Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Who Are You??????




My goodness, two posts in two days, unheard of! Well actually I wanted to write this last night, but I was too tired....that would have been two posts in one day, yep I can do maths! (It's just year 5 maths I find difficult!).







Now before you read this post, please could you get in your mind the song, Who Are You? by The Who, in your head. You know the one, it's the theme tune to CSI......yes that's the one!








Last night I decided to do a little housekeeping on my iPad, no I don't mean I actually DID housekeep whilst standing on it......no, I decided to delete some emails, thousands and thousands of emails. Yes I know, it's an awful state of affairs, leaving things to get so messy.....you should see my cupboards!










Well as I started to delete the emails, I realised just how many of you had written to me, how many of you had left your thoughts and comments.









Some of you have been here right from the beginning. Some people have now ceased to blog. Some left a few comments then no more, perhaps I never popped over to yours to say Hi, and you thought I was being rude. If that's the case I do apologise......(if you want me to pop in just let me know again and I will drop by).









Perhaps some of you got bored with VSA, that's ok after all I'm not for everyone. Perhaps I'm just not your cup of tea! Actually if that's the case you won't be reading this anyway!







It's a strange old thing this blogging malarkey isn't it?


Who are you I wonder? Who are you, you there reading this. Who are you, what's occurring in your life? What joys do you have? What challenges do you face each day? I wish I could know all of you.









And to those who have been here since the beginning, those of you who pop by each time, who let me know you're there, thank you. Thank you so much.










When I first started this blog, I wasn't aware Blogger kept stats on how many people visited. When I finally realised this, and took a peek, I was so frightened I almost stopped blogging. Now it's not so scary, but it still feels a little strange.









Many thousands of you pop by each week, either that or one person visits.....lots! I still however feel this is a small community, and I still think that I'm really only talking to the few of you like friends talking over the garden fence.







So my Lovelies, who are you, I wonder.









Me.....well I'm Ada Bea, well on here I am! I'm a woman, no really I am!

A woman who loves her Vintage Sheets, a little bit of Vintage Wallpaper, someone who loves getting creative. I get giddy over colour. I love my cupboards. I'm learning to sew and crochet.....I've been inspired by so many of you wonderful people.







I'm living with MS, my family is touched by Autism, and I understand the heartache of losing someone to Alzheimer's. it's not all heart and flowers on here. Some of it is tough, but it's real.









It's real and I can't quite believe I put it out there, for all to see. But I do, and if it helps anyone, well it's worth it.








So what about you?


Who are you?


And why do you blog?





Bye for now.....
Ada :) xxx







  1. Hi Ada, wow! I'm first today. I have drifted back and forth in my blogging and following but am on a roll at present and you are Wellcome to visit me as I think you have in the past. I'm into all things vintage, crafty, and quirky. Here in NZ vintage sheets are few and far between so I only have 5 in my stash, but the stash General is mighty and varied. Thankyou for all your lovely pics. My full name is Trillian which is Cornish, but come on over and let me tell you more. Blessings, Trills.xx

  2. i love this! YOU ARE OUR RAINBOW! You forgot that! me? well you know me now i hope! frazzled mummy, sleep deprived, sometimes (actually often) a raving lunatic pushed beyond what i can handle....but an appreciator of all the magic mixed into the chaos....and your friend, a real one, even though we're yet to meet! xxxxx

  3. Ada I'm always popping by me I am just a Daisy who loves to blog I have a passion for it...I love it and can't stop. I often wonder if we will blog when we are really old??
    happy day to you today..D x

  4. I'm Rachel, I am inspired by your blog, it is calming and peaceful. Just last week I bought two pillowcases in a charity shop (25p each) simply because the material is featured on your blog! I blog to share my makes, and as a reference point for me to look back on. Comments are a bonus!

  5. Hi Ada, I'm Claire and I'm a thriftaholic! Although each one of us is very different, I think deep down, we're all the same ... if that makes sense! I blog because I want a record of what I've actually done, seen and visited, and to meet like-minded people who post pretty pictures all day long! I know life isn't perfect for any of us, we all have our crosses to bear, but we can escape a little each day by stepping through the gate into blogland xxx

  6. Hi Ada
    I'm Jacqui and I love you're blog......it's so real. I love to blog and share. Like keeping a diary in the net.

  7. I am a fellow blogger and vintage addict, since childhood. Always loved old items over new ones. I like 'real' things. Haved loved reading your posts, such pretty pictures, and sunny outlook despite being real. I'm also an Etsy customer, still have not finished that wallpaper project though! x

  8. What a lovely post! It really is a weird thing to think about, when you think of the people that visit your blog and who they are and why they do! I love your colour, it's a lovely thing to see on a grey day. Totally uplifting. I like that you are real too. Real in the sense that you are not detached from you blog that many can be. It's lovely to find a blog that shares your interests, but it's also lovely to get to know a bit about the person behind it.....why it's their passion too!

    Have a lovely week

    Vanessa xxx

  9. Hello Ada, I'm just a recent follower from Belgium. Your pictures are so full of colour and so inspiring. Hope to read more of your nice posts! Best regards, Natalie

  10. Hey Ada

    Well I am Paula and I blog at the handmade punk formerly of stitcherypokery blog.
    I lost my blogging mojo for a bit it's slowly coming back. You did indeed visit me on my old blog and then life got hectic for a while and for a bit I stopped commenting on many blogs. But I love to write and sometimes take nice pictures. I have two lovely girls. But at the moment we are in a long process finding out about a few learning and emotional issues with my youngest so it's not all sunshine and flowers here.

    I like your blog your honesty and all the colour you have in it its always a joy to visit!

    P x

  11. I'm a Brownie leader, and started blogging last year as I was reading so many blogs and I loved the idea of being able to have a place to store photos, ideas, things I've made, books I've read etc etc, as a point of reference for me. If people read it, then lovely! As an active member of Girlguiding I like keeping a record of what I've been doing with my local units, for using as ideas in the future, what worked well and what didn't!

    I love all the colours I see in your photos - my grandparents had a lot of the fabric you use, and that's what first drew my attention to your blog. Definitely brightens up the day!

  12. Just spent the morning revamping the sidebar on my blog, I should really have been finding things for the vintage fair I'm doing on Saturday - oh well there is always tomorrow!
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  13. Hi Ada ... I'm Marina and I have always been addicted to buying antique and vintage 'stuff'. I love writing and taking photos and blogging is just perfect for that, and has brought me the joy of reading about and being in touch with so many other like minded people. My life is not always the bed of roses that it appears to be on my blog, but I love the fact that I can escape into my blogging world ...
    I love the colour and honesty in your blog and it is one that I always come back to when I have a bit of reading time!
    M x

  14. Hi Ada, all I can say to this glorious post is wow a life in full colour. I follow because I couldn't resist once I found you. I love colour, I collect vintage sheets and pillow cases, I sew, knit and am learning to crochet. I am making granny squares for a blanket and intend to dc round each square with red to resemble a sashed quilt. I read lots of different blogs and started mine last year just to share what I do.

  15. I've been here since probably last summer sometime - not sure exactly, I like reading along with your vintage endeavours and what you get up to - plus seeing your lovely crochet colours. I'm not sure if you have been and stopped by my blog, but if you have you will know that I like some vintageness too and also have a love of crochet! xx

  16. ….. I need to write a post to be able to answer all your questions!!!!!!
    I know that you know a lot about myself ( we follow each other since the beginning of our adventure in Blogland) and I know about you through your words and pics!!!!!
    Such a great thing blogging!!!!!
    xxxxxxx Ale

  17. Hi Ada, I blog to prove to myself that I can, and I make because if I don't I might explode! I have lots of people visit me too, but hardly any ever comment except you! Keep bringing us sunshine! xxx

  18. I really enjoy the world of visual inspiration. I like words and I like story. Peoples lives and their journey really inspire me and I hope to be able to do the same in some way. It's been great learning a new skill and being able to keep my creative cogs turning with accessible projects is an added bonus to that. I adore my haul of vintage sheets and all the ideas they whisper to me! It's added a really cheery note to my life and a think that's why I come here, because it's there even in the face of difficulty.... How is the quilt doing, can't wait to see it! Heather x

  19. I'm just me, a wife and mother, trying to make the most of my life and appreciate the simple things around me. That's why I blog. I read blogs because I'm insatiably curious about other people's lives; I really can't get enough. Blogging is so much fun and very rewarding. I'm glad to be doing it and very pleased that anyone cares to follow along. :)

  20. Hello lovely, well I think it is fair to say that we are pretty well acquainted and maybe we could do with a little more time, an email or two, what do you reckon. I love coming here and somehow as strange as it might seem I feel like I have also gotten to know you a little better through IG and thank you for all your love and support you always give, it really means the world to me. Yes this blogging things is a very strange thing. I didn't want the blogreader counter on my page as I just found it a little too intimidating and then early this week I reach three figures and I felt quite overwhelmed by it, but didn't want to mention it if you know what I mean. I don't want it to become something I look at. I avoid the stats I don't know why, but it really doesn't matter that much to me and somehow for me that is a real sign that somehow by some minor miracle I have matured a little. I am sending you much love and wishes for a beautiful and bountiful easter filled with delicious goodies. I will pop in when I get back, but hopefully I will be able to do a little posting on IG. Sending you much love sweetie. Take good care of yourself. PS I love all your photos in this post, your home is looking so lovely xoxo

  21. I love the Who, used to go to see them in concert in the 70s when I was a young school girl. Ah happy days...

    So who am I? I am a lady of a certain age, someone who learned to crochet and knit before turning 10 years old.

    I work full time in education so crafting is definitely part of my relaxation routine! I took up blogging as I was convinced to start a blog by my bestest friend. And I am so glad I did as I have "met" so many wonderful bloggers out there in blog land.

    Hope you are enjoying the Spring weather!


  22. Such deliciously colourful images, Ada Bea! (I'm glad it was the correct song that popped into my head when I read the title of your post!) I love visiting your colourful blog and reading your thoughtful words. I began my blog to share my creative life with others who love the same things......but I found the blogging world to be much more than that :)
    Wishing you a happy sunny week.
    Helen xox

  23. Ooh you know me quite well, Ada Bea!
    I've been down a road very much the same as yours..I am thinking this is why we are perhaps souls of the same heart...
    As many of us are on here!
    Yep I've been dropping in since the beginning and i think you have with me also...Which is ever so lovely!
    I met up with lovely Thea, ( Hearts and blue bells blog
    ) recently and we chatted about those we hold dearest in blog land!
    Soo many!!!
    Your name came up very high on our list, my friend..,
    Some times I laugh at your little words as they make me smile :)
    Others posts make me remember and I often have a little weep
    But always it's a pleasure to pop in on you!
    Take care lovely lady...
    Hugs Maria x

  24. Kate......mother, granny,wage slave,blogger, skint......there's not really a purpose to my blog it's just me rambling on ...lol.

  25. Hi Ada! Some really interesting thought on blogging there.
    Well...I am Marianne and I really enjoy visiting your pretty, colourful blog, I enjoy your style of writing too. I blog as a way to record the nice parts of my life and my crafty makes...I have a really busy and often stressful job and making things is my stress buster! I really enjoy blogging, I find it really fun...if I didn't, I wouldn't do it.
    Have a great week!
    Marianne x

  26. I blog My crafty bits here http://craftingnotcleaning.blogspot.co.uk and my book reviews here http://misschaptersreviews.blogspot.com so I'm a multi-blogger! I love your antics, do drop by and say hi one day! X

  27. Lovely post my friend. I know you know quite a bit about me and why I blog but I wonder how much of a surprise I might be to you and you to me if we met!

    If you are interested in your blog stats I'd suggest you install StatCounter (http://statcounter.com/) ... it's a tiny bit of free code that you pop into your footer and that gives you access to numbers Blogger stats don't, like unique visitor numbers as opposed to page views, and how long people stop when they visit.

  28. Hi Ada, I'm Chrissie, you know me as the silly gal who purchased a bunch of your vintage wallpaper and decoupaged her bookcase with it! ;-) Your blog makes me happy, the colours are always so upbeat and cheerful - even if the post isn't always - and it shows that we all have ups and downs in life but it is *important* to stay sunny and seek out the fun in life! I blog to share the joy I find in creativity and crafting, to hopefully inspire as I have been inspired. xxx

  29. Hi Ada great post I'm Clare, I have ME/ suspected Lyme disease I been blogging just over a year, I started to blog as I was loosing the ability to spell / think, so I figured use it or lose it. I love all crafty thing, especially crochet and of course my Summerhouse, known here affectionately as the shed, I also love stopping by you're colourful blog.
    Clare xx

  30. Dear Ada, I went through much the same stage , blogging is like walking into a room and trying to gain someone's attention. We start a bit shyly, someone notices, we try to become a little more noticed, we would like to be popular, we want to join in all the activity. We try to find our peeps, it is intoxicating to reach an audience. I personally found it a little exhausting, and realised like my real life there was a lot of chat but not a lot of listening. Thus I went to the corner of the room and thought well at the end of the day what is this all about? I realised I had written my thoughts and it really only had to be about me. And if others wanted to listen they would and if they didn't they wouldn't. The blog has become my online diary of sorts and some are intrigued but I am satisfied when I look back and remember my progress. Love yourself first the rest will happen. You were there in my early days and I will always remember your enthusiasm and joy.

  31. Hella Ada! *waves* I feel like I know you and you know me - we've been blogging friends since the start I think, or near enough. I don't pop in as often as I should, I know - but the convenience of IG means that I still feel in touch with you and what you're up to. Love your blog - always have, always will. xx

  32. Good evening Ms Ada Bea! I've enjoyed reading this post and ALL the comments so far. It's funny how you can start the ball rolling with such a simple prompt. Who am I? I'm Wendy and started blogging to share my craftiness and love of the outdoors with like-minded people. But it's really starting to become a friendship all round the world which is something I'm enjoying very much. We all have our good and bad days of course, but it's so nice to pop in here for some visual happiness in your bright and colourful photos, and to share a comforting pat on the shoulder and pass the virtual tissue box around every so often. I've been reading your blog for a while and still remember a very early post when you wrote about coming to a party but not sure if you would fit in ... I've been hooked since then with your witty writing, beautiful photos and lovely spirit. Wendy x

  33. Hey Ada, what an interesting post and big question......Who am I?
    I'm a wife and mum to one very special person. I love to create whether that be with fabric and thread or pencils and paint.
    I enjoy the beauty around me and love to see the beauty in both the big and small things. I like to lie on the driveway at night and look at the stars, search for satellites and hope to see a shooting star (Which we did last night and it was AMAZING) . I love birds and chickens and have since I was a wee thing.........
    I started blogging because I felt like there was a crafty party going on online and I so wanted to be a part of it. I've been over in the Facebook playground for a while and have let my blog go a little, but must get back into it as there's so much inspiration and joy to be found here. Just need to find more time in my day, or be better organised!! Love your posts and your honesty.....

    Claire Xx

  34. Hi Ada, I'm Karen, Handicraft Passion is my craft label. I live in Singapore. You have a very cheerful and colour (full of vibrant) in your posts. I love them all.

  35. I'm one of your forever fans that gets absolutely giddy every time you like one of my pix on instagram! I love your blog and look forward to every post!

  36. Hi Ada, Connie here. What a sweet post. A question: why are there so many beautiful vintage sheets in the UK and none here in the US? Well, I can certainly understand why you are addicted. I started blogging cuz I was stuck at home recovering from treatment for leukemia. I'm still not all the way better but I must say that I love being part of the blog party! Love your blog. It is very good medicine!

  37. Hi Ada, my name is Sharon aka Giddy Aunt Lola and I blog over at http://asaucystitch.blogspot.co.uk I blog because I wanted to share my love of finding vintage goodies in charity shops and share the my enjoyment of the simple things in life, like sewing and baking. I wish my blog looked as lovely as yours :)

  38. Hi Ada I am Margaret and been following you about 2 years when I started blogging. I love reading your posts and blogging is so good for seeing what is happening in the stitching world, specially when you have no real stitching friends to stitch with.There is do much inspiration and oh I just love the blogging world just wish there were more hours in the day!

  39. Hi, my name is Eva and I think I found you blog when I started blogging in 2012, same as you, although look at all the followers you now have !!
    I'm also trying to learn to sew but mainly patchwork and quilting, although crochet has taken over big time as I found it next to impossible to organize my sewing time with work, 2 small children, life, etc, etc. I live in a town in Madrid, Spain, however I lived in Dublin, Ireland for 7 years of my life.
    and if I am correct today is World Autism Awareness Day... 2nd april. I only know as the mothers in my daughter's class in school have a wassap group and one of them shared the news with all of us to be aware of it. She sent it with a beautiful video to help people understand what autism is, pitty is only in Spanish .


  40. Morning lovely Ada, thankyou for your bright blogging. I love reading your words I always feel less lonely afterwards. I have a form of autism, two young and exceptional children, and my mum was diagnosed with dementia just over a year ago. To top that off I manage my own company with all the strains and stresses that go with it. Crochet and yarn are my escape, all that bright softness is soooo good. I dont have time to blog, but your blog is a real inspiration to me. Thankyou again and my best wishes to you and your lovely family.

  41. BTW, what is your name in Instagram ?? :-))

    1. Hi Eva, it's adabea1......let me know it's you won't you! :) x

  42. I find you insincere Amanda. As soon as you felt I stopped reading this blog you stopped commenting on my blog. I feel it is a case of you scratch my back and i'll scratch yours.

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      It's sad that you have to hide your identity in order to say this, I have much more respect for those who are open and stand up for what they believe. You obviously feel quite put out, but I think you afford me more intelligence that what I've actually got!!!
      I'm afraid my brain would not be able to hold the information I would need to keep score on who may or may not be reading my blog, and actually if I were to go down that path then so much of the fun I have from blogging would soon disappear!
      Perhaps you too should just lighten up a little, don't get so precious over things and you might find you don't get so wrapped up in the small things.
      The fact that you are continuing to read my blog, and commenting, even if it is so negative must mean you still keep visiting despite how you feel.
      Wish you well anonymous :) x

  43. Lovely post, Ada, and I think I have more or less been here from the start! I blog because I love to write, to communicate and now I love to take photographs to illustrate my posts too. I deal with asthma and a barely functioning thyroid, have a family touched by Apserger's and am dealing with my elderly mum who has this terrible Alzheimer's. Luckily retired from NHS and loving making my music and stitching my cloth.
    I love the conversations which spring up between bloggers and count myself fortunate that you are one of my 'regulars'! More power to your blogging elbow, Ada my dear!xxx

  44. Hi there, Ada Bea!

    I love popping by your delightful, colourful blog. Always such a treat. I should be better at letting you know I have stopped by, and enjoyed your musings and creative endeavours (which, by the way, I find most inspiring. I just love your latest patchwork project, such delightful vintage colours and fabrics. Can't wait to see the finished result!)

    Thank you for being such a lovely blog friend, and for always leaving such sweet comments in my blog. They are highly appreciated ;-)

  45. Waving hello from Scented Sweetpeas, I found your blog after someone mentioned on my fb page as I adore vintage sheets too ..... oh and crochet :-) I lost a grandad to Alzheimers too, such a horrid illness :-( Lovely to read about you x

  46. I'm Natasha, a full time educational fundraiser at Oxford Uni. I live in Oxford with my lovely man, and I blog as a creative outlet. Nice to meet you! ;)

  47. Hello Ada, I work from home so my blog is my 'water cooler' time. I like to have a break, switch off from what I'm doing and go for a wander through blogland. I pick up lots of lovely ideas, and enjoy a glimpse into the lives of like minded people. There are so many talented folk out there, it is really uplifting. I have blogged when I'm healthy and also when I've been ill, I don't gloss over any of it,although mine is not an overly personal blog. It's lovely too that some people I know read my blog - a cousin who I never see (a chap) is a regular reader.
    I found you because I was so intrigued by your blog title and have been a regular reader ever since.

  48. Hi Ada, I blog since few days now!!
    I Can Say It is hard in the beginning because You have to think about do many things. I blog because I knit, I sew, I paint, and I garden. I was very sick with my stomach the last 2 Years and It helps me to do handworks. My family and friends told me to show my creations and eventualy sell them.
    The hardiest thing when You Begin to blog It is when You don't have comments so You don't know if You do something great.
    I like your pictures and handworks.Thank You for You blog
    Miss. Www.mywoolvalley.blogspot.ca

  49. Great post, you have got people thinking and sharing....
    Who am I ?
    I am one amazing happy woman......
    Amanda x

  50. You make me smile, Ada Bea. You have such a bright outlook on things. Myself, I'm a 63 year old Wife, Mother, Grammy, Daughter and Sister. I started blogging because I wanted to write down my thoughts and because all the blogs I was reading seem so full of happiness and joy. I love to post about my grandchildren and about my crafts, small as they are. I am totally and completely wrapped up in counted cross stitch and love the colorful way yarn goes together in crocheting. I don't much like to cook but when I do, it's not bad. Dealing with RA on a daily basis is tiring and now that cancer has touched my family, stress has been added to the mix. But I still see the beauty around me and am so thankful for blogging friends like you who take the time to send me greetings and healing thoughts for my Mom.


  51. Hi Ada, this is Emma Breadstill from Instagram. I loved this post and have been reading your blog regularly for ages. I used to have a blog called The Log Cabin but became stressed if I didn't blog regularly so I gave it up. The same with Instagram. But I now realise that was silly so have a new Instagram under the name cosyred and a new blog and I am going to take things slowly and at my own pace. I feel so much happier now, haha! Wishing you well, lovely lady xxx

  52. hello lovely ada, i often pop by your blog, so sorry i don not always comment. but i really enjoy all your lovely posts and photographs, your vintage sheets are bliss and i love your home!. I started blogging when i was pregnant in 2006!!~ that long ago! ive had 3 different blogs since then...when i started i didnt even own a camera i used to write more back then and illustrate, i didnt even know about blogging until then either~ i one day came across a lovely blog about knitting and home life and thought how wonderful it all was, like an online journal. I do love to blog but did have a handful of 'not so nice' comments a while back. It got me thinking about how open i was being about my life and i decided not to be so open. I felt i was being judged by people who didnt even know me. I decided to take a break from the whole thing~ but im back again. I missed it, I missed keeping a record of the simple joys in my life and taking pics of the ever changing seasons, also i love reading all different kinds of blogs, some ive read since 2006. some now do not blog and some have turned to instagram instead. I think blogging opened up a lovely door for me and ive met some lovely creative friends through it. Its a place to escape and enjoy a bit of 'me' time... x

  53. Hi, I read lots of your posts but don't always manage to comment, sorry! I keep track of lots of my favourite blogs on my phone when I'm out and about with my children (ie waiting in car parks!) but find leaving comments on my mobile quite tricky.
    I started to blog because I read so many and wanted to join in the community, it looked like fun - I try to not put myself under pressure so just write posts as and when I can.

  54. Hi, I'm Joanne (Mrs RV!) and I started blogging when I realised there was a whole community of people out there in the web who shared the same interests as me. I don't know anyone who does in real life! I am finding blogging difficult at the moment as there is so much going on in my life that I cannot speak publicly about but which impacts upon my time and frame of mind. It wouldn't make very interesting reading for anyone! I like your blog because you have such a positive attitude - as well as all the vibrant colour and similar interests. I am trying out Instagram at the moment but feel a bit inadequate as I am not a good photographer. I'm sure I will get back into blogging when things here calm down. I really appreciate the comments I get and try to comment on others when I can - I'm not sure this one will work but I keep trying!

  55. Hi Ada, I started blogging inspired by a friend who did. I felt it is a wonderful way of connecting with others that like the same things. I know it's not all sunshine and roses, but I love hearing what others are up to in a world where we are increasingly insular. I keep my blog as some kind of diary for me and my family. If anyone else likes to look that's great! (I have discovered spikes in the stats from my posts and they were generated by pictures of mine that are on Pinterest.) Flissx

  56. I found chatting about stuff online when I was ostracised from our village school by the 'lovely' mums there because I'd challenged the bullying my daughter was receiving. I didn't trust real world people for a good year I'd say and so then found blogs and I could be who and how I wanted to be. Posy and vintage pretty and shabby rang my bell then and now neither blog, I still chat to Sairer now and again thoughts I really liked her from the start. I blog for escape, happiness, to have a voice for my thoughts, to keep a record of what's happened and it used to be to let people know about my making and selling which is on the back burner at the moment.
    That silly comment up above - what bile some people arty within them, I'm aware that I probably insult people because I just don't have time to reply or visit their blog. After feeling bad about it for an age I thought it's me, my girls and man who come first that's why I don't ignore them and sit on the computer all the time keeping people happy. There just aren't enough hours in the day and if people reading can't just enjoy the stuff we blog about then why read it? Yes I love comments and connecting with people, but when I do chat back look how long it ends up being. It's 10am suns shining and there's loads to do in the real world. Anyway I loved your reply very strong and to the point. Taking a leaf out of your book as I tend to flare up. X

  57. Hester here, I blog as a way of letting off steam, I don't have many people to chat to IRL. I read your blog because I'm old enough to remember when I owned the sheets you love so much. I also knit, sew & crochet.

  58. I simply just love your blog, because its jolly good x

  59. I am a little late catching up, sorry! I am Geraldine, a musican, (vioinist, pianist, singer, teacher) knitter, sewer, card maker, jeweller, baker, jammer, inveterate charity shop visitor, general hoarder and collector. I started blogging to keep my sister in Sydney, but have a haelthy nimber of followers. I love it when lovely ladies ( and a couple of lovely gentlemen!) pop by and leave a kind word or two.

  60. Hello Ada! I think you know me already :) I adore photography and the simple things in life. I love colour and pattern (especially in the form of vintage sheets!) and finding and sharing beauty in the everyday. I guess that's why I blog - just an excuse to share some photos really :) I also battle with chronic fatigue, but try and focus on the happy things xxx

  61. My Dear Ada. Catching up with you, from Anniversary rocker to this post. We met at the beginning. We were both brand new to blogging. Stumbled through the learning curve at the same time and you, took off like sky-rockets.
    My blog morphed into a showcase of my scrapbooking. And now I have started a second blog to chronicle the move to and renovation of an 80 year old farm house and garden.
    I will always pop around to your blog from time to time, as I love your cheerful photos, enjoy your stories and because you are my first, special bloggy friend.


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