Monday, 16 July 2012

Introducing Clarice.....

Hello Everyone I would like to introduce you to Clarice, my very special sewing machine. She belonged to a lovely lady, funnily enough she too was called Clarice, who used to live next door to me.

Clarice and I would have Most Important Conversations over the garden fence, regularly putting the world to right! Sadly Clarice began to disappear too and when she left her home I missed our Most Important Conversations.

It has been very difficult for her son to sort through his Mothers belongings so you can imagine my delight when he gave her to me, it is an honour to use her. I think she is truly beautiful, she even sings gently to me as we make things together!

I have 'dressed' her for the occasion, sadly her cover is not quite so grand...


However I have a plan....I have just brought my first pot of Mod Podge and think it should be adorned with vintage wallpaper, what do you think?

Talking of wallpaper, I dragged my very own tea trolley home from the charity shop last week, I may add in the pouring rain! I was going to fold lovely piles of fabric on it, however it is the perfect size for....


Wallpaper! It needs a makeover, but it's perfect!


Thank you all sooooo much for the lovely comments you all left about my Mum, I know many of you are also touched by this awful illness. Mum is Ok, she has remembered she loves chocolate and cuddles and she gets plenty of both! She is in a lovely care home where she is loved and we visit her everyday, and I always have a treat in my bag for her, like she used to have for me!




Busy week this week, last week of term, lots to do....still need to make teacher gifts!!! Will be back later in week with some treasures from the car boot!

Ada :)



  1. Beautiful post,Loving your machine!
    I love my mod podge.......the case will be perfect for podging up! I sourced a tea trolley lasy year, my sewing machine is living on it at the moent. Where do you get your wallpaper from! Heather xx

  2. Ada what a beautiful thing to have Clarice! You are the perfect person to have her. And I am so sorry about your mom. I lost my mom just 3 months ago. I would kiss her and hug her all the time...I wanted to be able to always remember the way she smelled and the feel of her skin. It is so difficult, but I am glad you get to visit her with chocolates in hand!

  3. Love your machine and the story behind her arrival. And you must must must go the modge podge, you will not look back. I did a dresser recently and now I am addicted. Thanks also for your kind comments on my blog recently, looking forward to following your crafty travels. melx

  4. I forgot to say your wallpaper stash is AMAZING! Where on earth did you get them all from? melx

  5. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, I am really glad you did as now I can follow your blog as well :)
    What a lovely patchwork you are working on..sounds like Clarice your sewing machine gets a lot of use and is loved :) I think the cover would look so pretty with some vintage share a photo of the transformation. And oh my what a vintage wallpaper selection you have...I have serious vintage wallpaper envy now :P
    Have a lovely day today x

  6. I think it would look great, looks like you have lots of paper to chose from. Will it be patchwork?

  7. Hello Ada, I too was touched by your story of your mom. My grandmother was lost to this desise also. Thank you for sharing.

    If you have never used modge podge before, I would caution you to try a less permanent item first for the learning curve. That cover for Clarice is in such excellent condition, not to mention, also in my favorite colour. I would be loath to change it. What about a fitted patchwork, quilted slip-cover? Like a big tea cozy?

    Well you have been some inspiration to me today, with you beautiful pictures. I am off to the city. And I will get in some poo-taling. Have recently developed an unusual interest in old sheets. Go figure.

    1. Hi, I know what you mean but unfortunately the cover doesn't look too good and the trim has been ripped off! Good look with your search, take some pictures if you find some, we all love to drool! Ada :)

    2. Alas, no sheets. But a roll of wall paper trim and a glass butter dish. Will post photos tomorrow.

  8. So glad to meet the lovely Clarice - I think she would love a very pretty wallpapered case to rest in after a long days stitching! What a gorgeous stash of wallpaper - I am in awe! Bee x

  9. What a thoughtful son. How wonderful to become the guardian of such a precious gift. Love the wallpaper by the way.

  10. Thanks for popping by everyone, I'm not sure yet wether I will patchwork the cover or do solid blocks, see how creative I am feeling on the day.
    Most of the wallpaper is off eBay, I have been lucky on a few occasions at car boots etc. my uncle said he is going to look in his loft, he's 86 so I am a little concerned!!
    I will take some close up shots soon so you can all have a look! I will do a wallpaper give away in a few weeks when I get back from our camping trip ( I know camping in this weather!!). I want the give away to be a thank you to all of you who has encouraged me right at the beginning, you have been brill! Ada :)

  11. Hi there, just found you via Rachel. Love the blog, jx

  12. You are such a darling daughter!
    Love your vintage sheet lovely! Yes...wallpaper!! It will be lovely. Happy week

  13. Such a beautiful post, and I adore you new sewing friend!! Your vintage sheet patchwork is so pretty! Happy sewing!! xo Heather

  14. Hi Ada, lovely post, and what a lovely story behind 'Clarice'.

    Wow! I didn't realise how much vintage wallpaer you actually have! I think a patchwork wallpapercovering for the cover would look smashing. Yes, you do need to take care with the old Mod Podge but it's quite easy to use, and lets face it, you can always cover up again!

  15. Hi Ada
    Have just found your blog, and know I'll want to pop in often to see what you're up to. That is a mighty impressive stash of vintage wallpaper!! Have fun with Clarice :-)

  16. Hi Ada, thanks for stopping by my blog, nice to meet you! I love the trolley full of wallpaper - what a collection you have there!

    I was really moved my the post about your Mum and her Alzeimers. You described her with such love. My Grandma has dementia and so I have some limited understanding of what you are experiencing. It is a very cruel disease.

  17. Whhoooaaaaa tea trolleys...vintage wallpapers...sewing machines..and patchy heart skipped a beat, yes mod podge and paper patches is the way to go for your cover...can't wait to see :) xxxxxxxxxxxx

  18. Hi Ada, thank you for the lovely comment you left me. Loving your tea trolley with vintage papers on!
    Victoria xx

  19. ada, this is my first visit!!! Very nice to meet you!!! I like your genuine!!!!
    xxxx Alessandra

  20. Delicious use of sheetage Ada - that clashiness of colours is just lovely. That trolley is perfect - I had one for Christmas sherry (very 70s I thought) but Dom made me get rid of it! I have a bit of wallpaper too - most bought at a local shop that always has some.
    Lovely blog too

  21. I like your blog, very nice - where in the UK do you live?
    I will follow you here.... : )


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