Saturday, 4 August 2012

Four Go To Norfolk!

Well, the sun could have shown its face more, and the rain ought to have stayed away, but we loved our sea view pitch and our new tent was fab!


We stayed just outside Cromer and as you can see from the photos we were sandwiched between caravans and campervans, this was fine as we seem to have the facilities all to ourselves!

Cromer I think, has a 'faded charm' to it, perhaps past it's victorian heyday but I quite liked that.

We wondered to the end of the pier watching people catch crabs!




This part of the Norfolk coastline is just beautiful, lots of stunning beaches which aren't crowded (mind you that could have been the weather!), we strolled along the beaches looking at the rock pools and finding treasures, namely sea glass and the occasional crab!










Sheringham is a great little railway town with an old steam train and lovely shops leading down to rows of beach huts.

On the Tuesday the heavens opened so we decided to head into Norwich. I'm so glad we did, if it had stayed sunny all week, we would have stayed on the beach and missed this gem! The buildings were beautiful, some of the architectural details stunning.




Wells-next-the-sea has the most wonderful beach, which the girls made the most of! And of course it's famous beach huts!



We decided on the Wednesday, to visit one of our favourite places, Southwold in Suffolk. A bit of a drive away, it was sunny and warm all the way there, great we thought we can get in the sea, then it rained again as soon as we got out the car!!! So we headed for the pier and our favourite tea shop, The Boating Lake Cafe. It has new owners now who are in the process of 'doing it up', I hope it doesn't lose it's shabbiness as that's part of its charm! We did manage a paddle once the sun came out again!




And of course there were the sunsets!


We were only there 5 days but it was lovely to be near the sea again. There's something about the ocean that connects with the core of me, I love it's sound, how it feels around my feet and the amazing range of colours it dons depending on what's happening in the sky!

Mr Bea and I really needed this little break, we've both had huge changes to adapt to. I for one, can no longer do the job that I have loved for so many years, this time has helped me to reflect on that, and begin to make some decisions about what I could do in the future. I've started a whole new chapter in my this space!!!


Ada :)



  1. the beach charming!!!
    nice that you had a lovely time at the seaside!
    xxxx Alessandra

  2. I so love the English seaside...your pics are wonderful too. Caught the atmosphere so well.

    I grew up at the seaside in South Africa then headed inland when I left Uni (for a job) and only now, in my 40's, am I back at the seaside again - albeit in another country. :)

    Both hubby and I marvel at our great good fortune at living where we do - we utterly appreciate being here. Cannot imagine being in a city again.

    Glad you enjoyed your break - it looks like a marvellous holiday. Is that Millionaire's Shortbread I spy up there? That's one of my favourite wicked treats.

  3. Wow, Norfolk looks beautiful. Loving all the colourful houses and huts. I do adore the seaside!
    Victoria xx

  4. Ada ... so glad you had such a lovely holiday ... you truly deserve it ... Norfolk looks so pretty in your pictures ... we head off next week for our little break ... I can't wait ... Bee xx

  5. Lovely pictures Ada, good luck with your next chapter ... xxx

  6. Thank you for sharing such beauty, it allows me a little armchair travel, and who knows one day when I win the lottery travel for real!
    Ada life can be a series of unexpected changes, it is how you deal with them that shows true character. I look forward to seeing the new direction in this space.

  7. Ada, I love the charm of your English seaside! I had no idea! I would love to see it one day. Best of luck with the new adventures in your life. I am eager to see what you will be doing!

  8. England has some of the most beautiful scenery and charming towns and buildings. I love the fact that I can drop by your blog and others and see this lovely country through your pics. Thank you for sharing your beautiful country with this American. I'm looking forward to seeing where life is taking you and wish you well in your new direction.


  9. What a lovely holiday you had, thank you for sharing the photos. Ocean is something else, I couldn't live far from it. Now I live 20 km from the sea and it seems too long. Good luck with your new plans!

  10. Hello there Ada!
    What a lovely post, I could smell the sea air....
    Your pictures were wonderful and I have a strong desire to visit Norfolk one day, as my dear friend now lives there and is for ever telling me to come see for my self....(LoVe the individual shops and wonderful beach huts)
    Life is for ever changing Ada, I send your the bestest wishes for your exciting next chapter!!
    Thank you for kind words over on mine, as they me a lot!
    Love Maria x

  11. Sounds like you stepped into our life for a week Ada. We'll be heading off to Cromer Pier for the summer show one evening this summer. I agree Cromer is faded, but there's something about it that makes me happy too. Southwold is where we just pop down quickly or to Walberswick the other side of the water as we live near by. Isn't the Art Nouveau arcade beautiful? Do you know I realise I really like this place. So glad you had a great time, especially as you were camping, serious rain then is no fun.

    Lisa X

  12. Hi Ada,
    I love your pictures of the sea, those beaches look so empty despite the crowds in the towns and villages. I'm glad you had a great time. We went to Norfolk on holiday over 20 years ago, but never visited Southwold those beach huts are amazing!
    Good luck with the new direction in your life.
    Sarah x

  13. Hah! Ada, next time let us know and you can pop in for tea! Or I'll come up and meet you! Hope the awful weather didn't dampen your spirits too much. We love Norfolk, it's not where our roots are, but it is certainly home for us now.

  14. lovely to read about your holiday Ada! I'm now craving a nice British seaside holiday, I can smell the sea air from here! Heather x

  15. Hello Ada, little surprise for you over at my blog! xx

  16. Welcome back! Your holiday pics are lovely - the weather I think is part of the charm of the English seaside, don't you think? Glad you enjoyed some good R&R too. Have a happy Sunday xx

  17. What a lovely post...I love visiting Norfolk too, and so enjoy the atmosphere of victorian seaside towns like Cromer. You captured the delights so well in all these lovely photos....I love the little glimpses of the sand, sea and sky down the bunting festooned streets.
    Wishing you a happy Sunday, Ada!
    Helen x

  18. Lovely photo's, those piers and beach huts. It's very charming, that victorian seaside.
    I can imagine how it feels to have lost your job, I did too in april. New directions!!

    Groetjes, Gerda

  19. OMG Ada! We have been to Cromer Caravan club site for many years and last August we decided was the last as we need to try pastures new. I agree with your "faded grandeur" view? It is a long way for us but we have had many many happy times there. Wells is the business! Glad you enjoyed your break. xx
    Sharon. xx

  20. Hi Ada
    I live down the road from Cromer, sometimes I forget just how lovely it is here. Once a week I drive down the coast road from Cromer to Mundesley for sea view that drive & really look forward to it. akes away alot of stress!
    Thanks for following my blog & nice to say hello to you
    have a great coming week!

  21. Hello Ada
    I am your newest follower and I have blog hopped over from Claire's blog Thriftwood where she has given you a mention in her lastest post.

    this the first hello I'm off back into your blog now to browse and also enjoy these wonderful photos on your latest post.

    Keep well

    Amanda :-)

  22. Such a nice post. I have never been to this part of England but I know I would love it. Those beach huts are so pretty!

    It sounds like you've had a lot to think about - good luck with your next venture. x

  23. What a beautiful place to visit!! Love those beach huts!! The buildings there are amazing! Have a great week Ada!! xo Heather

  24. Such beautiful photos, Ada. Especially like the one of the town of Cromer with that blue building in amongst the rest of them! Always lovely to get away for a few days : -)

  25. Wow! what awesome photos! It looks like you had a fabulous time! I'm super jealous!

  26. You visited my favourite place! I love Norfolk and have been holidaying there since I was 14.The beaches never get crowded,I've been on bank holidays and you can still find a secluded spot.I feel the same way as you about the sea,and one day I plan to live near the Norfolk if possible!
    Glad you had a lovely break.Wishing you lots of luck with your new life change. :0)

  27. Such wonderful, wonderful holiday pics and all those lanterns and bunting.

    Nina x

  28. Welcome home, dear friend. What lovely pictures. I relate to your attachement to the sea, only mine is to the Rocky Mountains in Jasper National Park. We will be heading there later this month.

    There is a surprise for you at my blog also. Teehee. Don't you just love surprises?

    Now I gotta go back an peer at you pics, once again.

  29. I love Norfolk too. Big blue skies and sandy beaches well some of the time anyway. I wish you the best for your future wherever it takes you.

  30. Thanks Everyone for your great comments!
    Lots of you obviously already love Norfolk! Those of you that haven't already been I hope you are able to go there one day......Ada :(

  31. Wow, Norfolk looks absolutely beautiful. It's not a part of the UK I've ventured to yet but it certainly looks stunning. Love all the bunting and that cake looks delicious. Glad you're enjoying blogging, it's brill when you get into the swing of it isn't it? xx

  32. I'm glad you had a good time. I love the last photo of the sunset.

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  34. This brought back happy memories of a holiday last year in Southwold with a bunch of girlfriends (girls ranging from 30-75, that is!). We stayed in a house near the pier but failed to discover the Boating Lake Cafe! So when we go back next year to the same house, I shall be sure to try it! I live in the South-West of the UK so this is not a part of the country I get to very often but it is both beautiful and characterful. Framlingham Castle is worth a visit, too if you are into history.
    Lovely bog, thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.
    Good luck with the new chapter in your life - exciting and challenging but with your positive attitude, I'm sure it will work out well.


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