Saturday, 1 June 2013

Vintage Wallpaper Packs....


Just to let you know I've listed some more Vintage Wallpaper Packs in my Etsy shop.
I've included the very popular 1970s Pink Marks and Spencer Wallpaper, I've had lots of emails about this one asking if I had anymore. I've only a limited amount, it's very hard to find and I doubt I will ever get anymore, the last roll to sell on eBay sold for £200 pounds!!! Even I'm not THAT addicted!
7 x 1/2 metres of Vintage Wallpaper £19.20 plus P&P.
I'm also thinking of making up some green, yellow and orange packs including this one....

Email me if you're interested!
We've been very busy with birthday celebrations so I'm a little worn out today...but enjoying the sun, grab it while you can, that's what I say ( a bit like Vintage Wallpaper! )
Back very soon.....
Ada :) xxx


  1. Those pinks are so yummy x There is a little surprise waiting for you on my latest blog post lovely Ada xxx Penny

  2. Hi Ada,Such loveliness!!!WOW!!!200 pounds?That's a really serious price for a really seriously beautiful wallpaper!!I suppose if you really want it and you have the means, why not??!!! Hope you have a lazy,sunny weekend!!

  3. Lovely paper, love them all. Hope the birthday went well. Yes, glorious sun here too and have been making the very most of it. Enjoy the rest of your weekend xo

  4. Heavens, 200 smacker-roos! Wish I had paid attention in the seventies, might have been a wallpaper millionaire by now.

  5. I mentioned this to my Aunt, as I remembered she used to have some old rolls of wallpaper in her loft. She was totally shocked at the price of that M&S roll and is going to she if she can remember where she put her old stuff. £200 is a crazy price!

  6. that green floral!!! hope the birthday celebrations have been fun!!

  7. Gorgeous papers! Wow £200 that's crazy - If I find one of those I know what I'll be doing with it! Have a great week. xx


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