Sunday, 15 July 2012

A Poo-tal around Southwell ( again!)

Disclaimer! If you are reading this and think you have read it before, you have not been sucked into a parallel universe and you haven't lost your marbles! This is the post I sent into cyber space last week! Don't ask!

Definition of Poo-tal: To amble and stroll at a steady pace with Good Friend. To wonder in and out of lovely shops and exclaim "oohs" and "arhs" at regular intervals. To stop for coffee and cake. To have no regard for time (except deadline for picking children up from school).

Last week I had the good fortune of a poo-tal around the lovely little village of Southwell with said Good Friend.

A Fly Went By is a lovely little shop selling childhood memories and vintage furniture.




I had a house just like this!


8A King Street Interiors sells a fantastic mixture of up-cycled goodies and handmade one off crafts.



My friend brought this gramma phone, she says I'm a bad influence on her!


The Hen House is a foodies dream, lovely items to kit out the kitchen!



We had a lovely poo-tal around Southwell, there are great little cafes, some great charity shops as well a fantastic Minster to wonder around.

(let's hope I don't send this one off to outer space- the little green men will wonder what I'm doing!)

Ada :)

p.s. Don't feel you need to comment again, your comments are still on Friday 6th July! Why is my life so complicated! :)



  1. Looks a great place to visit. Even more so when you mentioned charity shops!

  2. Hi Ada
    Glad to see you got your post back. It's a super post too! I would adore one of those dolls houses! Who made them? Heather xx

  3. Hi Ada, nice to read about your poo-tal around, you have some nice shops there! touching to read about your mum too. Hope you had a good weekend, Heather x

  4. I got to vicariously poo-tal around with you again. A great post like this bears re-publishing, well.

  5. Ada, what a great trip!! Love the stores, especially the vintage toys!! The doll house is so cute!! Have a great day! xo Heather

  6. How funny, this is where I went to school many moons ago...ahhhh the memories of Saturdays in Southwell, it wasn't quite so lovely in those days mind you...more market day and eating crisps in the grounds of the Minster if I remember rightly :o) xx

  7. Ooh, I want to POOT-AL around Southwell too! Looks like a perfect poot-alling place - LOVE the little shops. Loving your blog too - just added myself to your followers :-)
    Have a happy Monday. xx

  8. Thanks everyone for reading the post, I felt it needed to be included because it is a lovely memory of a good time with a good friend.
    I know what you mean Emma, Southwell wasn't as good as it is now, it's got a new lease of life over the past couple of years! Ada :)


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