Monday, 7 January 2013

Swap Partners......and a Plea for Heeeeelp!


Hello My Lovelies, hope you are all having a good day!
Thank you so much for all your comments on Fridays post, it would seem many of us in the Northern Hemisphere are becoming desperate for spring!
Could we ponder for a while on the concept of The Swap? Do you mind?
It's a straight forward enough concept don't you think, goes something like this-
Decide theme of Swap.
Open Swap to readers.
Collect names of those interested.
Pop names in a bag.
Draw names out, pairing up partners as you go.
Inform partners who they will swap with.
Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.
Then why, oh why, did I make mine SO DIFFICULT!!!!
Anyway, thank you for letting me get that out of my system!!! Next time, I'll make it so much easier, I will learn from my experiences!
Actually, I have, by some small miracle, matched up some partners!!! Here they are.....
Penelope and Jelly Jam
Zoe Power and Vintage sheet addict
Karen and Pickworth
Pickworth and Swallow Barn
Granny Taught Me to Crochet and Vintage sheet addict
Now for the plea bit.......there are still some unmatched offers, can anyone step in to heeeeeelp! Please! Pretty Please! (remember the 'pretty please' concept!)
A bag of beads (suitable for jewelry making) for some bits of vintage jewelry, doesn't matter if it's broken!
A raggy doll, open to swap offers!
A frilly scarf/felt heart for some felt or fabric!
Lovely applicade children's t shirt for some bits of vintage sheet fabric!
12 new zips, 20cms variety of colours for fabric or a dress pattern!
Sarah Moores Homemade Vintage Crafts book, open to offers!
Some 50s upholstery fabric for some vintage flowery fabric ideally barkcloth but not fussy. It's lovely fabric, photos below!
If there is anyone you feel you could swap with, please leave a comment below, I hate letting anyone down! They are all UK swaps.
If you look on the original Crafty Currency Swap post it has all the details of who's offering what, they are all lovely handmade goodies, from talented ladies!
Karen and Swallow Barn, I'll email you with the details.
Vintage Vicki (raggy doll) with Little Dotty Bird (handmade craft)
Gillian and Vintage Sheet Addict (fabric)
Moonstruck Creations (frilly scarf) and Little Blue Mouse (fabric)
Green Orchid (1950s fabric) and Revamped Vintage (barkcloth)
Katysclutter (book) and Little Dotty Bird (handmade craft)
Thank you!
Bye for now.....
Ada :) x x x
Photos are all swaps I've taken part in!


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  2. Hey - its not the end of the world if I don't get a swap partner :)

  3. I would LOVE to swap goods with either...or both? Vintage Vicki for a lovely raggie doll and katysclutter for the Sarah Moore crafty book. I can offer anything that I have can see pics on my blog over at

    I can personalise the owls with up to about 6 letters. I'll have to check which colour wings Ive got left. Ive also got a few butterfly and dragonfly brooches and still quite a few tail and ear sets left. Let me know what you think! (please message me over at my blog or email littledottybird at Thanks, Lisa

    1. :) Got the email - sounds like we are made for each other :)

      Shall be in contact :)

  4. This is such a great idea! I adore the crochet items in the top pic.... I am a bit 'craft shy' and have nothing to offer anyone. But excited to see what people get! :)

  5. Thanks Ada for matching me up I do hope some more volunteers pop up for the swap xox I'm off to Jelly Jam to say hi x Penelope

  6. ooh - lovely, looking forward to your email. Thanks so much for organising this!

  7. Ada, when you say they're all UK, do you mean that these ladies only want to swap within UK too? Let me know. Wendy

  8. Please don't worry if you can't pair me up with anyone!


  9. Hi Ada, I meant to join your swap when you started it but life got in the way and I forgot, sorry! I would love to swap some flowery barkcloth and/or other fabrics for that lovely furnishing fabric. I could also swap one of my vintage embroidery peg bags for something, if anyone is interested (pictures on my I Love .. Vintage Embroideries post!). I hope this helps and does not confuse things even more! Mrs RV x

  10. Thank Ada! I've just taken a peep at my partner's blog and can't wait.
    Thanks for organising.

  11. I know you will sort it out!!!
    xxx Ale

  12. Hi Ada

    I didn't join in because posting to/from here is such a pain but I'd happily join in if you need more people. I could swap a tea cosy like the one I recently posted about or some crochet hair clips/earrings/cufflinks/broach in the swapees chosen colours.

    Let me know...


  13. If it helps, I'm open to offers for my zips.

    Or I've got fabric I could swap for a frilly scarf.

  14. I bet it's been a nightmare...but well done for matching those pairs!

    Gillian x

  15. good luck Ada, yes I'm starting to look forward to the spring colours now, have a good week, Heather x

  16. Good luck from me also, Ada, with all the swaps!
    I am not much use to you at the moment, as just managing to lift my self from comfy sofa to prepare a meal.... Thanks for your good wishes and 'All the best for 2013 from me too! Take Care!
    Love Maria x

  17. Thanks so much for taking this on Ada! Very much appreciated and sorry it's become so complicated! Just let me know which cards you want whenever you have time :) xx

  18. Did you email Ada? Not sure if i got it, afraid it went to the junk box xxx

  19. Hi Ada

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for organising this swap, I've loved it. Also thank you so much for pairing me with Pickwick - she sent such an amazing parcel. I've put a couple of posts on my blog about it.



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