Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Crafty Friends....

Last week I visited my Crafty Friend Sarah. I have a few crafty friends and love spending time with them, there is only so much talk of buttons, fabric and ribbon my non-crafty friends can take! When you spend time with crafty friends you can go on and on for hours and no one seems to mind!

Sorry my photos really don't do the quality of her work justice!
Her home is lovely too.....and she is a talented singer and pianist!
New garden in progress.....
My Crafty Friends and I are going to start our very own crafty get together in September and I am so excited, I may even learn to crochet! Any ideas for 'crafty time' would be greatly appreciated!
One of my other crafty friends, Penny, gave me this wonderful vintage Feedsack top a few weeks ago, the colours are fantastic, it is very fragile and is all hand sewn, I wonder who made it and why it wasn't finished. In years to come I wonder if someone will find some of my Works In Progress under a pile of stuff in a charity shop!!! Enjoy the colours......
Thank you all to my new followers and the lovely comments you are all leaving me. In a couple of weeks I am going to do a Vintage Wallpaper Giveaway, to say thank you to you all! I am soooo excited! Love giveaways! it won't be until after our family holiday, camping would you believe it, in this weather!! I have promised my brood I won't make them go if it's too rainy!
So watch this space........
Have a lovely day!
Ada :)


  1. Love the union jack and the heart tree! And lovely brightly coloured fabric! A feast for the eyes! Hope you manage to get away on holiday!
    Victoria xx

  2. The weather is supposed to be getting better from the weekend on! Fingers crossed! :)

  3. Beautiful vintage fabric = lots of playtime!!

  4. I found through some other blogs we both follow and I have to say I love your name... Ada was our choice if we were having a girl (alas no, but maybe in the future!)So glad I popped by too to follow your blog, such lovely posts!

    My firends and I have our own craft circle too and when we opened it up to new crafters it just exploded really! I hope yours goes well in September! It's great to have people to just talk buttons and bobs with :) Hazel x

  5. Good luck for your crafty get-togethers, Ada, you will have so much fun and spark off each others' imagination.

    SO loving that feedsack top - are you keeping it 'as is' or backing it with something so you can use it/ Or......dare I say it.....cutting it up to 're-purpose' it?

  6. What a pretty cushion - your friend is obviously very crafty (in the good sense!) I love crafty get-togethers - it's great to be with like minded people - probably why I like blogland so much! Lots of lovely crafty people who don't think I'm a nutter for loving fabric, buttons, ribbons, paper the list goes on and on and on :-) Bee x

  7. So much inspiration. How fortunate you are to have crafty friends close by. I hosted a monthly scrapbook day for about two and a half years. Nothing beats spending an afternoon with a gaggle of ladies that speak your language. And because, everyone loves to be asked their opinion; anytime you are stuck, and you hold up your project and ask, "What does this need?" you get a plethora of good ideas.

  8. Crafty friend get-togethers are THE best therapy and the most fun too! Wishing you lots of lovely times with your new venture in September :-)

  9. Lucky you. Love the chicken and the feedsack fabric is fantastic.

  10. Hi thanks for dropping by. I keep hearing today that the weather is picking up, really do need a few days by the coast so fingers crossed!
    I'm looking forward to my Crafty Time with my friends who knows what we will get up to!
    I really don't know what to do with the Feedsack topper, some parts of it have small holes, perhaps nibbled on by moths! Normally I can cut up fabric, feel a little guilty but as I know it will be turned into something else not too bothered! The quilts a bit different, something will eventually come to me I'm sure!
    Have a lovely day/ evening wherever you are, not sure how all this works with the time differences! Ada :) x

  11. I simply adore your feed sweet! Sending you oodles of love..friends are the best!

  12. You friend has beautiful creations!! ;) I am in love with your feed sacks!! Such wonderful colors!! Happy sewing!! xo Heather

  13. Happy days ahead for our craft group, my group did a crochet pillow cover, it was such fun sitting around crocheting and chatting, we all took turns to bring lunch. We decided to crochet because knitting and crochet bags are very transportable. We loved making the hexagons so much we have decided to make them into rugs. Beautiful pictures of your friends creations. and the vintage seed sacks .....loove!

  14. I adore feedsack too. Lucky you having that to look at and swoon over.

    Crafty friends getting together sounds a great idea too.


  15. Yes the Feedsack is brill....oh dear I think I might just have another addiction coming!.....actually on second thoughts, don't help!........:)

  16. A crafty get together sounds like such a lovely idea. Love the feedsack, such gorgeous colours.
    Hope you get some good weather so you can get away on your camping trip. x

  17. Loved seeing all your crafty things in this post, and a crafty friends get together is always fun to do! I hope you have a lovely holiday....the weather is supposed to be getting much better so hope it's sunny for your camping trip!
    Helen x

  18. A crafty group sounds wonderful. Right now I do my crafting long distance with my daughter. We are 200 miles apart but it is still fun. Love the colors in the feed sack. Hope you have a chance to get away and enjoy some family time relaxing.


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