Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Appreciating Little Snippets Of Time....

Hello Everyone!
Gosh this week has been sooooo busy, this is the first time I've been able to sit and write a blog post! One mad, hectic of those weeks, where you wonder how you've managed to fit everything in.
One of those weeks where you just appreciate Little Snippets Of Time.

A baking lesson with my very good friend....I must be one of the only people in Blogland who doesn't bake! (These went down very family would like me to bake more!!!)
Grabbing a little bit of time to flick through The Simple Things, great issue!
Ive been appreciating the garden.
Wow....what fab weather we've been having here in the UK....I've managed a little time in the garden, mind you I was digging at dawn! Best hour of the day, listening to the birds, whilst everyone else is still snoozing!
Getting the veg beds ready......and appreciating Spring....



I've had flowers inside too......
A lovely bunch of tulips from Mr Bea, very unexpected....and appreciated!
Oh.....and just a little bit of time Prosecco Drinking, a present from a friend, VERY much appreciated!
Appreciating some amazing sunsets this week....
Oh....and a little bit of time to book our family holiday. A week in St Ives, now that I will appreciate.....
What have you been appreciating this week?
Bye for now,
Ada :) xxx
I'm hoping I can get to appreciate a little bit of sewing time soon too.... :) xxx



  1. Oooh St Ives and prosecco. That's a luvveryly combo methinks. I've been appreciating nothing this week. I know. I've been too tired. Must stop going to bed at ridiculous early o'clock and do something with my life!! xx

  2. Glad that you have been busy doing lots of lovely things! I hope that the rest of your week is lots of fun too. xx

  3. These are the sort of things I am grateful for each and every day. Except for sewing, I never learned how to do that properly, but crochet and cross-stitch for sure. I've been making time for blogging of late. Sure is nice to connect with faraway friends on a daily basis. Best wishes, Tammy

  4. Lovely things in your snippets Ada ... and a week in St Ives sounds perfect ... Bee xx

  5. So many lovely happy things, oh St Ives lovely

  6. I need a do-over for my week, can I have yours!? Lovely!

  7. Oooh lots of lovely things all wrapped with love..prosecco, flowers, sunsets and holidays.. topped with a little bit of baking
    Thea xx

  8. Your little snippets of time look so good. We too have booked at family in St Ives in June, we can't wait! Sarah x

  9. Lovely lovely post, Ada Bea! Yes, my garden is looking very promising, and The Mister has been busy getting the veg beds ready for action.

    Oh, I have that issue of Simple Things - one of my few magazine buys - but I haven't opened it yet....a treat in store! Lxx

  10. I work every hour the children are at school and nursery and this week, I was able to take 2 hours to sew some curtains and it made me feel really good. I love your photos. Jo x

  11. Well I appreciate your really cheerful blog, great photos too x

  12. Wow! What a week indeed! Your baking début looks most successful. Lovely blooms and sunset. I am a big fan of The Simple Things too, a really good read as well as delicious photography.

  13. You're having a lovely time of it. I'm appreciating nice weather and a new, relaxing crochet project. :)

  14. You're not the only one in blog land who doesn't bake..... Have a lovely holiday.
    Jacqui x

  15. Tulips and prosecco...that's my favourite combination! ;-) Well done with your baking, that's one tasty looking cookie! Did you enjoy it? It can be rather relaxing once you're comfortable with the recipes...I appreciate reading your little snippets! Chrissie x

  16. Thank goodness for the sunshine we have been having Ada, it makes life so much more lighter. I have been far too busy too and it doesn't seem to be coming to an end! Loving your sweet little moments as they are all special and meaningful to you my lovely xxx

  17. I'm another non-baking blogger! St Ives will be gorgeous!

    I've been enjoying saying no to things, and the spring flowers. Have a great day!

  18. Lovely happy post full of good Spring things!
    Good for you digging away early in the morning Ada, must be very peaceful and therapeutic,not to say you can feel very smug!!!
    Lovely tulips, and your garden is looking good.
    Enjoy the sunny Spring days, with a great holiday to look forward to!
    Gill xx

  19. St Ives how lovely just my cup of tea...d x

  20. sweet moments, such a good idea to book a holiday! it kind of makes it happen! enjoy your sewing, can't wait to see more, Heather x

  21. hope you get to that sewing! beautiful fabrics! xx

  22. It's quite spooky how similar your week sounds to mine! Only I don't bake. Ever! And I don't like cake and biscuits but don't tell or I shall be ousted from Blogland!

    What beautiful tulips. Mr Bea sounds a bit of a keeper! ;-)

    Heather x

  23. St Ives is a wonderful place for a break. It's good to have something to look forward to. xx


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