Tuesday, 7 October 2014

On My Mantel...October


The days are getting colder, the nights are drawing in, and the rich, warm colours of Autumn, are being reflected on my mantle.....
I've had a little change around of the art work.....and popped a new one up....


Little Bea had her first watercolour class recently and produced this masterpiece! I love it's colours and snowy scene.....it would make a great Christmas card!
Distant memories of Florence, I hope to return one day....


Seed heads from the garden, natures amazing structures!


And a fab miniature photo of my mum, with her mum and sisters, taken in the early 1960s.
The Pom Poms add even more colour, and at night, little tea lights will glow.
Yes, definitely time to cosy up......I'm so glad for candles and crochet blankets!
Hope all is well with you, keep cosy and warm if you're in the Northern Hemisphere! I've just uploaded some photos of a beautiful garden I visited recently, hopefully will share soon.
If you want to see more Mantles pop over to Karen or Gillian for more inspiration!
Thank you for popping by, and for those who leave comments, I really appreciate them, especially as I know how busy everyone is.
Bye For Now,
Ada :) xxx



  1. lovely work from Little Bea !!!!!!
    Love your pom pom garland !!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  2. I love all the crochet blankets and cushions in your lounge, the granny square blanket I began sits in the cupboard while I make gifts for Christmas!! I think January will have to a 'Me' crafting month!! I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks.

  3. Such a lovely water colour, you have a clever daughter.

  4. Hello Ada

    Thank yoyu for sharing your Autumnal home with us, I love it's cosy feel. Brilliant watercolour picture from Little Bea, and agree it would look wonderful as a Christmas card. Lots of crochet goodness to snuggle with - perfect.


  5. Such a gorgeous colourful room - it made me smile. I think I'd like to snuggle down there. x

  6. Your mantel is lovely! I really like the seed head and the picture that little Bea painted is brilliant - I assumed that was a card you had purchased done by an artist until you explained - really!! She obviously has a great talent. Your whole room looks so cozy and welcoming, a great place to spend an autumn evening. xx

  7. What a beautiful arrangement. Little Bea is so talented! I was really taken aback, it looks like a professional painted that. I really like your pompom garland, it looks fluffy. :)

  8. The mantle looks great, and wow little Bea's picture is beautiful, perfect for a Christmas card, happy hunkering down with the candles and blankets such a cosy room
    Clare xx

  9. Love the glimpse into your front room. It looks so cosy. Especially liked the photo of your Mum and sisters and the watercolour by Little Bea.
    Jacqui xx

  10. Hi Ada. I thought little Beas picture was a card. She is very talented. Your room looks lovely and cosy. We are welcoming Spring here. Blessings, Trills.

  11. I can see Little Bee has got your creativity in her veins and yes you should use her painting as a Christmas card. You home has such a welcoming look to it

  12. a lovely picture, it would make great xmas cards, dare I say it! X

  13. Hello. Lovely room and card is really sweet....but what is in the blue cupboard?

  14. What a gorgeous living room. So welcoming and cosy. Bee xx

  15. Hi Ada
    Just came across your blog through Jacqui-what a beautifully inspiring Autumn room and mantlepiece. The watercolours are lovely-what talent your little one must have! I am your latest follower,
    Best wishes
    Alison xx

  16. Oh what a lovely colourful room Ada! Little Bea's painting is amazing - she must be so proud of that :) Change is definitely in the air and I'm feeling the urge too to shift things around - although it won't be long before we have to start packing!!


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