Sunday, 23 June 2013

Yearning For Yarn.....

I know, sounds very dramatic, but it's how I'm feeling! I just thought 'I want to learn to crochet', I saw all the beautiful, colourful things people were making and I thought, I want to do that!
I want to create loveliness like that. What I hadn't really thought of, was how EXPENSIVE it would be! That hadn't even entered my head! I didn't realise how I would be drawn to the most expensive, beautiful, smooth, delicious yarn!!! Silly Girl!
I've got a bit left, enough to make a couple of cushions, if I get one or two balls of another colour....but this week I FELL IN LOVE, with the most gorgeous cotton yarn from Rowan. Some was in the sale, I was sooooo tempted, but even in the sale it's out of my budget! Anyway, most of the colours I loved weren't even in the sale! Isn't that always the way!
I've dreamt about it, my thoughts have wandered to it, far too many times this's crazy isn't it, how it gets under your skin! I wanted to rush to the shopmtoday to buy it, I did the ironing instead!!! I could just imagine myself wrapped up in a blanket made of those beautiful colours!
So my Lovelies....any tips? I only wanted to use wool or cotton yarn, but that's unrealistic, unless of course I win the lottery (note to self, you have to buy a ticket first!). Any alternatives to these, lovely but expensive yarns? I really do want to continue to crochet, but it's got to be more cost effective!
But on a happier little cup has returned, to be with the other little cups....Hooray! Look at them, sat all together, happy again! Look at that brilliant little tray, loving flamingos at the moment!
And I'm loooooooving this too! My latest wallpaper, just YUMMY!
It's been yucky here I've made up some Sunshine Vintage Wallpaper packs up, they are soooo 1970's! Bright and cheerful!
14 pieces of sunshine in each pack! Lovely, brighten anyone's could cover shelves, little cupboards, suitcases.....I could go on, and on!
And these are my new blooms, a little soggy but still beautiful!
Thank you all so much for our wonderful chat over the garden fence, your comments, as usual, are always very much appreciated! Welcome to those who have just found Vintage Sheet Addict, and thank you for stopping by and saying "Hi"
Sassy thought it was my Blog Birthday, well not just yet Sweetheart, but soon! So I'm thinking another little giveaway to celebrate! So watch this space!
I'm told blog reader is finishing at the end of this month, I'm still none the wiser to what this means! You can if you so wish, follow this blog on Bloglovin!
I've a very busy week ahead, nothing exciting but my time will be tied up, but I'll pop over to see you when I can and I will pop back here when I can too! You never know, I might have got the winning ticket and you will see a photo of me sat on a huge pile of delicious yarn!!!
Bye for now, yearning for yarn, Ada Bea :) xxx


  1. I have to watch the pennies too, and as much as I would love to crochet with cotton, I satisfy myself with Special by Stylecraft double knitting. It's acrylic, but I like the colours and more importantly, it doesn't split, (so infuriating when crocheting). I have used it for a few throws. Hope this helps.

    1. Thanks for visiting Lynne, and for your advice too....I'll have a look at that yarn! :) x

  2. I know what you mean about the price of wool - so costly. I have to admit to using acrylic blends these days as they are so much cheaper. A localish charity shop sells 100g balls at £1.59 each! I'm using the cream to finish off my variegated crochet blanket. X

  3. Here here on the expensive wool front.

    I haven't brought that much wool this year due to penny watching. I just can't justify a hefty price tag on a albeit lovely but costly throw! I have a fair few throws now done in acrylic wool. Cheap and cheerful. I have used the Robin Chunky wool before and that is good value for money if you want a real snuggly warm throw for winter and on a larger hook take no time at all to whip up!

    Some lovely wallpapers you have there. Always reminds me of my nans when I was young.

    P x

  4. Hi
    Syylecraft Special DK is very reasonably priced. Crochets up well and washes well too. Lucy at Attic 24 uses it a lot and Heather at Little Tin Bird. I find RICO Cotton Essentials can be bought quite reasonably and it's yardage is better than most cottons - but it does split. If you're happy to take your time when using it, the finished item is lovely. Have fun! x

  5. I have to agree with the Stylecraft DK recommendation. I love it. I have to watch my spending with yarn too; I have a small amount (13 balls) of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, which is the most expensive yarn I've ever purchased. Otherwise, I use acrylics and cheaper wool blends. I live in the US and have to order my Stylecraft from Deramores but it ships free if I spend $50. It's the best acrylic I've ever tried, and I think you'd like it a lot. :)

  6. Nice wool is expensive Ada, but ask at your charity shop, as they may not put it out ... I always ask for anythng I'm looking for these days, and it's surprising what they have 'out the back'! Your crocheting is lovely, you've inspired me to get my hook out again!

    Have a lovely evening

    Claire xx

  7. oh boy, Rowan was the first wool I discovered. It is gorgeous, I made my first cushion with this. I keep what's left in a separate little basket waiting for small projects. All I can say is don't go shopping at John lewis or you will buy it! I think there are some other nice not too expensive wool mixs and cottons. I hear Rico cotton mentioned a lot, although I haven't tried it yet. Annette at My rose valley sells wool and also the Yvestown blog. I think they are both quite reasonable prices. Good luck, love the new wallpaper! Heather x

  8. Hi Ada,I know how You feel, being on a tight budget too. I only ever use acrylic blends that I get cheap in a local shop called Shaws, I think its only in this part of the country though. I always look out for bargains in places like Aldi, etc and birthdays and Christmas mum gets me yarn :o) She knows how I'm addicted!
    Your blooms are so beautiful. Hope this week is not too busy for You.take care,love juliexxx

  9. Hi Ada
    I have seen wool in Poundland and Poundstretcher, they are acrylic but sometimes there are some beautiful bright colours amongst the drossy ones. I don't crochet so I am not sure that it would be right for you, but it's worth checking out if you have either of these shops nearby. Also, have you tried your local market (covered, fixed markets rather than weekly ones). Ours is quite down at heel, but they do have a brilliant haberdashery stall which sells cheap wool, trims, ribbons and cottons etc. It is the most popular stall in the whole place.

  10. Our charity shops sell bags of muddle for a couple of pounds and you can sometimes get lucky at boot fairs.
    The Christmas and birthday wish list sounds a good idea.
    Happy hunting. Eco Ethel xx

  11. I agree with the Stylecraft Special DK recommendations, I adore this yarn, it's fab for crochet and the colours are great. Rico Essentials DK cotton is nice too and also quite reasonably priced as s Stylecraft Cotton (this comes in 100g as well which is nice)
    M x

  12. I'm sure you'd not regret buying some of Penny's Cotton Club yarn

  13. Yup Stylecraft has served me well too. I tend to use a site called Masons - they have a range of different wools and also do mixed packs (eg: the Lucy pack) which might help with choosing the different colours. Great to see you hooking away :) Jane x

  14. I have some of the Stylecraft Special DK too ... it's around £1.50 per ball .... would love to find some cotton too ... and your new wallpaper is my all time favourite ... where do you find these treasures ... Bee xxx

  15. Getting your hands on some good yarn really does make the making all the better though Ads. On kindle so typing may be weird again (just saying). I used to buy a bit now and again from the bargain bucket. My favourites are Debbie bliss and Rowan. I use it for all my selling makes as the quality is oodles better. I've live the colours at Yves town and she's got 30% off at no. Might be over thereon payday myself.


  16. What a beautiful post! I would love to learn to crochet too! As if I need another hobby :) Your cups are so cute...and the flowers lovely! Beautiful post, Ada!

  17. wool has gone so expensive, there is cheap acrylic available but when I last knitted a cardigan with it well I did 3 I found that they stretched in every wash till they were unwearable, I suppose you get what you pay for but also have found ready made jumpers etc do not wash like they used to, they seem to go bobbly straight away, not sure what causes this, have jumpers bought 15 years ago which are still like new but those bought last year are scruffy so careful what you but, sorry seem to have ranted on a bit!

  18. I've just finished a ripple blanket in RICO Essentials cotton - it's very reasonably priced and crocheted up beautifully. Have a wee look out for it,

  19. I've always wanted to learn to crochet too but unlike you, I've yet to do it!

    PS: Your flowers are lovely.

  20. Hi Ada
    the mats I sent you were made with Stylecraft dk and King Cole, both acrylic and acrylic mix. I love the array of colours you get with these brands and I never have to think about the price tag x

  21. If you are looking for good quality but cheap yarn, the best is drops design by Garnstudio. I use it all the time but I have to get it sent over from England so u should have no problem finding it. They do a fantastic range of colours and wash brilliantly.

  22. Hi Ada, Stylecraft is the way to go for acrylic yarn, the colour range is fab. For wool, I have used Drops Karisma which at £2 per 50g ball is fantastic value - I have always bought mine from

    For cotton, I have bought Rico Creative Cotton which is £1.75 per 50g ball at
    Again, it comes in a lovely range of bright colours.

    I really hate spending any more than £2 per 50g ball on wool but occasionally I will treat myself, especially if I have some birthday money to spend. Yarn goes a lot further if you choose a lacy pattern too. Hope you find some bargains. Can't wait to see what you make next. xx

  23. Personally I wouldn't make a blanket just out of cotton, but that's just my choice. I think it is definitely better to use a cotton and wool combo as it makes it stronger, but then like you I can't really afford it. There are however some good alternatives (and again not everyone's cup of tea) but I use the 400g balls of Bonus aran, which at the moment cost £7.99 at Blacksheep wool and it is made up out of 20% wool and 80% acrylic, which I think is a good substitute. Then there is also Stylecraft DK, which is good and very cheap and you could use one strand of this together with another strand of cotton (like rico essential cotton) and work them together. It all depends on how many colours you want to use and whether it is worth buying the bigger balls of aran, but now is the time to buy whilst the sales are on. Goodluck with the decision, it is so hard when the bugs bitten and you don't have the pennies to spend. I am sitting the in the same conundrum at the mo. xoxo

  24. Oh I can see this being my problem soon! I'm learning with any old acrylic I have had hanging around for many years at the moment but I can see colourful and expensive temptation in my future as I improve... Love the cups and flamingo tray. x

  25. Yep, same dilemma here too. Stylecraft Special DK is good acrylic I am told - feels nice, it's v cheap and loads of colours. I have made 100% cotton blankets and they come out beautifully - they have a gorgeous weight and drape to them.

    Have you tried Yvestown's yarn shop? It's excellent value. She does wool, cotton and acrylic. P&P is expensive-ish cos she's based in Belgium but it's totally worth it if you are ordering enough for a blanket, say 20 balls. Here's the link:
    and I see she has 30% off all yarn until 13 July, even better! I may have to place an order... xx


  27. I had to laugh the other day when I was asked how much my 'crafting' saved me a year!

  28. There is only one place online that i buy my crochet yarn from,and this is 'cucumberpatch', and i use 'wendy mode' yarn,,,lots of colour choices and very reasonably priced, it crochets up beautifully and washes great too, the 'wendy mode merino' is glorious too and very soft.
    Pixie xx


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