Sunday, 4 January 2015

Hopes And Dreams, In 2015.....


My Hopes and Dreams for 2015........
Manage my MS more effectively, and get some balance back within my body. (This one might take some time).
Go away with my husband, perhaps a weekend in Bath.
Make a Liberty Quilt. I have the fabric, I have the ideas.....that's a good start.
Go away with my sisters, our Mum left a little bit of money when she died, enough we think for us to have a weekend away......thank you Mum.
Create a calm, relaxing bedroom.
Learn 12 new, delicious, vegan recipes......and share my new skills by entertaining friends.
Go on a photography course......and create beautiful images.
Get to grips with my garden, it's been sadly neglected. I think I will need help with this one. I could hold a 'gardening' party, and feed everyone who helps delicious vegan food.
A fun weekend away with friends.....this has been cancelled twice now, hopefully third time lucky.
Refit the bathroom, we are all so fed up of the tiles falling off the walls!
Cook more using fresh herbs and spices, the herb garden is coming along I just need to learn how to preserve them for winter use.
Finish my crochet blanket.
Take my youngest daughter to London for her birthday, so she can explore The National Gallery, and be inspired by the artists.
This little blog of mine is an organic space. I want to grow and develop it, change and mold it, to reflect who I am now. Not hugely different but different.
Have little moments of laughter and fun each day, live more spontaneously. Not always easy when life's complicated, but absolutely not impossible!
This is a 'no pressure' list, my hopes and dreams, not a prescriptive, inflexible list! I've kept it as achievable as possible. I will revisit and revise them throughout the year. They are really quite self indulgent. This year will be more about filling my own reserves, so that I can continue to give to others. So how about you, what are your hopes and dreams for 2015? I'd love to here about them.
Whatever they are, I really do hope they come true,
Amanda :) xxx




  1. Great list - wishing you lots of fun this year x

  2. What a lovely list, very similar to mine funnily enough, things to work on around the house/garden, finishing/starting projects etc, nothing crazy like loose three stone (which I need to do, but not going there at the moment)! Thanx for sharing lovely! X

  3. I hope that all your hopes and dreams come true this year, especially the one to go away with your sisters, I am sure that your Mum would have loved that one particularly. You will have a great time together! xx

  4. Hello Amanda

    A lovely list of Hope and Dreams. with nothing too challanging, but I am with you on the photography front.

    Take care

  5. Such a fab list, I hope you achieve every single part of it. I hope you have a wonderful 2015!


  6. That's a really great list Amanda. The vegan food sounds interesting, I have a book on order. I'll let you know if it looks good. And the liberty fabric quilt, wow! lots of good things to do. Gently gently! X

  7. Good luck Amanda - I hope you achieve all you want, calmly and happily. Take care x

  8. Great list Amanda! Lots on there for us all to aspire too. Hope and your dreams come true for you this year lovely! Bee xx

  9. lots of positivity coming from this blog all the best with your plans and schemes

  10. You've inspired me to put pen to paper too, lovely lady ! Blog world seems very quiet and still just now... Don't set your self to many lists / targets..You have a whole to fill , I know..Its a healing year for you. wishing all yourr thoughts , dreams and desires reach their goal a little more this year...Maria x

  11. A lovely list for 2015. The Liberty quilt will be stunning I'm sure. x

  12. Hi Amanda ( I like that!!!)
    One of the best advices I have ever received professionally was from my mentor in my mid twenties. She told me that the best way to achieve the life you want is to write a "Dreams Come True" list with no boundaries. So I did. Back then it was about becoming fluent in English, meet a good man, get a cat, take a drawing course etc... And even if those goals seem unachievable at the time you write them down they become more clear in your mind, and you start working towards them. Now 20 years later I still write my "Dreams Come True" lists and often flick back and look at my previous ones to see and remember all the things I have made true for myself. It is a good thing and I think your list is perfect and very manageble. Sign up for a photo course quick. you won't regret it. So much fun! And if you need blog design help give me a shout. I know some tricks and would be happy to help with some tweaks.

  13. That all sounds like the recipe for a really great year! Here's hoping 2015 brings you all that you wish for x

  14. Finally managing to catch up on a few blogs... including yours. Good luck with your list, some of the things on it seem quite tough to achieve, so be kind to yourself and celebrate every success, however small.
    If you need any help on the vegan recipes front let me know - my partner is vegan and although he is the sort of annoying cook that doesn't use recipes (just throws a pinch of this and a handful of that into a pan and comes up with something delicious) I do... and I have to cook for him sometimes! x


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