Monday, 2 June 2014

And There Was A Rainbow In The End.....


Last week it was the half term holiday here, it was grey, it was wet, it was cold.....
But there was a rainbow in the end, Little Bea celebrated her 10th birthday, you could not wish for a happier, sunshine filled child, she is always so upbeat and cheerful, and I wanted her to have a lovely birthday....
We headed off to Sudbury Hall and it's Childhood Museum, and although the clouds hung around it didn't rain......the girls loved exploring the hall, grounds and museum.....


And we grown ups enjoyed a little reminisce.....the girls thought our childhood toys highly amusing!
We had a little stroll....


The NT always cares for it's houses so well....
And the gardens.....
The next day we had a Pizza Party.....all the girls were fab and there was lots of laughter!
Little Bea had some lovely presents, her Aunty knitted this lovely rabbit and made a gorgeous bag to go with it!
As parents we want the best for our children, we want them to enjoy their experiences, Little Bea gave me a big hug at the end of the day, and told me that this had been her best birthday that made me very, very happy!
The last few days I've felt very tired, probably over did I've been doing lots of crochet.....
Enjoying the smell of these lovely stocks.....oh and making these......
Now the postman has just delivered some happy mail....
Guess that's the next hour planned.......
Bye For Now,
Ada :) xxx



  1. LOVING those lampshades! Sounds like you need a day of rest. Have a fabulous week xxx

  2. Fantastic lampshades! Take it easy to catch your breath and enjoy those magazines. x

  3. Your lampshades are really good.glad your daughter had a lovely birthday x

  4. Thank you for inspiring time i am tired i will do some crochet.
    Then i will rest en still have a good feeling.

    Greetings from Holland.

  5. A gorgeous post Ada, so glad little Bea had a great birthday. It was nice to see a bit of Sudbury again....loved it there.
    Your home is looking wonderful with all it's colourful vintage touches.
    Hope you are feeling stronger soon.
    Jacquie x

  6. What a happy post, Ada, and what a lovely day out that proved to be - who super the girls got to see a bit of your own childhood - even if it did make them laugh!

    Love your lampshades too, I just don't have any room for more and I still rather like the ones we had when we moved in - probably vintage too, by now!

    Take it easy too, Ada, and enjoy your own "me" time! Lxxx

  7. What a lovely birthday treat. Little boy's birthday's are quite different ... my son turned 11 last week ... we went Banger Racing a couple of days before and had a Scavenger Hunt on his birthday (it got all the over excited boys out of the house for an hour!!).
    I love those lampshades ... clever you!
    M x

  8. Dear Ada,

    Something tells me that you are a fabulous mum! If your daughter is so upbeat and lovely it's partly due to the great role model she has in you :-) Happy, belated birthday to your sweet daughter!

    Stephanie x

  9. I think your sister is talented making the bunny; bunny is ace. I love love love what you did to the staircase and the vintage wallpaper. I have been deliberating over whether to buy a lampshade kit from ebay. Did you use a kit to make yours? They look really good. Haven't got my mollie makes yet, will have to keep an eye out for it. Enjoy a rest and recharge. Take care Andrea x

  10. a lovely 10th birthday! well done to the Mum! have a good rest and read those mags. The lamp shades are great, did you use any clever tricks?! I must try it out soon. Heather x

  11. Happpy Birthday to Little Bea. I love that she is upbeat and happy. It makes for a sweet life, doesn't it? Please take care. As Moms we do tend to overdo where our family is concerned, but take some time to rest and relax.


  12. Happy Birthday, happy Little Bea! What a lovely day out ... memories are of this ... The party look s huge fun too and what a beautiful blanket!

    The post your postman brought is my very about it's kind, and hope mine brings me some tomorrow!

    Thanks for dropping in to see me earlier, you're always welcome

    Love. Claire xxx

  13. I'm glad Little Bea had a good birthday. It looks like you all spent it well. Happy day to her.

  14. Fab post, Mrs Bea! Glad little Bea celebrated her first decade in such a nice way, the house looks a wonderful one to get lost in. And I seriously covet both bunny and bag!!

  15. Happy Happy Birthday to your little (well not so little now!) one. Glad that you had such a good birthday day out, it looks like a lovely place to visit! xx

  16. Wishing your big girl the best birthday - and well done you for making it so special! Yippee! I am loving your colourful crochet, and as for the lampshades...swoon! Chrissie x

  17. Buon compleanno to your daughter Ada!!!!
    xxxxxxxxx Ale

  18. sounds like you had a lovely day little Bea and happy birthday from me, double figures now you are growing up fast, before you know where you are you will be a teenager!

  19. Love the look of the Hall and Museum of Childhood.
    Lovely lampshades too!

  20. Sounds like you all had a lovely time. I really love your lampshades - I'm doing a half day course to learn how to make them in a few weeks and need to buy some material first; you've given me some much needed inspiration. x

  21. Sounds like a great week, and what beautiful lampshades!

  22. Sounds like little Bea had a lovely birthday, I would love a kitted bunny like that!

  23. So glad Little Bea had the best Birthday ever for her 10th!
    Loving those lampshades you've made, they look wonderful and so neat! Are they vintage fabric or vintage wallpaper I wonder? I'd love to have a go at lampshade making!
    Gill xx

  24. Sounds like Little Bea had a great birthday! Love your crochet and your lampshades.
    Marianne x

  25. What a lovely birthday celebration!
    Love your light shades, may I ask if you use a special glue, and if you glue all over or just top and bottom (as I've had this idea for a while, but not taken it any further!)

    1. Hi Trudy, I used a lampshade kit, bit tricky but easy! :) x


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