Saturday, 23 March 2013

I'm Dreaming of a White Easter........


Ok, the person who's hidden Spring, please can they return it as soon as possible and we won't say anymore about the matter..........
I'm going to bury myself in my vintage sheets and pretend Spring is here!
I did have some daffodils and tulips starting to poke there heads up under this lot, hope they don't decide to emigrate!
Indulgent Giveaway News!
We have a winner!
A Tale From Toadstool House! Congratulations I will post out to you this week!
I also asked my daughter to pull out two other names and they were
Snullemor and Coal Valley View! I will put a little parcel of wallpaper together for you! Please could you email me your addresses, thank you!
Thank you all for your feedback on my suitcase. I removed the lace almost straight away and will replace it with some ric-rac, when I've finished the inside I will post some pictures!
Have a lovey weekend everyone! Those in the Northen Hemisphere, keep warm!
See you soon!
Ada :) x
p.s. Etsy News....
I've finally got around to adjusting the postage charges, I had been giving refunds (which I will continue to do should postage be less than anticipated) but now I've put the new postage prices on, hopefully simplifying things!
I've also added a few more wallpapers, I will be putting some larger pieces of vintage sheet fabric on soon too, I've brought a few more sheets recently (well i m an addict!) so need to make some more space on my shelves!
This one is beautiful, very pretty!
I love these colours! If anyone would like me to make vintage wallpaper packs up for them in specific colours just email me a request and I will sort it out!
Only a handful of these left!






  1. I think Spring must have been held up at customs on it's way in so Winter is having a last blast while it can - let's just hope they sort out its passport soon! Jane x

  2. goodness knows where spring is - it just isn't right to have all this snow in March ...

  3. Hi Ada, Hard to believe it's NOT the middle of winter!!! Absolutely loooove the purple collection!!! Have a wonderful week-end!!

  4. Haha, I have just posted some very similar thoughts. This is just getting silly now! Those fabrics are beautiful, makes me want to go shopping for florals...oh wait :( x

  5. Your garden looks a lot like mine! Crazy weather we're having right now.

    I was going to say remove the lace and replace with ricrac, and that's what you're going to do to the suitcase so yay.

    Stay warm. xx

  6. Oh my goodness ... I'm not jealous of your weather now!! I love the idea of changing out the lace for ric rac on your fabric suitcase, I think it'll add the perfect touch! Enjoy your weekend ... sledding anyone?! :) Wendy

  7. I think everyone in the UK has snow today haha - I've seen lots of pictures of snow today :)

  8. That's exaclty what it looks like outside my window! Yuck!
    The purple sheet (or is it wallpaper) is seriously beautiful!
    Have a great day. :)

    1. It's wallpaper! The colour are even more delicious in real life! :) x

  9. Yes!! My email is : ) I'm so lucky and happy! : )

  10. wow that new wallpaper is seriously good!...seriously! x

  11. Ooh love that new purple wallpaper! Amazingly I found a bit of spring today! We drove through torrential rain last night and just missed the snow in Oxford - and woke to sunshine i Cornwall! Absolute tonic for the soul :) But only for 1 day I think - back to grey tomorrow :(

  12. I know you guys have weather issues but as an Aussie can I tell you it looks picture postcard perfect.
    We are enduring heat waves here and just lately a fully blown ( pardon the pun) TORNADO!!! We don't get tornados here !!!! Well it seems we do now.
    But i will attempt to pack up the sunshine here and send it on it's annual holiday to the other side of the world.......hang in there it will arrive soon I hope.

  13. Ha ha! It's depressing - I really need the sun now. I'm going to bury myself in vintage sheets too!

  14. Thank Goodness, we don't have snow but it's really cold here in Tennessee in the US. Tonight there's suppose to be rain and rain all day tomorrow. Yuck! I'm am so ready for warm weather and blue skys.


  15. Oh wow, what a lovely surprise!! Thank you so much Ada :-) Will e-mail you my address. That photo is incredible. Is it your backyard? Amazing. I'm quite envious we don't experience that magical winter wonderland in our own backyards down here. But I do hope your daffodils thaw out nicely for you and Spring comes soon :-D Mel x

  16. you have alot more snow than we do... good excuse to stay inside and do some crafting I say!

  17. Oh no, such a lot of snow.
    Your wallpapers are so amazing. They bring a little bit of
    spring feeling.
    Moni x

  18. Oh my Ada, we are fortunate not to have any snow here in the south east. I feel so fed up with waiting for the sun and Spring. I don't blame you for burying yourself deep into your pretty sheets xox Loving all your wallpaper, so pretty. I have made a patchwork cushion cover this weekend and love the vintage sheet vibe, soon to appear on my blog xox Penny, keep cosy x

  19. We must surely be in for a fantastic summer after this extended winter?

  20. It seems we might be entering a new ice-age! love the suitcases by the way, I do love the blue flowers, makes such a nice decoration, Heather x

  21. I think plenty of us may well have a white Easter! It's snowing here again today. Oddly, I really don't mind delaying spring for snow, it was the endless damp grey days that were getting me down. But I do worry for UK farmers, all this after last years rain :(

    Gorgeous paper in your third pic :)

  22. I know what you mean I want Spring to come back to its freezing cold no fun at all. Congratulations to the winners, dee xx


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