done to you!! hip hip hooray!!
    I think you are doing very well, keep going and dont give up, you might want to look at stitch markers?
    ie.tiny rings/pieces of plastic that you put in first stitch of round so you know when you are back at the beginning "simples"
    love Daisy xx

  2. oh well done, you have really got it now they'll be no stopping you! won't be long before we hear the word blanket coming from you!!...I too feel really sad for the families in recent tragedy. x

  3. Keep going, once you get it you'll be off! I write down the pattern when I'm stuck. If your looking for more tutorials check out "meet me at mikes". Counting stitches, the hook is at 0, then count from there.

    As this tragic event unfolds I'm sickened to my stomach to hear of the loss of life, so young. I can't imagine what it feels like for their families...I just hold my boy a little bit longer than usual.

  4. Dear Ada, I remember too my first crochet attempts, the trouble I first encountered was reading the pattern itself, it might as well have been in double Dutch. I googled the first basic instructions and just practiced getting a small granny square done. Actually it was Cath Kidston and her tin crochet book that really got me started, her pattern was very easy to follow. It took me 8 HOURS of constant effort one summers day to finally crack the code.....I am stubborn and determined and obsessed sometimes.
    I can only hope with the current tragedy that a nation can decide if the price of gun ownership is worth paying. A very heavy price indeed, please take guns away.

  5. These are brilliant! You seem to be picking it up really quickly. I can churn out granny squares like there's no tomorrow, but am terrified of crocheting into the stitch or chain, I can never see quite where to put the hook. I need more practice. x

  6. Wow Ada you've made amazing progress!! I have only dabbled lightly in crochet and definitely wouldn't say I've got the hang of it - I can see how it can become addictive but I haven't caught the bug - yet!

    Unbelievably sad news from the US, I feel so very lucky to live in a country where we feel pretty safe and free from fear of a similar atrocity. Can't imagine the pain that those involved are suffering.


  7. Chrocheting really is fun! I learned it a few years ago, but still there is room for improvement....

  8. Gosh, you are doing so well Ada, it just takes time and practice to get it right and I must admit that I am never 100% with counting all my stitches etc, you can "free style" a little while you are learning. Lucy's pictorial tutorials are very helpful too. You shouldn't be getting cramp at these early stages, maybe release a little of that tension :o) Oh and by the way you are absolutely right, it is an ADDICTION, be warned xox Penelope

  9. You ARE doing well Ada! Once you crack the granny square the crochet world is your oyster :)
    With the counting, I don't think there's any way round counting the chain and the first row but once you're onto the second round, you can see each stitch and you don't have to count over 3 (a bit like a crochet waltz!).
    I missed your last post as I was away visiting my Mom, but oooh those mittens are just so so gorgeous! You must feel very proud wearing them.
    Jo x

  10. You are so brave Ada! I haven't even made it that far... ;-)

  11. I am determined to teach myself how to do this next year. Will keep you posted! xo

  12. Well done you ... these are fab ... you are picking it up very quickly ... it is an easy addiction although as much as I love it I can't do it for long ... my neck, shoulders and arms become so sore ... obviously more tension in me than the crochet :) ... Bee xx

  13. BRAVA Ada!!!!! You did it!!! It's only a question of time and patience ( a lot, I admit!)!!! Try every day even just a little bit! I crochet everyday, sometimes with no project in mind, just to improve my skills!!!! granny squares and circles are really good to work with!!!
    xxx Ale

  14. You must be Over The Moon, Ada ... wow, brilliant, go-girl, you're well on your way to having your Very Own Crochet Addiction : -) But don't worry, it's pretty harmless!!

  15. you have got the knack very quickly, well done. Not sure if any one has told you if you are following American instructions they are different to ours, ie when they say sc it means dc, dc means tr etc, might help.
    The tragedy in Newton is so so hard to understand, those who have lost their children and of course teachers lost too are in my prayers and also the poor children who will be so traumatised by the terrible events

  16. Hello, new follower here! I think your first attempts look really good and if you're already looking at youtube tutorials you're on the right track. I too struggled with being able to see the stitches and understand the 'structure' of it all until one day someone said to me just to remember all knitting and crochet is just a series of loops, it's not complicated ... and that seemed to take the fear out of it somehow. I'd recommend Lucy's triple layer flower tutorial which I've been using recently - very easy to follow :)

  17. hiya- I use paperclips as stitch markers, and I pop one in the first "circle" so I can see what it actually is that I'm crocheting in to. I'm at the same stage as you and also hoping it will improve (drastically in my case!)

  18. All looks like it is coming along nicely, Ada. My big sister taught me many years ago! I have tried teaching Olivia, but she just can't pick it up. Strange really because the young ones can do all the techno jargo, but not the simple pleasures...Enjoy your Sunday!
    Love Maria x

  19. well done you - they'll be no stopping you now, it really is just a case of keeping at it, you will find it gets easier & easier! if i'm having to count rows or rounds i will pop a safety pin through a row counter then pin it to myself, as i always lose the little things otherwise, as someone else said it's important to make sure you do the counting & get it right at the start, then the rest of it should come easy {she says!} i find crochet hides mistakes well too, i also find it's easier to rip back than knitting if you realise when you've made a mistake! i normally use a bit of scrap yarn, tied in a knot as a stitch marker, but i like the paper clip idea too - might have to give that one a go myself!

  20. Hi Ada

    Glad you are having a go! Looks like you are getting it. One thing that might help is to realise that sometimes (as with my flowers) you are crocheting into the top of the previous stitches and sometimes (as with granny squares) you are going into the gap under the previous stitches. As for counting stitches,try looking at them from the edge of the fabric so each one looks like a link in a chain. If you are counting chain stitches back from the hook the one round the hook is 0 then the next is 1. Hope that helps.

    Eleanor xx

  21. Looks like you're off to a great start! Practice practice practice makes perfect. I'm going to try out Kate @ Greedy for Colours tutorial now for baubles...


  22. Oh, looks like you are starting off wonderfully!! Great job!! Happy crocheting!! xo Heather

  23. Well done for persevering. My first efforts were so so teeny and so so tight due to excessive tension. The teacher took one look at me and said (kindly) that I really needed to just RELAX. Gradually the cramped hands are better and the tension is looser and now I can actually talk and crochet at the same time (if it is easy) mel x

  24. Well I think you're doing very well. I learnt to crochet via Lucy's blog and YouTube a year or so ago but godammit I've forgotten how to do it. Will have to relearn. xx

  25. Hello Ada! Your crochet is looking good!! And now you have got the hang of it, it will only get easier! Enjoy your new addiction and have a lovely week :)
    Helen x

  26. Good for you for sticking with it! The outcome looks very good to all the blessings this preChristmas week has to bring you xox

  27. Well done - once you get started it can get very addictive.

    Such sad, sad news from America - I wept as the details unfolded.

    Nina x

  28. keep up the good work, all is looking fab!
    I am a newbie myself and i have to count too.
    Wishing you and yours a wonderful christmas time filled with peace, love and happiness
    love jooles x

  29. Goodness, you're cracking this jolly fast. I'm one Granny square up courtesy of Meet Me at Mikes Granny Square tutorial but I have a loooooong way to go. Race you to a blanket!

  30. Hi Ada, I am impressed with those little flowers in the first photo. They would work well on a scrapbook layout.

    I tried rag-crochet after Silly Old Suitcase posted a mini-tutorial, earlier this year. On my fourth attempt, I produced a hot-pad that any 8 year old would be proud of.


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