Thursday, 9 October 2014

Before The Rain.......


Here in the UK, up until the last week, we've been experiencing the most amazing Indian Summer......


I've been making the most of the lovely weather, and getting out and about. Recently I visited Felly Priory with my friend, it was warm, it was sunny, more like the summer than early Autumn!
It has the most amazing gardens and the topiary was fab.
I just loved all the unusual shapes and structures, a bit Alice in Wonderland.....
The boarders were still full of colour.......
And peppered in the lawn, were what I think, autumn crocuses....
Now these really did look surreal, perhaps we had fallen down a rabbit hole?
There is a great little tea room too but my treat want on the plate long enough to photograph!
I'm pleased to say I've finally found my quilt top that I had was camouflaged amongst some vintage sheet scraps I'd stuffed in an old suitcase! So this is the next to quilt.....and I've been making some flying geese.....
Not brilliant, I really need to learn how to sew a 1/4 " seam without a 1/4" foot! I've seen the most amazing quilt made from these so it will be practice, practice, practice until I feel confident!
And I've made up a few Vintage Sheet bundles!
I will try and pop over to visit you all over the next few days......
Bye For Now,
Ada :) xxx



  1. Lovely quilting and that topiary is fabulous - it reminds me of the trees in Dr. Seuss' books. x

  2. looks like a lovely house and garden to visit. So good that you have found your quilt and the flying goose looks good to me, I do have a quarter inch foot for my bernina but if I use one of the other machines I struggle.Think maybe I will treat myself to one for the new home that is about 35 years old but still in good working order

  3. Looks like a great day out, I like topiary too I just wish my garden was a little bigger. Perhaps some of the fake stuff in pots would do!

  4. such amazing gardens …….. I like your flying geese, too!!! ;oD
    xxxxxx Ale

  5. Very Alice in Wonderland! The topiaries are lovely and your quilts are great. Bee xx

  6. You have been busy! Very impressed with all your quilting work :) Mad weather today - think we've had all seasons in one day!

  7. The little pink flowers among the stones are cyclamen. Sorry just left this comment on your previous post by mistake!

  8. I don't use a quarter inch foot, a hint is to stick a piece of tape on the machine that extends the line that is marked on the plate. Are you with me? Then you can line up your fabric along the tape as it is fed into the needle. I could Instagram you a pic if you want. :-)

  9. What a wonderful place you visited, and yes the weather has been exceptional indeed! Your quilt you misplaced is so pretty, and will be lovely when finished x

  10. Glad you're getting back in the groove with your quilting.
    Jacqui x

  11. The Priory gardens are beautiful aren't they! Stunning in fact. I hope that you enjoy your quilting, I look forward to seeing more. xx

  12. Good morning Ada, the quilting looks wonderful already,clever thing :) the priory gardens does indeed look magical , like Alicein wonderland. Take care lovely,love julie Xxxxx


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