Tuesday, 2 September 2014

On My Mantel: September


As expected, when someone you love dies, those around you want to express their sorrow, their support, and their love. Over the last couple of weeks my mantle has become full of cards and flowers.
The flowers have been beautiful, those in my real world have been so kind, those in my 'virtual' world, just as kind. Thank you all so much. I shall take these cards down after Mums funeral, and keep them safe.
Karen over on A Quiet Corner has also been documenting what's on her mantle, and her photos are brilliant too!
I thought I would share the other side of our room too.....pictures are gradually being put up on the walls, I love this print by Clare Halifax, which I bought when I went away with my friend in May. I love it, the detail and textures. I could get lost in that picture.
I'm afraid my photos don't do it justice!
And I've put up a print I bought from Rockett St George. It's 1950s design, I love the colours in this one.
And I've also been busy with this little fella.....
Alfie came to stay for a week whilst my friend went away, he was adorable, even if he did run off with my yarn!
He's gone now and it seems strangely quiet, even more so tomorrow when school starts. I will pop back later in with the week....a lovely purchase to share!
Bye For Now,
Ada :) xxx




  1. Your mantle looks lovely, especially the cheerful little pom-poms brightening up the somber mood of the cards and flowers. Wendy x

  2. I hope you are adjusting ok.
    I'd love a dog - one day. In the meantime, I love visiting my mum and walking with her dog. Sadly my cat hates any dogs visiting! I hope the return to school goes well. Matt has been back for almost a week now - so has moved on to the next phase - a cold! x

  3. Hey you, Im doing a spot of blog reading!! Glad you are in good spirits. I love your prints, I love having art on my walls that mean a lot to me...wondering what you will share with us next??

  4. I can do no other than echo Wendy from September Violets comments. xx

  5. Your mantel looks lovely. I wish I had one to decorate, our fireplace doesn't have one. I decorate my dining room table seasonally instead.

  6. Ada, thinking of you still. Have a happy and crafty week. X

  7. so good to know you are getting lots of love and support as such a sad time. What a well trained cat not sitting on your beautiful crochet blanket, I spied quite a few there you have been busy with your hook, take care Ada, you and the family are in my thoughts and prayers

  8. I love the Claire Halifax print. Alfie looks adorable, even though he has a yarn fixation. My dog, Daisy does too!
    Jacqui xx

  9. Take care sweetheart xxx your home is beautiful xxx

  10. Hi Ada,
    I just wanted to let you know that your mantle has inspired me to share mine over on my blog. Here's a link if you fancy a peep http://mycraftyadventure.blogspot.co.uk/2014/09/on-my-mantle.html
    I'm sorry for your loss, and hope that all of the love and support you're receiving is helping you through this sad time,
    Gemma xx

  11. Well its all looking lovely, cosy and homely in your home you are surrounded by love. Alfie looks adorable bet you had loads of warm cuddles :-) enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

  12. Your mantle and house looks so beautiful and so inviting. I really love what you do with your home. Loving the new framed poster too! xoxo

  13. Sending you hugs, lovely lady. You have such a bright, colourful, cheerful home - am sure colour helps us heal and lifts our spirits. xxx

  14. Flowers have a wonderful way of making us treasure nature. Your sitting room looks so beautiful, and the pictures add colour for when the flowers and cards are gone.


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