Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Just Being Us......

It was idyllic, quiet, relaxed.
Just a few cottages and a pub, a very nice pub, wonderful food....roaring fire.
We stayed in a beautiful cottage, full of character and charm on the Chatsworth Estate.
All you could hear was a babbling brook.
It was all so quaint.
The beautiful Derbyshire hills, full of snow...I was half hoping we would get snowed in....but just a few snow flurries.....it was sooooo cold.
Just us.
This was the first time, in over twelve years we've been away together on our own.
Every aspect of our lives have changed over the last few years. Except one thing. Us. There have been so many changes, difficult changes. Life changing, its not been the easiest of times.
We've had to play many roles, carers for our parents. Mr Bea has watched his Mum pass away, he's supported his Dad through a life threatening illness. We've watched my Mum disappear.
Being parents is so fulfilling, but not always easy, especially when you care for Extra Special children. Even the simplest of tasks can take the greatest of patience.
He's been there when I've needed him, when I've felt so ill, I wasn't sure if I would ever get better. He says he will stick by me, no matter what.
Mr Bea isn't the most romantic of men (I booked the weekend!), he can be infuriatingly messy. But he loves Us. Us as a couple. And Us as a family.
I've been very lucky recently, I've been treated by friends to some lovely days out....this was my treat to Mr Bea. I'm now saving up for the next one......
THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for your comments yesterday! I felt so much better knowing I'm not the only one who gets confused by all this technology! I'm sure we will figure it out together.
Mr Bea says I shouldn't stop blogging, he thinks its partly why I'm able to keep well, I think he might be right!
Back later in the week, shops to show you, and a book to share!
Ada :) x


  1. What a special treat, just the two of you. So important to squirrel away stolen moment like these. Your hubby sounds lovely Ada xox Penny

  2. Sometimes we need a bit of time out to reflect how great our life is. It looks like you and Mr Bea have a lot to be thankful for and that you appreciate it greatly. What a restorative sounding holiday - and it sounds like you're sticking around - hooray! Jane x

  3. There is nothing like spending time together, just the two of you. Even on mundane days pottering around the house, just priceless.

  4. Your Easter break looks so lovely and it's nice to have a break with just the 2 of you especially when you have had troubled times. I hope the break was beneficial for both of you.
    My husband has always been supportive of me blogging occasionally I too have thought of continuing and he has urged me to carry on. Receiving lovely comments and commenting and visiting other bloggers with similar interests always uplifts me!
    Sarah x

  5. A lovely post - I enjoyed reading. Life is tough for many of us, but we plod on - love to you and your family. x

  6. Today I recieved the beautiful wallpaper - I promise I will use it for something special.... in a while ; )

  7. I'm so glad you got away for a quiet break - it sounds lovely and much deserved. Big hugs to you and your family xxx

  8. Good on you! Sounds like you both found a good 'un!

  9. First Ada, I selfishly but sincerely hope you don't stop blogging pls pay attention to Mr Bea and after all if it keeps you well it has to be the remedy :-)
    Its so good to get away for a break and it sounds really lovely there......sleeping to the sound of a babbling brook...heaven!

    Nobody is perfect and personally I think perfect is boring. Anyhow love blurs the rough edges and makes it rosy :-)

    Many thanks for your comments on my last post and I'm listening to your advice .

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  10. What an idyllic village to spend time together! And what a romantic pair you must be ;) I'm glad you're enjoying your break ... it must be such a comfort for you both to be able to rely on each other through these major upheavals you are weathering through. Take care Ada (& Mr B!) XOX Wendy

  11. It sounds like you both deserve a lovely break. Looks really lovely. Glad you have a wonderful time. Fiona x

  12. Mr Bea is right....sometimes our less than romantic partner can be the wisest and most loyal friend we will ever ever have.
    Life can throw you wobbles and having just been through the death of a parent I really understand where you are at right now.
    You and Mr Bea sound like you are at the part in your marriage where you are so deeply in love you don't even know it...what you do know is you are still enjoying each others company!
    Your children are blessed to have such loving and in love parents.

  13. What a lovely post about a lovely time! Sounds like you both really deserved it.

    P.s Don't stop blogging - i have only just found you!

  14. So glad you had a special time for just the two of you ... time away together definitely recharges the batteries for everyday life ... Bee xx

  15. What a beautiful Post. You've just described the essence of a lovely marriage and I'm so glad you had a great weekend away together. I like the sound of your Mr B :-)

    As for the blogging thing - I'm completely overwhelmed by it all too. You're not alone. I have this mild anxiety that I'm going to wake up one morning and my entire blog would have frittered away into the ether. I don't know what to do about any of it but hoping it will become clearer as time goes on. The comments on your previous post have been helpful :-D

    Take care!

    Mel x

  16. With a loving and supporting husband, anything can be conquered. I wish you well and more happy times in the future.
    Susan x

  17. looks perfect!...so pleased you enjoyed your time away together.....just don't wait another 12 years!! x

  18. oh, you lucky.lady.looks like u had a gorgeous time away. sounds like u and mr bea have something pretty awesome rocking on....my oldest kidlet has aspergers and while he's a great kid and we love him enormously we decided recently that once a yr we need to leave the kids and go away together for a weekend just to have a break from the unrelentlessness of it all and to enjoy just being us for a few days...i sincerely hope u guys get to do it again!

    thanks for ur wonderful blog!
    much love mezz.

  19. What a wonderful place, Ada. I'm so glad you and Mr. Bea were able to get some time away. Please keep blogging. I so enjoy your posts and I love the photos. Hang in there, dear lady.


  20. lovely husbands, we have!!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  21. Hi Ada, So pleased you had a good "Couples" break and remember your Blogger Friends are always ready to put a smile on your face!!!

  22. What a lovely, lovely post. It sounds like you had a great relaxing time on your wee break.
    M xxxx

  23. some lovely photos of your romantic weekend, so glad you had such a wonderful time and came home ready to face the world!

  24. That all looks so blissful. Nothing like a winter break. I would have hoped for snow too. xo

  25. Ah Ada, what a wonderful break, it looks like a fab place you stayed in. And it does re-charge your batteries, doesn't it?
    I didn't comment on your last post but `i did sympathise; when I was notified about my photo limit being breached I was totally bereft, panicked like mad and sent out an SOS to blogland which proved extremely helpful. In general we are all in the same boat, just a few clever folk who understand the techie bit. But most of us blog on a wing and a prayer! So worry not, I have NO IDEA what all this bloglovin'/google friend is all about, I suspect one day I will wake up and find I have no followers and that I follow no-one.....pooh! I will deal with it on the day.Or not. So glad you decided to stay, I wold miss you! Lxxx

  26. nice to get back to who you are together. Quite romantic to say he will always stand by you.....!
    lovely to get away for a few days, have a good week Heather x

  27. It sounds like such a lovely and well needed time together. Your husband, your relationship sound wonderful just as it should be. :) xx

  28. Mr Bea sounds like an absolute keeper. It is very easy to be loving and perfect as a couple when life is all smooth and silky but it is the curly ones life throws you that prove the true strength of a marriage. The last year has seen us at its most threatened and most resolute through the horrors of chemo and surgery and fear of the unknown ahead. I've seen friends with no obvious problems have their marriages crumble and others confronting the worst scenarios, fusing into oneness.
    Messy is easy to overcome. Steadfast is worth so much more.

  29. Sounds wonderful. I think we all need a bit of special time as a couple. We always try and have a weekend away just the two of us at least once a year. M x

  30. Looks like a great time away - so wonderful you were able to do so. You should keep blogging if it makes you happy, but only blog when you want to so that you don't burn out :) That's been my secret. Your husband sounds magnificent :)

  31. Looks like you had a wonderful time and it is so pretty there!! Have a great day! xo Heather

  32. What a wonderful heart warming post .... Sarah x

  33. Oh what a lovely post. It sounds perfect. x


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