Monday, 28 January 2013

Thank you.....


Thank you all so, so much for you encouraging words, I'm overwhelmed by your kindness. It's not always smooth sailing being a parent, it can be even more of a challenge, when your child is Extra Special.
I'm not always as patient or understanding as I should be, meltdowns can be exhausting, for both child and parent, it's easy to loose you patience when you're tired! I try as much as I can to see the world through my daughters' eyes, this has got easier the more I understand about the challenges she faces.
I don't feel like I can say too much here, I need to respect both my daughters privacy, after all I've chosen to write this blog, not them!
I've been contacted by some of you who also walk a similar path, thank you. I will be in touch soon.
Little Bea has now put an order in for a cushion! When I crocheted the squares together I rather liked the 'wrong' side, so might do this on my new cushion! I loved the raised edges!
And I actually enjoyed sewing in the ends!!!!! It took forever but was very therapeutic, perhaps I just like boring things! I rather like Mr Bea and he can be boring at times!!!! (Sorry Mr Bea, but you can be!) These ends have been sent to Little Beas school, waste not, want not!
I've been given two awards, a couple of weeks ago now, sorry Ladies, I've not forgotten and will answer your questions soon, promise! I've also received the first of my swaps so will share pictures later in the week! I've been commissioned to do another of my Printers Trays so will be busy completing that, as well as doing some more of my many things.....wish I could squeeze more hours into the day!
I've been left a couple of comments from, well let's just say, an 'unsavoury' website. Usually they go straight into my spam and I delete these. This person was very clever and disguised themselves very well! However they have said they will link my site to theirs, I think the people who access their site might be quite disappointed with mine, if you know what I mean! I know this has cause some real problems for other bloggers and they have felt they have had to shut down their blog.
Thank you all again, you are a fantastic, creative community!
Ada :) x


  1. Oh no not unsavoury sites making comments! I really hope that this doesn't cause too much of a problem in the blogging world, it would be awful if we would have to resort to shutting down our blogs!
    I am wondering how long you will be enjoying sewing in those ends Ada :o) My first project it was fun but I have to admit that I try and "crochet" them in as I go along now because I'm rather lazy like that! xox Penelope

    1. Yes, think I will sew in the ends as I go along! :) x

  2. Loads of hugs and warm wishes to you Ada from this side of the world. xo

  3. I have had the same as you.How do we get rid of it.I didn't read what was said.

  4. I promise im not one of the unsavoury ones!...a little tasteless sometimes but never unsavoury!!
    I love the cushion...perfect colours!
    Allison x

  5. I have a crocheted blanket, tht I'm yet to sew in the ends, too many, can I call them a design feature?'s a great sisterhood, I too have been a recipient of support and so pleased to be apart of this community! :)

  6. what a lovely cushion! and I quite like the "wrong" side too! I havent had to deal with dodgy links on my blog yet but thats a pain! It is such a sweet and supportive little community in blogland and its nice to hear that its helped you x

  7. I quite often prefer the 'wrong' sides too... hugs to you all... and many thanks for organising our swaps...

  8. Beautiful pillows and granny squares! I'll be starting one for my granddaughter soon~ Life's hard, but sometimes we just need to allow our friends to help encourage us, and lift our load with a smile and words~ God doesn't put more on us than we can take! You can do it! Love always to you!

  9. your crochet!!!
    a big big hug to share with your special daughter, xxxx Ale

  10. Such a pretty crochet pillow...yes...I sometimes like the wrong side too..hugs to you and your sweet daughter! Happy new week. xoxo
    I always love all the blue colours I find over here. xoxo

  11. I've been getting an increase in spam tricking the filters too. Darn spammers!! Your pillow is so lovely - you have such a big heart. Enjoy her birthday :) XOL

  12. Little Bea I know is going to love this pillow, I so agree the wrong side looks great, gives it added texture. Some sad minds about if they have nothing better to do than try and infiltrate our blogs.

  13. I think you're just great and an inspiration!

  14. A beautiful gift! I love the raised edges too!

  15. I'm sure your a lovely Mum, in all your humaneness! and look at the lovely things you are making them. I like the raised join too. I saw a little film on Maiike blog crejjtion the other day, showing how to make little wool pompoms out of the ends, by rolling with water and soap. Your girls might like doing that. The film is very entertaining! have a good week, Heather x

  16. I wouldn't take any notice of those bad emails Ada, just hit the delate button and dont read them. Some people are just not worth it. You carry on looking after your beautiful family and creating your beautiful crafts and keep smiling. dee xx

  17. I receive so much blog spam, it's insane. And the odd weird comment. The Internet can be an odd place.

  18. Ignore the spam - I get loads. I got a really nasty comment last year (about my rocky roads, or all things!!!) and I was so tempted to tell them to piss off but I was grown up and ignored them.

    I think you are good at treading a fine line between letting us into your life a little but never in a way that is invading your daughter's privacy.

    Gillian x

  19. Hi Ada,
    I wonder what the percentage of good people to bad are, maybe one baddie in every 20 people? And yet they can cause so much hurt and damage. I've read some really horrid things that people have written as comments and I really think they need to learn some manners.... as my Mom always taught me "if you've got nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all". Basic common decency. Gosh how old do I sound! (I'm chuckling at myself)

    Anyway onto the nice stuff. You have done so well with your crochet. I've not been around for a week or so and you have posted so much! You have been busy. Well done on completing your cushion, it really is a great achievement. I think you should have a go at the granny sunburst pattern next!

    Here's the link to the pattern and a cushion I made using it if you want to see.
    Just skim to half way down the page to see the pic of the squares and the link (it's not the blanket pattern as that's different).

    Also there's the most gorgeous dahlia pattern too that might be a next good step from the granny square if you're interested.
    I put the link to my page so you can see the photo of the one I made.

    Keep up the crochet!
    Jo x

  20. Ah Ada, who can fathom the minds of these people, eh? Delete. Don't read.

    Reading your last post was very poignant, as I am here in NZ with son and family and spending quality time with middle grandson Dylan, he of the "Asparagus Club" as he calls it! It is wonderful to see how much progress he makes each year, but there are still things which he just cannot cope with and needs bucketsful of help and support. Often silly little practical things, some of which his 4 year old brother can do on his head! but on we go, with love and grit and tenacity. Love and very best wishes to you. Lxxxx

  21. Hi Ada,

    Your cushion is lovely and the white looks great. I crochet squares together with this method too and prefer to have the edges facing out. I actually thought the raised edge side WAS the right side, oops. I have to say that my first granny square project was a blanket and sewing in the ends was quite an ordeal and I'm still scarred from the experience so if you do a blanket next I would really recommend the weaving in as you go method. As everyone else has said, ignore the spam. I'm getting anonymous comments from "ways to get a job" to "losing weight" almost daily. So annoying. Like I need any more hints from the world :-) I have just read your last post and your honesty really touched me. The love you share with your daughter really shone through in your writing. Mel x

  22. I have just been catching up, and read your previous very moving post, Ada. You write so honestly and so poignantly. You are a lovely mother to your dear daughter. I love the gifts you made for each other.
    Your crochet looks lovely and I like the effect of the raised edges too....I thought I might try that when I (eventually) start joining my small daisy grannies together!
    Helen x

  23. Much cushion love from me :D

    You gotta feel sad for all these spammers, imagine having nothing better to do! They do seem to have found a few holes in Blogger's spam filters lately but I find that marking the email notifications of the spammers comments as spam in my email folder as well as marking the comments themselves as spam seems to help. I'm inundated with spam but that keeps it down a bit ... as the others have said, just ignore it and move on.

  24. Change of topic, my dear. I have been off doing other things but have not forgotten you. In fact, almost daily, something will remind me of you. And the today I found a link to this lovely place that you would feel quite at home in. Enjoy the photo tour. You know that I did. :)

  25. Acabei de conhecer o seu blog e achei maravilhoso. Me visite:
    Siga-me e pegue o meu selinho!!!


    Beijos Marie.

  26. I really like the raised edges too, it gives a bit more interest.


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