Thursday, 15 May 2014

Flying Visit.....

I appear to have had a little, impromptu, Bloggy Break!
I'm not sure why, perhaps, for once I have very little to say!
So here's a few images from my garden this week.....
I've adopted a very laid back approach this year.......(ok lazy, approach!)
But it still looks lush......I'm ignoring the weeds.....
And loving the colour!
Even if some of its in miniature!
I'm off tomorrow on a little adventure with a good friend, if you see two ladies, sat by the sea, drinking champagne and eating fish and chips......that will be us. out!
Will pop by to see you all when I get back.....perhaps then I'll have more to say!
Bye for now,
Ada :) xxx





  1. Oh my. I would get completely lost in your pretty garden. Lilacs! Love lilacs!

  2. Hello Ada! It's nice to see your little hand waving there in the distance ;) Your flowers & ferns look wonderful, and I hope my garden looks as good in a month or so(still waiting for things to burst forth ... ho hum). Enjoy your fish 'n chips by the seaside!! Wendy x

  3. Have fun with your friend!!!! Cin Cin!!!
    xxxxxxx Ale

  4. some lovely photos from your garden, enjoy your break and look forward to your return and catching up on what you have been up to or not up to.

  5. You have a lovely garden Ada. Im loving this weather at the moment and all the colour to be found this time of year. Hope you have a good time with your friend on your day out x

  6. perfect weather for a get-away, enjoy! Heather x

  7. The light in your photos is lovely. Enjoy your weekend. It sounds like it's going to be fun. Xx

  8. Me too, Ada, too much 'stuff' happening at the moment. But garden peeps always cheering, especially at this time of the year when all is so green and colourful, I love our late spring garden best of all! Lxx

  9. Lovely to see the views of your garden, I was thinking about you the other day and wondering how you were, so great to know that you are still there! Hope that you have a good weekend. xx

  10. Have a fun get together, I'm also ignoring the weeds and concentrating on the colour in our garden
    Clare x

  11. Great closeup shots of your beautiful garden!

  12. Hey Ada, hope your enjoyed your little jaunt to the seaside, sounds like a fun little get away.
    Nice to have a peek at your garden and see what's blooming, I so love Lilacs.
    Enjoy your weekend, I hope it's nice and sunny.

    Claire Xx

  13. ooo ada lovely to see you back, loving the garden life x

  14. Your garden is full colours not as mine!!!
    But soon!!!
    I like your pictures full of sun.
    Miss xx

  15. So much colour in your garden, so many different shades of green, it all looks lovely.
    I hope you enjoyed your day out it sounds perfect.

  16. Have the best time in Suffolk ... it's my favourite county!

  17. Lovely garden photos, everything looks very green and lush! Have a great time in Suffolk, sounds like it'll be fun!
    Gill xx

  18. We had fish and chips by the sea one day last week. Nothing like it! Your garden is very pretty:)


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