Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Thoughts On Being Torn....And Finding Treasure.......

I am time rich, but I am energy poor. I treat my energy like currency, if I spend today then I know tomorrow I will need to be very careful, watch those pennies, no one likes an empty purse!
Now this means that at the moment, I'm torn!
You see, my garden is waking up, the flowers and buds are opening, shoots are peeking up from beneath the ground. I'm itching to get in there, get my fingers in the soil, pot up seeds. But I have a bedroom to finish first, and that's taking my energy (my knees better, thank you everyone for your well wishes!).
So all I can do is watch, have little walks around the garden, marvel at nature.....and try and ignore the weeds that are also growing, at an alarming rate!!!
So next week will be Garden Week. I shall spend a little of my currency each day, spread out the cost. And if the weather is being kind, there will be plenty of sitting and sipping of tea!
Just look at that drop of water on my Lady's Mantel, and the ants busy on my peony buds.....and the detail in that red tulip....I LOVE my Zoom!
Yesterday Big Sis came over and we went on a treasure hunt, we both love exploring the charity shops. I had a £5 note and a little change in my purse and that was my budget for the day. I ALMOST stuck to you want to see what a £5 note can get you? Of course you thrifty souls love to find treasure don't we!!!
First I spotted a Meakin Celeste cream jug. In this beautiful cornflower blue, it's very pretty and looks great with my other china bits and bobs!
And some beautiful doilies, 6 white ones, and 3 pastel shades. They are beautiful! Lastly the creme de la creme......
The quality of work in this one is amazing....and guess what, I had exactly the right amount of change in my purse, not a penny more, not a penny less! It was mean to be mine!
Now I said I ALMOST stuck to my budget didn't I? Well there was one other thing I really, really needed. When Mr Bea picks it up later he will roll his eyes and I can just imagine the conversation he will have with the shop assistant. He WILL think I'm bonkers.
And so will the girls. They will plead with me not to bring it into the house, Eldest Bea will no doubt declare her intent to leave home. Little Bea will screw up her nose.
But it's perfect, it's just what I've been after, it will fit so well into the space I have in mind. And it WILL be lovely, it isn't now....but it will be! With some hard work and a little VSA magic......I've just got to ride the ridicule from my family first!!!
Actually, I don't blame my girls, I know EXACTLY how they feel (it won't stop me dragging old bits of tat into the house though!). My Mum was the same, she loved her CS finds.
I can remember being so envious of my best friend Tracey A's house. Her Mum ran a Freemans catalogue, her whole house looked very modern, it was all shiny and new. Everything matched. I so longed to live in Tracey A's house.
She also had matching outfits all from Freemans catalogue, her skirts matched her tops, which coordinated with her shoes. I sooooo wanted a matching outfit from the Freemans catalogue......never got one though!
Must go, there's some dandelions I really must get out, I'll pick the flowers first...too pretty to throw away. Will catch up with you all soon, show you what all the fuss was about!!! (And there will be fuss!)
Ada :) xxx
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  1. Your photos are amazing! Love your little 'finds' and can't wait to see what the 'other thing' is! M x

  2. What a beautiful jug, I'm always on the lookout for those too to add to my collection - although, as Mr RV likes to point out, I am running out of shelf space! In fact, I would have picked up all those treasures you found, given half a chance. Can't wait to see what else you bought. Your children sound much like mine, there is much eye rolling and muttered comments about the 'junk' I bring home yet they end up arguing over who is going to have it in their room when I've done it up! I think they will all be vintage addicts when they grow up though just like their old mum! Take it easy now, Mrs RV x

  3. Oh Ada! Talk about a cliff-hanger! You did do well with your spends ....but you are meanie to keep us dangling as to your Final Purchase!

    Yes, keep it real with the energy there, young lady, don't knock yourself out or you'll NEVER get that garden done! Lx

  4. beautiful beautiful findings Ada!!! i would love some charity shops here in JK, too!!!
    xxxx Ale

  5. Oh yes the rolling-eyes thing, I know it well! X

  6. Dear Ada
    I've enjoyed so much your photos. They are really great.
    And I also love your treasures from the charity shop. I wish you
    all the best.
    Moni xx

  7. Loving the detail of that embroidery ~ it is beautiful. Can't wait to see what magic you perform on that mystery object either :O)xx

  8. Ah you, lucky girl, beautiful findings! I'm very curious what the other thing will be. Your children sound a lot like mine, allthough mine don't care at all about mismatching furniture and so. But they comment on whatever I bring home. On the moment an old leather chair has been mistreated badly by our cats, and I wanted to get rid of it, but my boys don't want that. By the way, love your flowers. Groetjes, Gerda

  9. Ooh I'm intrigued! My husband loves eye rolling at my charity shop finds. He was less than impressed yesterday when he came home to find a third vintage typewriter that I accidentally brought home. Whoops!

    Lovely finds, the needlework is superb! And one can never have too many doilies, right? Xx

  10. Gosh! How well I know that must save the energ and pennies deal. And tring to choose between the graden or charit shop and tea. (I alwas must stop for cake and tea). Lovely finds and pics!
    Minerva x

  11. The embroidered cloth is beautiful. It was obviously meant to come home with you! xx

  12. I think us mum's have to be crazy (read savvy) sometimes. It just takes a little imagaination. Look forward to seeing what your find is!

    I know what you mean, I have been very drawn to my garden the past couple of weeks. I have managed to make a start in my garden but its slow going, then I come in and look upstairs (my worst housework area) and groan because I know I need to must in fact spend some time up there dusting and hoovering! Ah well such is life. Its been glorious today and I have definately made the most of it! lol.

    Love your blue jug by the way, so pretty!

    P x

  13. Some pretty little finds. So rewarding when you get pretties for pennies. Hope the painting is going well.

  14. Very excited to see this find of yours. Love your other treasures especially the embroidered cloth. xx

  15. Hi Ada, Spring is on hold here, again. Had a fresh pile of snow on Monday. Maybe by next week, I will be able to poke around the flower beds.
    Meanwhile, as guest designer of the month at Counterfeit Kit Challenge, I have plenty to do on the scrappy front.
    Your photo collages are very professional looking. Based on the peony photo, you are about 5 or 6 weeks ahead of us.
    Isn't it funny how things go full circle? I bet that someday your girls will be searching out inspirational treasures to the chagrin of their offspring too.

  16. Sorry I haven't been around much commenting. I love your photos and I glad you have found your zoom you look as if you are having fun experimenting with it. My husband has to preserve his energy too, he gets so frustrated not being able to do everything he wants to but if he does too much it takes such a time to recover. Hope your knee is better.
    Sarah x

  17. OO exciting... what can it be.
    I love the way water drops stay in Ladies Mantle and Lupins too!
    Yes be gentle on yourself... I'm so pleased I've found another cleaner/ helper my last retired and for 6 weeks things had to just be left... Smiles Cx

  18. Oh what is it, what is it ... you are a tease ;) ... Bee xx

  19. Your photography is getting betterer and betterer! I am speechlessly jealous of the quality of your op shops over there in the UK. But I still have found some little gems over the years it's just knowing where to look really.
    You are obviously very good on the budgeting front, keep it up...weeds like housework will always be there.

  20. I'm so with you Ada on the energy thing. I understand so well. Yesterday I went out to work in the garden. i only did a couple of hours but I could hardly move today. Energy is the most precious thing in the world.
    Beautiful finds in the charity shop. The embroidered pieces are totally amazing!

  21. Oh Ada, I had to laugh about Tracey A. I had a Sarah B who always had the stuff from the Kays Catalogue living next door. I felt the smile creep across my face as I read it.
    I'm looking forward to seeing what the fuss is about too. I hope we get a before and after shot.
    Happy decorating, and don't rush to get to next week. The anticipation will make being in your garden all the sweeter when you finally get there.
    Jo x

  22. Sweet finds!! Love all the doilies and can't wait to see what you bought!! Have a lovely day! xo heather

  23. Hi There, Would love to join you in your garden for a spot of tea!!!It looks fantastic!!!!Can't wait for the big reveal!!!What is it??!!

  24. I didn't realise a fiver and some change could buy so many pretty things, even from a charity shop. Love the little tray cloth. Really looking forward to seeing what else you've bought. I'm spending all my time at the moment itching to be in the garden but it's not easy with the boys to look after and often when I do get out there I have to spend my time pushing little F around in his toy car rather than planting and weeding as I'd like! Fiona x

  25. Fabulous treasures found, but you're such a tease! How can we wait to find out what else you bought?!!!

  26. Gorgeous embroidered table cloth - love that you lucky thing! Can't wait to find out about the mystery long before you reveal??? Thanks for your comments on my blog, always always appreciated xxxxx

  27. I remember Freemans! my Mum was totally against buying from catalogues so I didn't have any either. I use to take 50p to the jumble sale and come back with a bag full of all kinds of things, and wear them!! It's funny but i still don't buy from catalogues! looking forward to seeing your redecoration. keep looking after your energy. Heather x

  28. wow you got a lot for your money there, our charity shops could do with the ladies who price your goodies, very expensive to buy in charity shops now.

  29. Hello Ada
    You are being very sensible in pacing yourself otherwise you will totally wipe yourself out and be unable to do anything :o) love your CS finds, those doilies and oh the embroidery on the cloth, definitely a bonus find there. I look forward to seeing "what all the fuss is about" :o) Take care lovely lady xxx Penny

  30. I have banned myself from bringing old bits and pieces into the house as of yesterday at coffee time with my husband and by afternoon found myself in a thrift store with a friend. I found the most beautiful perfect condition sweet little pink sweater, it fit perfectly and I couldn't believe my luck, came home and gently washed shrunk to a tiny size fit for a child. I hope Mimi will wear it...see I should have stuck to my guns and stayed home......I think we both have the vintage bug and why not there are worse things......Heidi

  31. Oh my word the embroidery is gorgeous - what a find - I would have snapped it up too. :)

  32. Thank you everyone for popping by, sorry I haven't had chance to reply, too busy painting, I will be sooooo glad when it's done! :) x

  33. What amazing charity shop finds - that embroidery is stunning - and so are those doilies! You can never find such good value round here - I need to head up North!

  34. Fab finds! Just the sort of things I look out for, too!

  35. Excellent finds - that last embroidered cloth is so beautiful. Just think of the work that went into it! There'll be lots of time for weeding the garden next week Ada, take it nice and slow and gentle. xx

  36. OH MY! you are UK based! loving your shop xxxxand lovng your finds oh wow that embroidery xxx


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