Thursday, 21 November 2013

Much More Than A Pencil Case......


A couple of nights ago, I was sat in my leather chair, quietly reading my blogs when I jumped up with glee, did a little song, danced a little jig. Poor Eldest Bea almost died with fright, luckily she had just finished her could have been messy!
I've won, I've won....Jenny's giveaway.....I've won! Eldest Bea showed the mildest of excitement, as only a pre-teen can.
What have you won mum, she asked....A pencil case, I exclaimed, a pencil case....made by the lovely Jenny I cried! The very mild excitement she had on her face, well it left!
Oh, but it was Much More Than A Pencil case, in fact it wasn't a pencil case at all, unless it was a pencil case for a giant! It was much bigger than I was expecting!
How can someone you've never met, know what would makes you dance? Yes, another little jig around my room as I opened my parcel. This one only witnessed by the cat!
Little bit of vintage fabric....
Another bit of vintage fabric......
Vintage these colours!
Some snippets of 1950s glamour.....
And 1970s pattern!
It feels like Christmas has arrived early, this will look fab on my lampshade Christmas tree!
Lisa over at Bobo Bun also won, aren't we lucky Lisa! If you get chance, check out Jenny's blog, The will be in for a treat! If you think I'm bonkers about colour and pattern......
Thank you everyone for your sewing advice. I think I'll get Clarice serviced, she how she sews afterwards, and maybe look for an evening class next year, boost my confidence! In the meantime a little crochet and hand sewing will suffice!
Right, off to find something precious to keep in my new bag!
Bye For Now,
Ada :) xxx



  1. That is one fabulous pencil case! How exciting - I'm jumping up and down with you over here :) Enjoy all that loveliness - hurrah :)

  2. What a fantastic bundle of happiness! Congrats! :) Chrissie x

  3. It's such great fun winning a give away and getting a parcel in the post, its a perfect addition to all your gorgeous things Ada, Enjoy! xox Penny

  4. I would have done a jig too, Jenny's home is full of such treasures. Congratulations on winning such a great giveaway.
    Sarah x

  5. Lovely loot. I'd expect nothing less from Jenny!

  6. What a gorgeous pencil case, it really is very sweet and how lucky to get all the other vintage goodness with it. Congrats! xoxo

  7. A lovely custard cream treat...I like the ladies in their pinnies. I wonder what you'll use it for? EE xx

  8. Santa has definitely come early for you sweetie. What a load of goodies that you received, it is no wonder that you were dancing a jig and singing with delight.

  9. oh thats so brilliant! what lovely gorgeousness and that Christmas ornament made me squeal...we had that on my tree as a kiddy! in fact we had 3 of them in different colours...gosh took me right back! now remember to send me your address and you may get another parcel! xxxxx

  10. What a fabulous giveaway you won....and that sweet cat print is wonderful!

  11. can see why you did a jig, lucky you I say

  12. Well done you, you have acquired some cool stuff x

  13. Lovely, enjoy your lovely goodies, dee x

  14. Lovely gifts can see why you got excited
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  15. Lovely Ada, and lovely, lovely gifts too!

  16. Blinking iPad impossible sent half my message. We got home late last night so it was only this morning my man said there's a parcel outside for you. Luckily postie doesn't send us off with a card to the next villages post office. I shall be revealing all later on. X

  17. What a fabulous blog...well done on winning all those lovely things. Woo xx

  18. Lycky you, Ada Bea! That pencil case is just lovely ;-)

  19. Hi Ada, Congrats!!! Yep, the people from blogland are truly amazing!!! They can make you dance, cry and laugh and without even knowing it, a simple little post from somebody on the other side of the world can just make your day!!!! Amazing!!!! I love it!!! Have a fab weekend Ada!!!

  20. So pleased for you and Lisa, Ada, what a lovely giveaway! The cat is fab, looking forward to seeing what you make with it all ...

    Thanks for your lovely kind comments over at mine, I really value the friendships I have gained since blogging, it means a lot to me ...

    Love Claire xx

  21. Such lovely things Ada, I hope that you have lots of fun with all of these great things. What a lovely giveaway. xx

  22. Congratulations on your gorgeous win, Ada! So pleased for you! Have a lovely week. xx

  23. Dear Ada Bea
    It is most peculiar seeing things that were once here now there! It is a bit like a Dr Who experience I think! Glad that they are all settled in nicely
    Best wishes

  24. Hurrah! Was so happy to hear the lovely news of yours and Lisa's lucky day. I have been fortunate enough to win a Jenny giveaway before, she is so generous, and picks the most wonderful little extras...and that truly is one very special pencil case! Rachel xx


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