Saturday, 21 July 2012

The Story of Ada Bea

Last week someone left a message saying they loved my name, Ada. Ada Bea isn't the name I was christened with, it was my Mums nickname for me.

When I was small, she would call me 'little Ada' when I rearranged my bedroom. When I got my own home, she dropped the little, and would just call me Ada, as I would always be busy decorating and buying nick-naks (ornaments!) for my shelves.


Ada Bea was my Grandma. She was a no nonsense Yorkshire Lass, who had very little money but lots of flair!

Mum told me how she would often return home from school to find all the furniture in the dining room or living room or bedroom, had been swapped with Mrs X, Y or Z from down the street. Mum said Grandma would always be the one who had got the better deal!

Ada Bea had a keen eye for detail and knew how to make the best of what she had.


I loved Grandmas bedroom, it was painted in her favourite colour lilac and smelt of lavender. I used to sleep with her, in a huge feather bed, and in the morning we would always be squashed together in the middle.

I played for hours with Grandmas button tin (each button seemed to have a story attached), her jewellery box (nothing of any value but lots of bling!) and i loved her wooden biscuit barrel (always full of goodies!).

I haven't been called Ada for ages, Mum can't even remember my real name anymore. When I was thinking about starting this blog, Ada sprang to life again, she's a mix of my Mums Crafty Ways and my Grandmas Eye For Detail ( on very little cash!).

My real names Amanda by the way, I have nothing against the name, quite like it actually, although when I was a kid, I desperately wanted to be called Sophia (think that might have been due to the fact there were 2 other Amanda's, alongside 4 Tracey's, 3 Sharon's and 2 Angela's, well it was the 70s!).


So that's the story of Ada Bea, she was a great woman and I loved it when Mum called me that, (although when she was cross with me it was always Amanda!).

I got this fabric last week, the dark green floral is from the 1950s, unused curtain fabric, and the white floral fabric was brought from a charity shop. I think they will make a lovely bag for Autumn, they remind me of Mum and Grandma.

The books were found at a car boot, just in celebration of the lovely names we girls had in the 60s and 70s!
Ada :) x


  1. A lovely story and all those memories - lovely fabricos too of course. My daughter Bronte loves Bunty so I buy them at car boots and then find we already have it ten times over! We love 'The Four Marys' best of all! Sad but true
    Best wishes

  2. I would also get the full first name treatment when I was in trouble as a child x

  3. Ada is a lovely name! But Amanda is lovely as well :) My grandma had a chicken with yummy chocolates. Isn't it funny how kids find the hiding places for all the goodies.

  4. What a lovely story :D

    Grandma's button boxes, nothing beats them!

  5. Such a sweet story and a wonderful name! Love that floral fabric too!
    Victoria xx

  6. What a fantastic heritage you have... love your blog!

  7. What a fab story. My mother always called me Lucy Locket and I always wished my real name was Lucy. Being a Karen in the 60's always meant that there were several of us in school. I had Bunty as a child and my favourite was the four Mary's too! Good find - looking forward to the bag too x

    1. There was at least 3 Karen's in my year! One was my best friend all through secondary school! Ada :)

  8. Dear Ada/Amanda. Typing that I just realized that Ada is a shortened version of A-man-da.
    You are an exceptional story teller. So enjoy reading your reminiscences. (is that a word?)
    Mr. Muddle has been home for a few days and we have been busy in the yard and garden. I will aim to post some pictures of the lilies later today.

  9. Great story Ada! I think I will call you Ada if that's ok x Childhood annuals.....I probably had these, I put one of my childhood books on FB yesterday and it prompted quite a few was an ENID book xx

  10. Fantastic post, lovely story! If I ever have a little girl (and lets face it, with 5 boys already that is NOT likely to happen!) but if I did... Ada would be top of my name list... it's just lovely :)
    Gorgeous fabric, such great colours.

    Thank you for your kind comment today on my post... Good luck with your quilting endeavours, it's such fun! I am far from perfect but I'm hoping with a bit of practice I'll be able to tackle a larger project soon. Have fun!!

    Louise xx

  11. Such a fun story!! Love all your new goodies!! Happy weekend! xo Heather

  12. Thanks everyone, I've always loved the name Ada Bea, Grandma was a great character and I knew exactly what she meant when she called me that! Ada :)

  13. Love hearing this back story! You grandma sounds fab and such a wonderful name. Mine was Mary Josephine which I think is pretty cool too but alot more common than yours.
    So nice to find someone else with a common 70's name- I'm a Melissa and there were 4 in my year as well as a handful of Melindas Michelles and Melanies! In great 2 I actually decided to change my name to Catherine and would only answer to that for a few months. melx

  14. Lovely pictures Ada, and lovely story ... I have curtains of the same material as the cushion, and absolutely love them! My Grandma was called Florence Maud and I've just made the connection that my Dad's nickname for me was Flossie ... my birth certificate name is actually Kathryn, and while I love the name on others, she's a sensible, no-nonsense person, definitely not me! Love the name Ada Bea .... xxx

  15. What a lovely story! I'd love to get hold of a Bunty annual. Next time I manage to get to a bootsale I'm going to make it my mission to find one!
    Happy Monday!

  16. Lovely stories and memories! My Grandma had a drawer I loved to look in as a child, and it was filled with gloves and lace and buttons and costume jewellery - to me it was an absolute treasure trove.

  17. Hello!
    I found you through lovely Clare's blog thriftwood.
    I soo glad I did too..
    I loved the nostalgia in this post and the stories of your Gran.
    My Nanna was called Maud, how old fashionably trendy that would be now (if you get what I mean)
    As for those books, well I remember them so clearly!!
    must have a rummage at my big sisters home, as she still has hers too.
    I had 'Twinkle' annual as I was the younger one! hehe.
    I am your newest follower.
    Have a week full of loveliness!
    Maria x

  18. I am impatiently waiting for your next post. Have been back to see if it has been posted, at least half a dozen times. I can't wait to see (and go visit) the blogs you nominate for One lovely blog. (did I get the name right?) Congratulations on your nomination, by the way. A most deserved recognition.

    1. Hi, still trying to work out how to link blogs, might have to just do it without learning to link! Ada :)

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    3. Thanks Sassy, I removed your email address, Ada :(

  19. Love the books but your story is tops....

  20. Hello Ada,
    I am leaving you a few small words on this earlier post (privately)
    I have just read, your reply comment regarding how you have become Ada, from Amanda...
    you mentioned your dear mum now has Alzheimers and this touched my heart so much.
    I nursed my Mum through this illness and boy was it heart breakingly tough.
    This was the start of my blogging world, finding a escape really.
    hope you do not mind me leaving this comment here and my thoughts truly are with you and your dear Mum...
    I don't always feel folk understand, not unless you have been through this...
    Please take care.
    Love Maria (Rosey Tinted Specs)blog.
    I can leave my email address, if you ever need to chat too.

  21. Hi there, just discovered your blog and saw that the name you use is 'Ada', the name of my 2 year old daughter, so obviously I love the name! Wonderful blog :)


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