Sunday, 1 July 2012

Lessons Learned the Hard Way!


I am so sorry, I have mucked up with the technology bit! It was bound to happen...I think I was born too late, put me back 50 years and I would fit in just right.

I posted this morning about the above bag I made, only for it to wipe out my Poo-tal in Southwell post. Somehow it left all the comments from that post on and Fridays date! I am really not that good at all this stuff! I will recreate that post (apparently I didn't save it) as it is a reminder of a lovely day I had with a close friend.

I now have that nagging little voice in my head, she really, really annoys me when she starts. She keeps telling me that I am not good enough! How can I possibly think I could create a blog! Anyway, I am going to squash her down, until she is the size of a pea, pop her in a box and seal it up with some of that washi tape (is that what it's called?).

I didn't expect to feel so strongly about this blog, is it normal to feel so attached to a blog? Its a bit like my baby, something I have created and I want to be the best Mum to it, so I feel sad that I have mucked it up. Does that make sense?




I am almost too scared to press the 'post' button in case it wipes everything off goes......


Ada :)



  1. I absolutely understand your strong maternal feelings for your blog! I'm sure a lot of bloggers feel the same. Haven't deleted a post by accident(yet!) but have deleted a lovely comment without meaning to, and felt awful! Ignore that negative inner voice, your blog is lovely and it's ok to mistakes, it's how we learn. Have a good day. x

  2. Don't worry about it, it's easy to make mistakes, just remember its a learning curve that what my tutor at uni always said to us.

  3. I pride myself that when I 'muck up' I do it in style! Thanks both of you! Ada :)

  4. Ah, Ada, my husband, since retiring, has 'majored' on his hobby fly-fishing, and is heavily into coaching (having done the courses over the years) he is really into the philosophy of learning from mistakes. If you don't make mistakes, you don't really make true progress. So here's to all of us mistake-makers, and the great bloggers we will turn out to be!

    I make some great ones, among them 'beginners always upload their photo's to large' well I like mine large so that's how they will stay. And I forget to take the flash off so there is often a 'flash' flash! And I lose stuff, and publish before I'm ready etc etc. The trick is to do it with attitude....and keep going. If YOU love doing it then why should you worry? And in fac you do it very well, so there you are. I am in the middle of a very busy month so am a bit punch-drunk tonight which is why I am rambling. But I mean it - your blog is great and will be greater...just have faith! Lxx

  5. Thanks Lynne, wished you lived just around the corner! Ada :)

  6. Dear Ada, I love your "fools rush in" approach. I too tend to say "yes" first and ask "what was the question?" after. Having stumbled through the first half century this way, don't think it's going to change much in the future.
    Sorry you lost your post. I read and commented on it. It was a gooder. Silence that nagger and keep on posting.


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